Powerful New Moon Ritual


Today I will recommend you a powerful new moon ritual.

Rituals are easier for me when I connect with nature and with life.

Nature has its elements, earth, water, fire, and air. It is inspiring me with its trees and rivers.

Life has its patterns and cycles.

The cycle of the moon can be a great reflection point in our journey of finding ourselves.

In a life where it is flowing like a river, could be a great exercise to stop for a while and reflect on our journey, to see where I have been, where I am going, and how I want to live my unique life.

What phase is moon in today?

Like a moon we live life as phases, everything is changing constantly.

In this river of life, still I have many choices and I am the captain of my own life.

Here are some nice ideas for a new moon ritual but first, let’s look to the phases of the moon and see how it can serve us as a reflection place

You can do a ritual with a moon following all the phases or you can just choose some phases as a reflection point.

Rituals during moon phases

Your life is unique to you so your rituals

Rituals are great to connect to yourself and Cosmos, to invite silence to listen deeply to find answers to your deeper questions.

Each ritual is unique and there is no right or wrong answer.

You are the one who will design your rituals.

If you have learned from your ancestors some rituals this is great as you will feel the connection easier, if not than invent your ritual, make it as joyful as a game.

How to start a ritual?

The best way to start a ritual is by inviting a calm place inside you

Take some time to calm down. Do things you like or meditate or water your plants. Invite yourself to be present.

Creating your sacred space for a ritual 

New moon means a fresh start so it is a perfect time clearing your space with a sage which will also help you calm down.

Bring to the space that you will make your ritual some objects that you like, you can get help from different elements; some stones, doves, flowers, water, candle, a nice touch of a colorful table cloth.

Maybe a nice drink and music to enjoy.

Ritual for reflection: drawing your tree of life

For a reflection point, a tree can inspire you, with its roots, its trunk, its branches, leaves, and fruits.

There is this great exercise called TREE OF LIFE which I have learned in the gathering called JAM.

You can get the help of a tree to reflect for your whole life or a period of your life; your last month, last 3 months, last 6 months, or last year, as you wish. Here is how it works:

You will draw the tree of your life with its roots, soil, trunk, branches, leaves, fruits each symbolizing specific things.

Bring a piece of paper and colorful pens.

Below I am sharing with you the guideline of how to draw your tree with the symbolizations of each part. This explanation of the parts below is from the YES Facilitation Manual

The Tree of Life consists of seven parts:

1.The Roots – your history and ancestry: Where do you come from?

2.The Soil – your values and soul-forces: What do you ground yourself in? Where do you draw strength from? What feeds your spirit?

3.The Trunk – your influences or sources of information: Who or what has shaped or is shaping you?

4.The Branches – your creations and partnerships: What are you manifesting in the world? What organizations are you a part of?

5.The Leaves or Fruit – your accomplishments: What do you feel proud of?

6.The Blossoms/Buds – your dreams: What do you hope for in the future?

7.The Dead Branches – things you are trying to unlearn: What do you want to let go of in your life?

Enjoy drawing your tree of life, permit yourself to be creative, pay attention to your inner critique to not sabotage your drawing or painting abilities.

Once you draw you will have a clear feeling of this new moon phase that is coming. You will feel more in control of your own life.

How to end a ritual?

Showing gratitude can be a great way to finalize your ritual.

Look to your life from the drawing of your tree.

Mention those details that you are grateful for. Let the silence help you to digest this feeling of gratitude.

Joyful imagination

Joyful imagination can help you to be in connection with your intentions for the coming month.

Next days, have a daydream time for yourself. Take it seriously.

Every day at least 5 minutes. Imagine joyfully those changes that you want to see in your life.

Imagine them in a way that they have already happened; that you are with this feeling of appreciation in your imaginations.

At the end of my daily meditation and before sleeping is a great time for me for joyful imagination.

Tonight, have your time in your sacred space for drawing your tree of life and imagining for next month.

Every morning when you open your eyes ask yourself, ‘Which miracles are the universe is bringing me beyond my expectations?’, then flow with the life with surrender, compassion, and joy of the wander.

Happy new moon everybody.  

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