How to Celebrate Imbolc? Rituals For Imbolc

rituals for imbolc

The best way to celebrate Imbolc is connecting with its symbolic meaning and, whatever you do, tuning it with that symbolism. Rituals for Imbolc are an excellent way for that.

Imbolc is a time of spiritual cleansing to make a place for something new.  

Imbolc is a celebration of life and its possibilities.

You can read more about the meaning and traditions of Imbolc here.

Keeping this symbolism in mind, what can one do during Imbolc?

What do you do during Imbolc?

Imbolc is an introspective and reflective time. 

It is about self-contemplation, discarding the things that are not working, and planning for new alternatives. 

You can create your rituals for this particular day, divination, blessings, offerings as in Imbol traditions. 

You can also use our simple ritual recommendations for Imbolc. 

Simple rituals for Imbolc 

Rituals for Imbolc #1. Cleaning

Open up your windows and door. Let the pure air come in. 

Clean the spaces where the stagnant energy can take part, such as those folders and papers that you never use, those clothes that you never wear, that jewelry you even do not look at.  

Help those energies in your home to circulate. 

While cleaning your home, be aware of its’ symbolic meaning. 

It is time for cleaning so that the new can find a place to come in. 

You can also do some energy cleansing, as you can see here.

Rituals for Imbolc #2. Try something you have never done before

Imbolc is the time for planning and opening up space for the new. 

Before we consider our plans and discard what is not working and open up a place for new, it is good to try something new for us. 

This way, we can change our perception and be open to totally new possibilities that life is bringing for us. 

To decide what this can be, make a list for yourself while enjoying a pleasant tea. 

You can use the people or projects around you to think about ideas as a mirror. What are those projects or people that you envy or you admire? 

These feelings are the direct pointers of our shadows and give us information about the unused potentials inside ourselves. 

So reflecting on those people/projects we envy or admire will give us ideas about unrealized dreams. So do not worry about how unreachable they sound; list everything that comes to your mind. 

The list can include anything as far as it would bring some fresh air to you or would make you go out of your comfort zone;

  • It can be something big as flying a plane for the first time 
  • Staying alone in the woods for several days 
  • Singing in front of the public
  • Going alone to watch a movie
  • Visiting a new place that you wanted for a long time etc.

Choose one thing from the list and do it. 

Trust me; this will give you confidence and joy that you need to clean what you do not need anymore and plan for the new.

Rituals for Imbolc #3. Imbolc prayer and meditation

Imbolc is a great time to pray full-heartedly or sit with a deep meditation with this serenity prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr.

God, grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change,

courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to know the difference.

Rituals for Imbolc #4. Plant a seed

We do cleansing and get our home ready for the new to come. 

We opened our hearts and mind by trying something new.

Also prayed full-heartedly to live with serenity. 

Now we are ready to plant a seed. 

Imbolc is time to plant seeds as nature begins to warm up. 

Planting a seed is a physical and spiritual act, which serves as a great metaphor to contemplate at the time of Imbolc. 

A seed has many symbolic meanings; 

  • A humble seed carries many potentials inside which we can never be aware of. 
  • Moreover, a seed brings many surprises to our life. It is a process and journey like life. 
  • A seed teaches us to do our best and let it go by fully trusting. The serenity prayer is a way to give your consent before planting a seed at the time of Imbolc. 
  • A seed in a symbolic world can be a business, a family/community plan, a volunteering project, a skill you want to develop, the birth of a child, or a marriage.

This Imbolc, plant a seed while having symbolic meanings in your heart.

1. First of all, prepare for planting a seed. Consider your seed, soil, and pot. All come with choices. Be aware of this preparation

Which pot?

  • Big pot,
  • Little pot to transfer later on?
  • Tray with many seeds together?
  • Are your projects/plans too big for your reality or too little? Can you do many projects/plans altogether?

Which soil?

  • Which soil will you use? 
  • Have you prepared the soil for those seeds to thrive?
  • What can you do to prepare your seeds to grow healthy and strong? 
  • What does the soil mean for your plan/project? Have you prepared a project plan? Are you prepared for the project in the sense of your team and your skills? Do you need any special licenses or permission?  

Which seed?

  • Annual seed (you do one, and then you do not come back again)
  • Self-seeding: the plant reproduces its seeds again and again. (Once you complete a project, it will directly result in a new project)
  • Your projects/plans are annual seeds or self-seeding seeds?
  • Do you know what you choose? 
  • How is this related to your personal decisions in your life? 

2. Planting. Different seeds need different planting. For example, some seeds need to be on the top of the soil; others need to be buried some centimeters. If the seeds are on the top, you need to be careful not to move the pot, for example. 

  • Do you know how your seed needs to be planted?
  • Will you plant your seed inside or outside? 
  • Did you prepare the environment for your plan/project?
  • Are you prepared for this environment?

3. Watering. Different seeds and plats need a different amount of water—an exact amount: Nor too much, neither too less. 

  • Are you aware of the need for watering for your specific seed? 
  • Watering can be an investment for your plan and project. What is the need for investment in your plan/project? 
  • What would be the exact amount? 
  • Will you be able to provide this?

4. Using fertilizers. You will need to be sure about the soil’s nutrients, and sometimes you will need to use fertilizers for your plant. 

  • Which fertilizer is best for your plan? How can you learn this information? 
  • From where can you buy it and how to implement it?
  • What can be a fertilizer for your plan/project? 
  • How can you reach this source, and how can you implement it?

You can seed this plant in real life or as a meditation as well. 

After seeding a plant with all these self-reflections, now it’s time to go for a walk.

Rituals for Imbolc #5. Take a walk in the park

Take a walk in the park with this awareness of planting a seed and its symbolic meanings. 

Look for the signs of life breaking through and life decisions at each level.

You will see the first signs of green spring, as the promise of the spring, which will help you to tune in with Imbolc energy.

Rituals for Imbolc #6. Brigid candle divination

This last ritual is from the beautiful book of Carl F Neal, Imbolc: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for Brigid’s Day.

“Here is a straightforward exercise in divination using the emblem of Imbolc: the candle. 

If you have no experience with divination, this simple technique is an excellent introduction to this art. 

You can think of it as the divination equivalent of a multiple-choice question or almost as a simplified Ouija board.

1.You will need:

  1. A small white taper candle (not a “dripless” candle—a small birthday cake candle will work well for this exercise)
  2. A piece of white card stock or thick paper (a white index card is a good choice)
  3. A permanent marker or ink pen
  4. A heat and fireproof surface (like concrete, brick, or ceramic tile—you could even use an old ceramic plate)
  5. A question to ask and possible answers
  6. A lighter or matches

As is often the case with divination, the most challenging part is creating the perfect question. 

2.Make sure your question is specific and clearly defined.

A question like “What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?” is not as clearly defined as “Will it rains tomorrow?” 

Creating the answers to the first question would be difficult because there are many possibilities.

Write the possible answers to your question on your card stock or paper and mark off a paper section for each answer. 

Observing how the wax melts onto the card will determine which answer is indicated. 

It is easiest if you plan to ask a “yes” or “no” question, although you could provide many more possible answers. 

Try to have no more than four possible answers to make interpretation easier.

3.Create one section on your paper for each possible answer using the marker. 

You want each section to be equal in size and all connected in the center. 

If you are asking a “yes” or “no” question, this could be a simple as marking a single line down the center of the paper and writing “yes” on one side of the line and “no” on the other. 

If you have four possible answers, divide the paper by marking a cross in the center and writing one answer in each of the quarters created by your marks. 

The question does not need to be written on the paper, so you can reuse those papers if the same answers apply to other questions.

When selecting possible answers, keep in mind that the answer to your question might not be one of the choices you have listed. 

If that’s a possibility, then make one of the possible answers “something else” or “other” to allow for those answers you didn’t consider. 

4.When you have all of the answers marked in equally sized areas, you should attach the candle to the paper or card. 

The simplest way to do that is to put one or two drops of melted wax (from the bottom of your divination candle or a different candle) onto the exact center and quickly push the base of the candle into the melted wax.

Wait a few moments for the wax to cool, and it will have “glued” your candle to the card.

Your divination candle is ready to use. 

5.Place it on a fireproof surface and sit or stand facing it. 

Make sure that the space you are using has no drafts that might blow the flame around and change the divination results.

6.Relax and clear your mind, then clearly offer your carefully worded question. 

Begin by calling Brigid:

Goddess Brigid, 

Goddess of Flame, 

Healer and Keeper of the Sacred

Well, I ask that you honor me with your presence today and show me the answer to my question.

First, read or state your question aloud, then light the candle. 

Use matches or a lighter rather than a second candle (which might drip wax and skew the results).

7.As the candle burns, focus your attention on the candle’s flame, watching as it dances and jumps. 

As you watch the flame, think about your question. 

Try to visualize it in your mind’s eye. 

Slowly drop your gaze to the candle. 

Watch as the wax begins to drip down the sides of the candle. 

Sometimes the wax runs down one side of the candle and continues on that line the entire time it burns, but it can take unexpected turns at other times. 

Because of this, you should allow the candle to burn out completely. 

Until the candle has burned out, the results from the wax may not be accurate. 

If you absolutely must extinguish the candle before it burns out, leave it in place and relight it as soon as possible. 

Never leave a candle burning unattended.

Take care not to let it burn the card stock or paper. If the paper starts to scorch, you should extinguish the candle immediately. 

Otherwise, allow it to go out on its own. 

Once the candle is out, allow it to rest for a bit to cool. 

If there is a “nub” of candle left on the card, gently rotate and remove it if you can do so without disturbing any of the rest of the wax.

8.With the wax cooled and “nub” removed (if possible), you can read and interpret the results. 

Most of the time, you will be able to see which one of the answers on your card is covered with the most wax, indicating that answer is the correct one. 

At other times the wax may flow and pool onto many different parts of the card. 

The answer with the most wax is the one you should go with. 

If it is too difficult to determine which has the most wax, you can use a sharp knife to divide the melted wax along the lines between the possible answers. 

Then peel the wax from the card and compare it (or even weigh it). 

When it is difficult to decide between two answers with similar amounts of wax, it could indicate that there is truth in both of those answers.”


Imbolc is all about preparation for planting seeds and finally doing it. 

It is a particular time when the veils of the spirit world are quite open. So do something for yourself, and practice these rituals for Imbolc this year. 

So that you will be ready for the blossoming spring. 

You can read more about Imbolc here; 

What Is Imbolc All About?

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