Invitation to a Collective Visioning Meditation


Today I want to invite you to a visioning meditation to visualize the world that you want to live. Ability to visualize is a powerful tool of our mind that can serve us in different ways. I also talked about how to create a vision board in another article here. Before starting the guided meditation, let’s talk about why it is important, why now and how we can deepen on this meditation.  

What are dream and imagination? Where they are coming from? What about reality? Is there just one? 

blog post a women walking under sunMy dreams, my imaginations, and visions, my shamanic journeys are as real as my physical life. They are another reality, comes to me from ‘unconsciousness’. Unconsciousness is the source of consciousness as well; it is where everything born from. This reality makes me aware of the limit of my body and the limitlessness of my true Self.

2 years ago, I lived a strong experience. It was a fearful one. It was the one that I have learned a lot which I am grateful for. Staying in the middle of the fear, I have witnessed that I was living in a reality of the fear of many. All those fears of the people I did know and I did not know, felt down on my own plate, on my own body.

My true Self is waiting for me in the balance

Maybe one of the reasons for this was, I was doing a lot of inner work, every day, several hours a day. I was doing a lot of purification. Suddenly totally unexpected, I found myself in the middle of a fear movie, recognizing the fears of my friends and my family besides my own. It was an aha moment for me. Whatever I do, I am part of this world and this universe. I could look to my fear, do my inner work, and suddenly live the consequences of the fear of my friends, families and even those who are living on the other side of the ocean.

If I am the part of the whole, the One and if others’ fears are affecting me as well, so then we are in this all together. In this web of fear and/or love.

Collective visioning meditation of the world we want to see

I would like to invite you to a visioning meditation. What if we vision all together with the world we want to see? What if we let our imagination run free and show us what our hearts already know that it is possible? A bright reality that we can imagine, enjoy, hear, see, and smell. Instead of doing something for it, this time we can collectively just ‘be’ via this meditation.


blog post candles meditation

Inspired and excerpted from Yes Jam Activities Facilitation Manual for Changemakers. The intention is to connect to the unconsciousness and let our imagination fly and enjoy the symbols that arise from the source of Love instead of Fear.

It is a game for us to play

This is a guided visioning meditation of 15 minutes. Do not put any expectations on it. Just give a try. There is no right or wrong answer. It is an opportunity to connect to the source to listen, hear, look, and see what is possible.

Once done, I invite you to keep your silence and let the symbols talk to you. Symbols connect us spontaneously to something deeper. Take this chance to continue your inner journey even deeper by working with these symbols. You can write it down, dance, sing, paint, create a sculpture, whatever tool you have available and you feel like.

If you want to share with us your experience, we would be glad. Write down on comments, tag us on Instagram or send us an email.

We are all connected. We are ONE. You are me and I am you. This is a gift from us to you. Enjoy.

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