Ramadan is a magical time of the year!

Ramadan is a journey of love for me. It is an inner journey to begin to know yourself better so that you can get more confidence to take responsibility for yourself. Once you get more responsibility on you, you become the captain of your ship and you live your life as being aware of this journey of love.

Ramadan is a retreat where you will find yourself and your connection with all beings, you will remember God and you will begin to see God in everything.

Let Us Help You Get Prepared For Ramadan

Preparation of your home for Ramadan is extremely important for this experience.

Think it this way. If a guest would come to your home, you would get prepared, right?

You will clean, organize, create a space for your guests to sleep, leave their stuff, and hang out alone and all together.

Ramadan preparation is kind of similar. So, give your attention to this process, Give your care. Prepare your home to welcome Ramadan.

Check Also Our Ramadan Activity Book for Kids

Living rituals with kids is incredibly magical. On special days, such as Ramadan I try to collect the special stories of these days and share them with my kids.

I do all the rituals and ceremonies with them and just witnessing the feeling of magic in the air. 

They are so into it, without any doubt, pouring all their love and curiosity in the heart and accepting full-heartedly. 

If you have kids around you and if you want to experience a magical Ramadan, involve kids in your rituals, let them guide you to how to live life with a beginner’s mind, curiosity, joy and simply wandering around with full trust and love. 

Living Ramadan with kids is pure joy. It is great to pass the beautiful rituals and traditions of Ramadan and to bring more fun and magic to your Ramadan journey. 

Enjoy your time with the kids around you.