How to Connect with the Universe Spiritually?

how do you know if you are connected with the universe

I was always aware of my connection with the universe, from early childhood. Not sure when I began to have some doubts about it.

Most of the conflicts with my couple were around me reading the signals of the universe and getting frustrated when seeing that he was not believing.

One day I passed the fields of the doubt, realizing that it was not him that I was frustrated when he was not believing in the signals that the universe was showing continuously but I was frustrated with my side that was having doubts.

Anyway, let’s go one by one. I am getting excited as this is one of my favorite topics. Let’s start from the beginning of the story. Shall we?

How can I open my mind to the universe?

The mind is not the core gate to connect to the universe, but the heart is. The intuition, your senses, and your mind, altogether will guide you in this journey.

How do you know if you are connected to the universe?

We are always connected to the universe, even we are aware or not.

If you have any doubts about it my story of creating my altar and sacred space can help you. It is about how seeing and reading the signs in my altar and in my sacred space shown me that I was in continuous connection with the universe. This experience helped me to pass the fields of doubt.

It was after the birth of my second child that I started to create a place for me just to be. I was missing daily meetings with myself so much during those first years of having a newborn baby, that without even not realizing it, my hands and my body reacted and created a space for me to go there and have some alone time, even 10 minutes per day.

In that space, I made an intention to create an altar. I started simply. I cleaned the stuff that was on a cabinet, just put some incense and a candle and that was it. Beside the altar, to the wall, I also hanged a paper for me to serve as a mind map. 

During those times I was giving a lot of daycare to my babies and realizing thought patterns in my mind. So, I simply wanted to write them down on paper. As I did not have a lot of time, I thought a mind map, instead of journaling could serve me to self-reflect.

During those months, I visited my sacred space daily, so my altar. Whenever I was realizing a thought pattern – could be an idea, a question, a belief, I was writing it down to that mind map. Moreover, I was bringing those objects that were symbolically meaning something to me on my altar.

After several weeks, something incredible had happened. All those objects and mind map was showing me a conversation with the universe. The universe was answering my questions via the things I lived, the people I met, a word I read, a song I listened to. Many ways. Whatever was happening in my life was incredibly connected as well as all the creation.

All those abstract ideas about the universe supporting me and talking to me were tangible and concrete with the objects on my altar and with the words on my mind map.

That night, when I was explaining this to my partner and when he was again questioning and making the joy of my reading the symbols of life as they were appearing, I began to cry. 

But this time the reason for my crying was the feeling of relief. I was free and passed the fields of doubts. I was not believing anymore; the universe is talking to me via signals, but I was knowing it. You can learn more about creating a sacred space, here.

How do you build a relationship with the universe?

  • By being aware of your thoughts and inviting beautiful thoughts.
  • Being aware of your words, your speech, and being the source of beautiful speech.
  • By being aware of your acts. Whatever you are doing, doing it from this awareness and doing your best and with love.

In a summary, by being aware of yourself. Because connection can not be made via the exterior world. It can only be made inside. The universe, God, the cosmos are inside you, so that is why you will realize this connection via being aware of yourself.

We have said that the connection with the universe is via the heart. The language of the heart is love. Love is the key to connection. Love your friends, love your family, love your work, love your creation.

To love, one needs to know first. So, give your time, your care to all those things in your life, make the feeling of love, your compass. When you lack the feeling of love in your life, slow down and come to the moment. 

Feeling of guilt and shame can come to visit you. Gently be aware of them and choose not to empower them. You are more powerful than your emotions. Instead of being drawn into these feelings, bring your focus to yourself. Ask what you need as being your best friend.

If you do not feel love towards your family, your neighbor, be aware and then self-reflect. Ask what is going on? What leads to separation instead of unity?

If you have the burden of resentment, practice forgiveness.

If you do not love your work, then take responsibility. Do not over-complicate and poison yourself with negative thoughts and words. Be aware, there are just 3 options of yours: or you change, or you accept, or you leave. Grow up, activate your intuition, your senses, and your mind and decide for yourself and take action for this decision.

Do more of what makes your soul happy. Give your time to those things that give you joy. Paint, sing, dance, write. Create. Express. Make it as worship, as an everyday ritual. Have some discipline for creation. Show up every day. Let the divine creative energy goes out from you.

Feel the gratitude. Practice the gratitude until you will come with Hamd- which is praising God. When Love is there and when you pass the field of doubt and being aware of the communication of the universe with you, the direct effect is the feeling of awe and “Hamd”. Until then, you can start this practice with gratitude.

Learn and get information. Even though the connection with the universe is not via the mind, still getting information about the spiritual world will help you.

In Islamic Sufi perception there are 3 levels of information:

  • Ilme’l-yakīn – the information you receive by the mind,
  • Ayne’l-yakīn – the information you receive by proof,
  • Hakka’l-yakīn – the information you receive by interior seeing and experiences with intuition and knowing.

In the path to Hakka’l-yakīn, one starts with Ilme’l-yakīn meaning the information you receive by reading the books, listening to podcasts, or watching videos or movies so to say.

How to connect with divine energy?

We all know that everything is energy and to connect with divine energy, we need to increase our energy levels, frequencies. All those different things we were talking about to create a connection with the universe are increasing our frequency at the end of the day.

For the sake of summarizing those we talked above from another perspective, to connect with divine energy, one needs 2 things:

#1. Purification first so that you can be in the moment and you can be aware. As we have already talked about purification, you need to take care of what you think, what you say, and how you act. You need to be aware of yourself and to be aware of yourself, you need to slow down first.

#2. Tuning in so that you can tune with divine energy. Prioritize yourself. Be your best friend. Discover who you are and create a new you with your potential inside you.

We human beings have been created with the seed of the creator, so we all have the potential to reach to Insan-I Kamil, those human beings who reached unity with God while they were in their human experience.

We are all walking our own paths. This blessed life of ours is a sacred gift and we are the ones responsible for our unique life. The frequency of divine energy is joy and love. So, make your life a journey of love. Prioritize your joy, your feeling good, do what you love, and do it often, until you realize that it is not you who express but the divine energy does, and you are just an instrument of it. 


I see the connection with the universe as a game. It is my favorite game actually. This game makes me remember my source and my potential as well as that I am being supported and loved all the time.

The more I play, the more I remember.

I hope this post would inspire you to also play this game of “connection with the universe.”

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