The Journey of Love is an inner journey to read yourself-the biggest book to read, to be God-conscious, and invite compassion, forgiveness, and freedom from fire. 

The Journey of Love is becoming emptier and writing secrets with the reed pen. It is being an untouched place, the paper that is not contaminated by ink, so that the pen of mercy honor you.

The Journey of Love is being a passenger in this world, searching and seeking. Join us in the self-inquiry of the questions during Ramadan.

In 610 C.E, at the age of 40, Gabriel appeared in his angelic form to Prophet Muhammad and recited to him the first revelations of the Qur’an. Here is the first revelation. 

“Read! In the name of your Lord Who created, Created man from a clot. Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous, Who taught by the pen, Taught man that which he knew not.”

(Al-Alaq, 96)

Reading, but what?

“The biggest book to read is human.”

Haji Bektash Veli

How one can read herself?

“Bid your people say their prayers, and be constant in their observance. We demand nothing from you. It is We who providefor you. And the future belongs to the God-conscious.” 

(Ta-Ha 20:132)

What does it mean to become God-conscious?

“Ramadan is the month whose beginning is mercy, whose middle is forgiveness, and whose end is freedom from fire.”

 Prophet Mohammad 

How one can live Ramadan under the guideness of this hadith?

“So, look for a blank paper, an uncultivated place.

Be untouched place, the paper that is not contaminated by ink,

that the pen of mercy honor you

and Rahman sow the seed of Pure Vision into his blindness. “


How one can become an untouched place or an empty lute, a place for the Truth to shine?

This Ramadan, are you ready to start an inner journey to hold space for you in the search of your Truth and maybe most importantly with the witnessing and the support of the other passengers? 

The Journey of Love during Ramadan is a 30 days journey. Starts on the 1st day of Ramadan and ends on the last day. 

Here’s how the journey works:

  • The journey starts on the 13th of April (the 1st day of Ramadan)
  • During the journey, you’ll get a daily email from me. 
  • Each email will include audio with your guidance for that day.
  • Some content will be super short and sweet, and others will be a little longer, with video and exercises.

About Me

I am Ayş, a lover in life. Since I have realized that I have been a lover all my life, I accepted this gift by being blessed. 

I love human beings, I love being human and I love being me.

I love rituals, creating sacred spaces, and being on the journey.

I have facilitated many gatherings, sow the seeds of different communities, and these days I am working for my own brand My Sacred Space Design. 

Spiritual Sufi songs of my own land- Anatolia- are feeding my soul most and I am learning to play the oud and you can see me sing all the time. 

I believe full-heartedly that we are ONE. I see magic everywhere and my favorite game is looking for the signs.