How a Doll Can Be A Reminder Of Self-Love?


Something beautiful is happening inside me. 

I say to myself; I will be there for you.

I witness the journey of becoming my dear friend, my best friend.

I am seeing myself waking up to embrace the responsibility of my life.

No more complaints but more creations.

This is my life and I want to live it the way I want to live.

This is not a new journey, though I feel like starting to get the deeper meanings of “being my best friend”. 

I have nice friends that I met in sound healing therapist training in Spain. Every month we try to come together to talk about our path of sound.

Last week just 2 of us could join the meeting: a friend from Sweden and me.

I was telling her how I was witnessing my inner critic sabotaging me with the work I do.

I always think that I am not a “complainer” in life, whereas lately, I am observing my hiding complainer inside me. She is doing it in a very covert way that it is not quite easy each time to get separated from my reality and see it.

My friend then told me a nice story about her sister.

According to my friend, her sister always had a great talent to write. Because of her perfection, she was unable to finish any book though.

Last year, she got a doll to herself. This doll was representing her inner critic. For one year, she wrote while having conversations with her inner critic and finally finished the book!

I really liked the story. Then I thought about this little doll of Luna (my 4 years old daughter) that I really love. I love this doll so much that Luna gave her doll as a present to me.

Since I listen to this story of my friend, I begin to get this doll with me. She is not representing me my inner critic though. She is representing my own self. Beautiful, lovely, perfect as it is.

This little doll is reminding me to behave me as my best friend

I am bringing her with me almost to any places. While I work, she is just near my computer (as it is right now), reminding me that all is well. All is well as it is right now.

While I am in the park with my kids, she reminds me of the art of playing. During the day, she whispers to me the ways to have some joy.

When I look at her, I witness her beauty. Once witnessing her beauty, witnessing my beauty becomes easier.

She encourages me to prioritize joy and inspiration.

She shows me that I am the only person who is responsible for my life. This is my life, and I am free to live as I want. She makes me feel empowered.

After listening to all these nice thoughts of her, I become aware that she is me. This is the start of a lifelong friendship between me and myself.

How about you? Do you have any ways to realize your inner critic or witnessing your beautiful self? Let me know in the comments.

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