Ritual of Walking a Labyrinth: Process, Benefits, and Purpose

ritual of walking a labyrinth

How do you perform the ritual of walking a Labyrinth, why do people do it, and how does it help your body and mind?

If you have been asking these questions to yourself, today is your lucky day. I will be discussing everything in detail.

This is the second article I am writing on Labyrinth. Before reading this article, it will be best if you get the basic idea about the Labyrinth from my first article in the series: The Symbolism of Labyrinth

What is walking a labyrinth?

Walking a Labyrinth is a spiritual practice to awaken your mind. It’s an ancient ritual to find the true meaning of life.

A Labyrinth has only one entrance. You will get closer to the center as you enter and start walking.

From the center, you can return to the outside while following different mantras to enrich your wisdom.

Many people compare a Labyrinth to a Maze. But they are not the same.

A maze is designed to make you feel stuck and lost. But a Labyrinth walk helps you find your way to a more meaningful life.

What does it mean to walk a labyrinth?

Numerous people walk Labyrinths every day. But does it mean anything?

Walking a Labyrinth means you are close to discovering something unique about your life or the world around you.

The more you walk, the closer you go to your destination. What you will find at the end depends on your walk and purpose.

Let’s first talk about how to walk a Labyrinth.

How do you walk a Labyrinth?

Walking a Labyrinth is not as complicated as you may have thought. But you must follow some instructions and processes to get the best out of your walk.

Meaninglessly walking in the Labyrinth may not help you. So then, how do you walk a Labyrinth, and what to do during the ritual?

Let’s find out together:

Instructions for walking a Labyrinth

Before entering the Labyrinth, I suggest you plan for what you will do. Of course, you may face some surprises on the way, but that’s life.

Here are the instructions for walking a Labyrinth:

  • Select your mantra/purpose: First, you must decide why you want to walk a Labyrinth. You can select a mantra like “I can achieve my goal” to boost your confidence. Plus, you can listen to any particular spiritual music in your journey for self-discovery.
  • Get rid of your personal belongings: I think it’s better to leave all your personal belongings outside, such as smartphones and wallets. It will help you concentrate better on your journey.
  • Spend time in the center: Instead of rapidly going into the center and returning outside, spend some time in the center. Try to gain the wisdom fully that you were looking for.
  • Reflect on your journey: Don’t stop after returning from your journey. Reflect on your journey and understand what you have learned. The more you think about the journey, the more unique things you will discover.

Process of Walking a Labyrinth

The process of walking a Labyrinth is quite simple. I have divided it into three parts: the beginning, receiving and returning.

Here are the detailed process of walking a Labyrinth:

  1. Beginning: As soon as you enter the Labyrinth, your journey begins. Slowly release all the earthly tensions and thoughts. Begin to focus on your purpose.
  2. Receiving: Do not rush inside the Labyrinth. Take your time and receive the wisdom you have been searching for. I believe meditating in the center of the Labyrinth is the best way to fulfill your purpose.
  3. Returning: After spending time and getting what you wanted, it’s time to return. Slowly walk towards the exit and think about what you have found throughout your journey in the Labyrinth.

How many steps are in a Labyrinth?

There is no specific step count for a Labyrinth. Each Labyrinth is unique in size and has different distances.

Plus, the step length also varies from person to person. Therefore, the steps in a Labyrinth will also be different.

How long does it take to walk a Labyrinth?

Walking in a Labyrinth can take as low as only five minutes, and sometimes it takes several hours. The time entirely depends on the Labyrinth’s size and the path’s length.

Besides, I guess you will spend some extra time inside it. Some people can achieve their goals in no time, while others will take a long time.

What is the purpose of walking a Labyrinth?

The purpose of walking a Labyrinth is to discover self-consciousness. Therefore, you can consider walking the Labyrinth as your life’s journey; the center is your mind or brain.

Some people also walk a Labyrinth as a moving meditation. Walking the Labyrinth may shift your body and mind into a greater spiritual alignment.

Different people walk the Labyrinth with different purposes. But does it work? What does it do with you?

What does walking a Labyrinth do?

Walking Labyrinth can relax your mind and make it peaceful. So if you feel unrest, walk a Labyrinth, and your mind should soothe.

Many hospitals even have a Labyrinth to treat their patients.

A former director of surgery at Mercy Hospital in Grayling, MI, Lorelei King, said that she could see the relaxation and peace on her patients’ faces after walking a Labyrinth. Moreno, when she checked their pulses, it was dramatically lower.

What are the benefits of walking a Labyrinth?

There are numerous benefits of walking a Labyrinth, such as gaining a peaceful mind, having a greater sense of being on a spiritual journey, and creating a better connection between body and mind.

Plus, walking a Labyrinth helps you achieve a greater understanding of your inner self. It leads to self-discovery and greater creativity in what you do.

Walking a Labyrinth builds a sense of community. The process helps you fully live in the present by reducing stress and unrest.

How to build a walking Labyrinth?

You will need at least 2 square meters of space to build a Labyrinth in your backyard.

Find a suitable Labyrinth design online that you like. Next, build the center and make seven circles around the center with spray paint.

Then make the endpoint; follow the design you have to make the path. Erase paints where necessary and add more if needed.

Finally, put tubes or wires or rocks in the spray to make them visible for a long time. This is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to build a walking Labyrinth.

Walking Labyrinth meditation

You can meditate in a Labyrinth in two ways. The first one is reciting a mantra or prayer while walking, and the second one is by sitting at the center.

As I already told you, you should select a mantra before entering. Then, keep reciting that slowly as you move towards the center.

When you reach the center, sit and close your eyes or look downward to continue your meditation.


The more you understand the process and purpose of the Labyrinth, the more benefits you receive from following the ritual of walking a Labyrinth.

Walk the Labyrinth with a calm mind, and reflect on your journey after finishing to carry on the learnings throughout your life.

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