Spanish Sunday Ritual: Preparing & Serving Paella With Love


Our 2nd Ritual in Home Made Ritual Series

I am from Turkey and my husband is from Spain. Now we consider ourselves, from both countries. Our love for each other’s culture is coming from our love for each other. I loved him first and then thanks to him, I appreciated the details of his culture. Today I want to talk about a ritual to you: Spanish Sunday Ritual- preparing and serving paella with love.

The Country of Rituals and Symbols: Spain

Spain is an incredible country when the topic is about rituals and symbols. I always feel that people care about their rituals, they prioritize those rituals and do it with care, because those rituals are part of them.

In Spain, Sunday is a family mealtime, all together, a lunch to enjoy during hours; a time for sharing, laughter, stories, witnessing each other, and feeling united.

It is time where beautiful table cloths and cotton napkins take their places on the table, adding maybe some flowers to the middle; to show your love and care.

Each moment is always the best time ever to show our gratitude to life, to show our love in our actions.

This Sunday, while we were enjoying the cooking process with some appetizer and a nice conversation, we also prepared a video tutorial for those who want to try cooking paella.


Welcome to a Ritual

It is time to slow down and convert our routines to rituals and for that the intention is enough to start. Cooking paella is great for that. Putting your apron to open up the circle, preparing all those ingredients separately and getting ready, preparing your appetizer and music, inviting somebody to join you while cooking the food so that a nice conversation would accompany which would give a nice taste to the food. Once finished, serve with nice intentions to those beloved ones. Enjoy each moment of the meal.

It is time to convert our routines to beautiful rituals. Rituals are the gateway to a life full of gratitude and love. They are tools for us to live life as it deserves.

Happy rituals everybody!

We Love & We Share.

By the way in the video, we use our Mediterranean towels and denim apron.

If you would like to buy any of this item, you can see the tea towels here and denim apron here.

Let us know about your home-made rituals?

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