How Do I Remove Negative Energies From My Home?


Cleaning Negative Energy Ritual

We clean our physical homes and our physical bodies, and we need to do it in the energetical level as well. So below is how I clean negative energies from my home.

You feel it, sometimes you enter your home and you feel heavy or even weird. These are all signals that you need some energetical cleaning of your space. The best way is continuous cleaning, so let’s say if you have a weekly cleaning schedule for your home before the physical cleaning takes place, you can consider energetical cleaning.

Here are the tools I use to clean negative energy:

sages burning

  • Fire and smell: I use mostly sage and palo santo and sometimes incense,
  • Sound: My voice, egg shakers, tuning fork,
  • Visualization: I get the help of colors for this, will explain more below.

How does my process work?


Firstly, I open the doors and windows of the house.

Next, I decide and prepare the tools that I will use. I choose from the list above. It is an intuitive process, I let my intuitions guide me about these choices.

Thirdly, I ground myself. Generally, I do this with a little grounding meditation, even some deep breaths or looking to your feet with the intention of grounding would work.

Fourthly, I bring up my intention, say it aloud at least once, and continue to have it in my mind and heart during all the process. Bring full attention to the process is important. The intention could be anything depending on your belief system you can ask for help or guidance. Generally, I talk to negative energies. I say, ok thanks for your service and it is time to go, so please just leave. I repeat during the process. If this sounds weird to you, then say your intention in your way, it’s your ritual, and making it full-heartedly is the important one.

Using the tools for cleaning negative energy

Fifthly, I burn some sage, having some container down of it to prevent the ashes from going all around the house, and I go around each room. Opening the wardrobes, taking care of the edges, backside of the doors.

I gently make the sage go around so the smell of it will infuse to the negative energy. If I feel like I repeat the process with also palo santo. Some days, I just burn some incense with my intention.

In our ex-house, we had a fireplace, which we were using a lot, and I have witnessed that having a continuous fire at home, is an incredibly powerful purifier.

Next, I get the help of sound, could be tuning forks, singing bowls, egg shakers, or my voice. When I feel that there were blockages of energy, then I use egg shakers to break them into little pieces. Tuning forks have the same effect as sages in the sense of purifying.

person playing tuning fork

Our voice is very powerful, and the power comes from intention, so keep in mind that by singing with the intention you can also clear the energy in the place. 

Lastly, I get the help of visualization. In this phase, I use the energetical power of colors. I can do it to each room, or just one room that I want to concentrate on.

First, I imagine that there is a brown color cleaning all around, and all the negative energy is going out of the room, you can imagine the way you wish. Once all is clean, then I fill the room with rainbow colors in my visualization. That is it.

How long does this process take place?

It depends on your time and your need for cleaning. If you feel heavy in the place, if you had some illnesses, some arguments, or bad feelings at your home then you can make it a whole process, using as many tools as you wish and convert a slow ritual for you.

If you do not have a lot of time and want to make it weekly than up to you, choose the tools that you prefer to use, and go for it. Just sage would be fine, just tuning forks or just singing or visualization. Of course, all with intention. In this case, you can finish everything in less than 5 minutes.

What I could add lastly is trusting your intuition, and go for it, experience and find your way. There is not any right or wrong answer, there is only wisdom of ancestors from many civilizations. Experiment with smell & fire, sound, and visualization and add them to your cleaning cabinet.

Share your own experiences with me in the comments.

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