How to Prepare Saint John’s Wort Oil?


Would you like to learn about a miracle remedy?

It is totally home-made. I am talking about Saint John’s Wort oil. It is the most incredible oil I have seen and used in my life.

Why Saint John Wort’s Oil is a miracle remedy?

Because it is good for many things and once used it serve incredibly quick. I am using it especially for;

  • Burning issues. Once you apply to the burned area on your body, you will feel the relaxation suddenly and you will see the effect of it in minutes. No exaggeration.

  • I used it for two of my kids when they were babies for the nappy rash.

  • I have not seen anything similar for being effective when applying after a person got injured. If applied just after the injury, it prevents bruises. If applied after the bruises appeared, it provides the bruising effect to pass very quickly.

In my home, Saint John’s Wort Oil is our best friend

I am so glad that my kids love this magical remedy. Whenever they fell or burn themselves, while crying, they ask me to bring the oil as quickly as possible.

This means a lot to me symbolically. Thanks to this remedy, they have learned to ask help to plant kingdom, to take care of themselves, how to make remedy, and how simple it is.

It is a whole process for us, that my kids have been part since they were babies

  • When we find Saint John’s Wort plant in nature, we celebrate, we dance and sing. We express our gratitude and we communicate to the plant how beautiful it is.
  • We ask for permission from the plant if we can pick it up.
  • We pick it up, bring it to our home and serve it as our best guest.
  • We prepare it and put to a glass jar and add olive oil on it. We do all this process with our whole focus and intention of healing.
  • Leave under the sun until the plant gives its red color to the oil, meaning that the plant shares its magical power to the plant. We observe, wait with patience.
  • Once red, we welcome the magical remedy to our life.

How beautiful all the process is.

You can also get help from the video about the preparation of the remedy and also its relation to Saint John’s day celebrations.

The apron I wear during the video is our colorful apron which you can see here

What is your magical remedy? Do you prepare yourself? Let me know in the comments.

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