Creating a Sacred Space; an Invitation to Play a Game with Yourself. Are You In?

how to create your sacred space

I am fascinated with the power of creating our own sacred spaces.

It is so powerful to witness that; first, we shape our spaces and thereafter our spaces shape us. Creating a space for yourself to just be is the best present you can give to yourself. 

"Your sacred space is the place where you can find yourself over and over again."

What is a sacred space?

It is the place where you find yourself. It is beautiful, joyful, safe, and unique to you. 

Sacred space is where one can feel alive.

Our sacred spaces are holding space for ourselves, to listen to the deep voice inside us in the journey of being whole again. In that space, one can start to listen and see the signs, step inside the circle for the inner work, and start creation to self-express.

Sacred space architecture

What is sacred? How do you design a sacred space today so that we can connect to ourselves and to the One? 

There is a TED talk by Siamak Hariri, an architect who builds a big temple- Bahá’í Temple of South America, with these questions in mind. The video is showing his creative process, very inspiring.

In our own houses, while creating our own sacred spaces, we become creative architects to facilitate immersion to our inner selves. Creating sacred space is more than self-care, it is a manifestation of faith in ourselves and something bigger than us. It is about preparing a tunnel entrance for the most adventurous inner journeys.

How to create a sacred space? 

One can create her own sacred space in her own way.

It is unique to each of us. It can be a corner, a room, a house, the same place for years or just changing continuously. There is no right or wrong answer.

This is my space for now. As the kids are at home, I needed to adapt, where I can really be on my own, so right now I created additional space in our room with my husband. I would prefer to have my own space so that whenever I want to take my place, I could just be there, alone, but for now, this is what I have, a corner in a shared room.

In this space, it is important for me, to have all together with the stuff that I play lately, my books, musical instruments, my vision board, objects that I feel connected and sacred to me.

The sacred space needs to call you. You need to create it in a way that you will want to be there, spend some time there. 

If you do not have an idea how to do that just ask yourself, go around, see what you want in that space to exist. Say the intention out loud. Talk to yourself and say ‘hey, let’s create the space together’. Then just trust and play as a kid. Ask yourself where space could be? A room or a corner or a little table.

I love to have in my space my vision board, my mind map, flowers, stones, doves that I find in nature, my art material, my spiritual books, my musical instruments, my paintings, my jewelry work. It is a living space, so it changes continuously as well. Your interior will say what you need to put there just trust and act.

How can you activate a sacred space? 

To activate that space, you need to visit it often. So, you would create such a space that your inner self will want to go and be there, does not matter how long. What matters is visiting that space continuously, every day. 

If you do not know what to do there, you do not need to plan. Again, it is just a game between you and yourself. To start with you can listen to music or sing a song, read books, paint, dance, lie down, meditate. do some jewelry, embroidery, mandala, macramé. Whatever is your ritual to be with yourself or you like to do, just do it there. I can assure you that you can be surprised by the power of that space that is opening many more spaces, many more rituals, many more meetings with your inner self. 

Sacred space signs

Listen and take the symbols and signals seriously. Look if you can see any link between the objects you put there. Check if you see any meaning in your mind map if you put one. Do not pressure yourself. Just take it as a game. Play and listen deeply.  

Play in your sacred space, have fun, and still take it seriously. Find your self while you are designing your space. It is a journey. Enjoy 

It is a relationship you create with a space that makes it sacred. The consistency and the power to show up there slowly make the space sacred. You can be surprised during the journey, of how it holds a space for you. A trusted space that is crucial for our creation process, for our true self to shine.

Here is the story of my sacred space

After having my two babies I was longing for the meetings with myself. Suddenly my hands started to create a space. I did not think nor plan about it. After some time, I have realized that it was a sacred space for me just to be.  

There were different things in this place. My vision board was on the wall. My hands put a big piece of paper and created a mind map. A mind map is a map of your mind drawn on a piece of paper. You can write down words, phrases, you can draw. You can create links and the only thing you cannot do is cross over anything existing on your mind map. All the thoughts, things, drawings whatever existing there has its place on that map. So, whenever I was thinking about something again and again and I was realizing it, I was just going and putting it onto that mind map. 

Creating an altar sacred space

I simplified the room, by throwing/giving away objects that did not create joy to me and start including whatever my interior felt attracted to, like flowers, stones, wooden objects, doves, sage and Palo Santo, etc.

Whatever I felt like. My interior was saying what I needed to put there, and I was just putting it. I was not questioning anything. 

That space began to have an attraction for me. Every night after my kids slept, instead of going to bed to read or to watch Netflix I was just going to that place without having anything in my mind to do. I was just going. Looking to the wall to my vision board for some minutes. Checking my mind map. Seeing those objects. Just having fun. And being there. Sometimes I was playing with the photos I have made, writing and reading something. 

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again

Then something magical has happened. One of my intentions was to be in connection with the universe. All those objects began to make sense as well as the mind map that I had created. I have seen that through the mind map and those objects universe was continuously talking to me. That sacred space made an incredible gift for me which was to pass the fields of doubt and just believe. Believing full-heartedly because finally, it meant to believe in me. 

What did such a space bring to my life?

A little space that started as a game for me as a showing up for an interior call, has evolved. I began to work with my inner child, do shamanic journeys, meditate every day. I started a sound healing journey which was incredible to go deeper inside myself and meeting with my ancestors. I met and connected with my anger. I read many books and entered the Sufi world. I started a new business.

I think the consistency and the power that I had to show up there were thanks to that space that was holding a space for me and continues to do so. I am realizing that now my body is just flowing around changing the stuff in my home and on the walls, creating different spaces at home. Now when I look at my home, I see many places that are beautiful and joyful, which are making me feel safe and are serving to find myself over and over again. 

What’s next?

If you are here reading this, it is for a reason. If your intuition is longing for this space trust it even though seems weird to you. Take it as a game. Just create your playing area. Just for your inner child, for your soul, for yourself, whatever you believe. See and experience it. Don’t take my words for granted. I am just telling my own story. Create yours.

So, what you say are you ready to start a new game with yourself? Maybe you already have a sacred space. I would love to hear about your stories. Share with us on Instagram.

Below is a Pinterest friendly photo…. so you can pin it to your Sacred Space Board!

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