Being a Secret Angel Has Never Been So Much Fun

being a secret angel

We are continuously serving as angels to others. Most of the time we are not aware, and very rare times we just realize it, and we enjoy how we have served as a secret angel in the great divine design of Life. We are deeply connected. We are ONE.

I have facilitated many gatherings in Anatolia-Turkey called Anatolia Jams. It is a 1 week-10 day gathering, with the participation of around 30 people, in nature to connect deeply to witness our behaviors on personal, interpersonal, and systemic levels.

I have witnessed many miracles happening there. I have always get amused with witnessing how our personal and collective intentions shape our reality, how trusting to the community and the moment can be a gift again and again. That is the same retreat where I have found out that I do not need to do anything for my community, I am enough as I am.

During these gatherings, we had highly creative tools full of art and joy in our flow. Besides all, there is one very dear to my heart and my soul; Being A Secret Angel.

I love it so much because it shows me how simple life is, how beautiful it is that we are living in such an abundance and we always have what we need in a community.  

After so much spoiler let me tell you!

What is this magical tool; being a secret angel?

It is a game played with a group of people who are preferably spending some time together-even could be online.

Each person is becoming a secret angel for another person, meaning that taking care of the person during a specified time, secretly.

How being a secret angel works?

  • Write down in a separate paper the names of every person in the family/community that you want to play this secret angel game.
  • Fold the papers. One name on each paper.
  • Put them in a basket and let everyone choose one piece of paper.
  • If a person chooses their own name, they need to fold that paper again and leave it in the basket and choose another one.
  • Once everybody has a name, ask them to open it and not show it to anybody.
  • The person that they have on the paper is the person that they will be a secret angel
  • Every day, they need to pay special attention to this person’s mood, needs and try to take care of them by making life easier and more beautiful for that person. At least one good deed.
  • Those things that each person will do for the other does not need to be a big thing, those little details count more. Bringing tea, singing, writing a poem, preparing a surprise, doing a massage, getting some flowers, etc.
  • This game is secret. So, when you want to make something beautiful to this person, you can get help from others so that the person will not understand that you are the secret angel. The other person can say, ‘your secret angel has asked me to do a massage for you.’ For those who receive, focus on enjoy receiving and not worry too much about guessing who it is.
  • You can even co-create with others something beautiful, such as doing a little theater, a little concert, etc. Use your imagination and creativity and you will be surprised.
  • It is a nice idea that at the beginning of the game when everybody is together, each person can name their talents and skills to the group, as possible offerings for Secret Angels to call upon. This can be done as a brainstorm or a go-around in the opening session.
  • Every day before or after a common time, you can take some time, around half-hour as a family/community to do secret angel presentations.
  • Secret Angels will be revealed on the last night of your gathering.

What are some ideas about the goodness you can do as a secret angel?

  • You can give an experience of a prince/princess to the person, by creating a nice spot to sit on with flowers, some nice fabrics, and cushions, and 2-4 people can get that person upon their shoulders and give a tour at home as their princess.
  • You can bring a mirror and put it in front of the person, each person in the family can come behind the mirror and can say the things that they like about that person as the mirror is talking to her. Meanwhile, she would look to the mirror and listen deeply.
  • Sing a song and play an instrument, especially for that person.
  • Prepare a nice and special dinner plate for that person.
  • Read a poem.
  • Make the person lie down inside a blanket and with the help of 4 people-each people on one side-you can swing that person and sing a lullaby meanwhile.
  • Create an orchestra and the person would be the orchestra chef, each time he/she moves her hand you would change the singing accordingly.
  • Read a prayer to that person.
  • You can give a group massage to that person.
  • Send a nice post to your secret angel.

Your imagination is the limit, so it is limitless. Just enjoy doing something good for others. Do more of what makes your soul happy for others!

Secret angel revelations, how?

You have seen Secret Angel presentations all week, you’ve been wondering who your Secret Angel is, you’re itching to reveal yourself, now it’s the time! Do this on the last night of your gathering.

Earlier in the day, tell the group that Secret Angels will be revealed that night and that there will be one last grand finale of Secret Angel presentations.

Encourage everyone to prepare their final creative gift ideas for the day. As you gather for this activity in the evening, the two facilitators in charge should make sure to create a festive, hyped-up mood; get people excited!

Lead the Secret Angel presentations as you have done throughout the gathering. Often, this part will go for a while, as people will often prepare long or multiple presentations.

Then, the revelation begins!

  • Everyone stands in a circle. One person volunteers to go in first. They have one chance to guess who their Secret Angel is. If they guess correctly, the Secret Angel comes out and hugs them.
  • If they are mistaken, they must close their eyes and stay in the center of the circle. Their Secret Angel then comes to them and surprises them! Give every pair a few seconds to hug and celebrate each other.
  • Next, the Secret Angel who has just revealed stands in the middle of the circle. It is now their turn to guess who their Secret Angel is. This goes on until everyone has revealed themselves and has learned who their Secret Angel is.


For me, secret angel presentations are a way of life. The joy of living as a community. Witnessing each other’s gifts and appreciating and enjoying them.

If I think of my best moments in this lifetime, one of those moments could be during a secret angel presentation. I enjoy them deeply.

For me, it is embodying the quote of Picasso about the meaning and the purpose of Life.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”


We are all here in the deep need of sharing our gifts. The more we share them, the more whole we feel.

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*Resource, YES! Jam Facilitation Manual

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