19 Cool Apron for Artist Ideas to Buy Artist Apron for Adults in the UK

artist apron ideas

I love aprons and especially the apron for artists. I have discovered their effectiveness as a ritual facilitator after I had my kids.

I started to use aprons for many different cases with them. Aprons for cooking, aprons for painting, and aprons for gardening.

Their one drawer of art space soon converted to an art corner and the artist apron smock took its place in that corner.

Before starting to work in the kitchen, garden, or in our art space, we were slowing down, breathe and acknowledging our intention. We were opening the circle by wearing our aprons. Especially while painting, a candle, nice music, and infusion was being part of the process.

Then once we finished, we were slowing down, acknowledging that the process is finished and getting out our aprons for closing the circle.

I have realized that aprons were helping my kids and to me to be mindful and come to the moment to be aware and enjoy. At the end of the day, it is the only thing that we really have: the moment.

For kids, with my mom, we created many different style aprons from different fabrics. So, this is how “Do More of What Makes Your Soul Happy” aprons started.

Today I wanted to answer the question: where to buy artist apron for adults in the UK and also giving the 19 ideas of apron for an artist at Amazon.

So let’s start.

Where to buy an artist apron for adults in the UK?

Amazon seems to have the most variety to choose from and buy the artist apron smock.

19 ideas to choose from artist aprons at Amazon

#1 Artist apron with pockets

Let’s start with this canvas apron to our list. This is an artist apron with pockets. It has 4 pockets includes both large and small pockets, two slanted pockets, one on each side. It is in cream color. 

#2 Artist canvas apron

Number 2 is an apron handcrafted from 100% soft cotton. I loved the yellow color of it.

# 3 Makeup artist apron

If you are a makeup artist, you can consider having one of these aprons. It has 22 compartments for different cosmetics brushes and accessories.

#4 Personalised artist apron

There are not so many personalized apron options in Amazon UK. I have found one, with several color options: white, red, green, black, lime, and purple. You simply choose the color of your apron then click the customize now button to add the text of your choice to create your own personalized apron

#5 Custom makeup artist apron

If you are a makeup artist and looking for a more customized makeup artist apron, this can be for you: ‘Keep Calm I’m A Makeup Artist’ apron! It is also waterproof.

#6 Japanese artist apron

100% linen, no ties Japanese apron with pockets. It comes with different color options: dark grey, plum, yellow, green, and khaki.

#7 Tattoo artist apron

If you are a tattoo artist, then you would like to buy one of these tattoo artist aprons. It has a cross-back with twill and leather reinforcement and it is adjustable.

#8 Stylish artist apron

If you are looking for a stylist artist apron, then you can consider buying our aprons. We call them, Do More of What Makes Your Soul Happy apron, as this is what is written in the front of the apron as a reminder. This stylish artist apron has 4 color options: pink, green, beige, and blue and comes with 2 pockets.

#9 Denim artist apron

This denim apron has a unique split and overlap design. It is from Echo Art Studio in Los Angeles where they provide painting classes, pottery classes, and reiki sessions, and sound baths. 

#10 Artist apron with sleeves

This red and white apron with sleeves is not specifically the artist apron, but I liked it. The fabric is also waterproof. If you need an artist apron with sleeves, these were the nicer ones compared to others.

#11 Nail artist apron

This nail artist apron has ten large pockets and four slots and is waterproof.

#12 Black artist apron

I am imagining this apron on someone in a flower shop. The artist of flowers can choose between 4 colors: black, yellow, green, and beige.

#13 White artist apron

This is a simple and cheap artist apron and can serve perfectly if this is what you need.

#14 Artist painting apron

This artist canvas apron is really cute and has many pockets including an adjustable neck strap and waist ties.


#15 Pinafore artist apron

This soft cotton linen artist apron has many color options: green, beige, black, blue, dark blue, grey, orange, and red.

#16 Waterproof artist apron

This apron is not exactly for art but it is waterproof and has many color options: red, black, green, beige, brown, orange, and blue. 

#17 Daler Rowney artist apron

This artist apron is from the brand Daler Rowney, art materials supplier. It is a basic one. If this is what you need, take a look.

#18 Artist apron leather

If your art is including working with wood material, this apron choice would be great for you. It has various color options including green, dark leather, light leather, beige, and grey.

#19 Funny artist apron

While creating and doing inspirational work, if you prefer a funny apron, this brand offers various designs. This apron with dog images is my favorite.

Best artist apron

If I have to answer this question of what the best artist apron is, I have to say that I can not be objective as I love My Sacred Space’s Do More of What Makes Your Soul Happy artist apron for a smock.

So, for me, the best artist apron is the number 8 from the list above; stylish artist apron!

Artist apron sewing pattern

After seeing the list, if you still would like to create your own apron, take a look at the artist apron sewing pattern video below, to learn the details of doing it yourself.


So, welcome to a ritual! As I have already said, an apron is a ritual for us. It is an invitation to slow down. It is a great tool to open a circle and close a circle. Think it this way. You want to create something and express yourself. Just slow down, breathe, wear your artist apron, and make your intention. Be here and now. Create. Once you finish creating then slow down, breathe, feel the gratitude for a second and take off your artist apron to close the circle.

Happy rituals!

If you like our apron and take a look to other product of ours, check here.

Below is a Pinterest-friendly photo…. so you can pin it to your Art Board!

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