My Intention from Holy Ramadan


Ramadan is considered as the Sultan of 11 months. It is a holy month celebrated by many people around the world. This year I want to discover its meanings for me.

First, let me tell you my story.

I grow up in Turkey, Anatolia. Land of many civilizations and cultures, where each person is living her way of connection to Oneness differently. Even in my little family, we were four, and four of us living religion in totally different ways.

Both the ancestors of my father and mother were coming from the East part of Turkey, a village, famous for its history related to religion. Knowing that religion means unity, it makes sense, as for my family the first heritage I got was not to break the heart of any person, as the heart is where God lives.

Since I was a child, I loved religion and spirituality.

Thanks to my elders, I enjoyed praying, witnessing different rituals, and practicing it beside them. As both in my little and big family, there were many possibilities of living the religion, this was giving me the freedom to try.

Then I grow, I went to university to another city, then I went to live in other countries and enjoyed witnessing and practicing different rituals both practiced around the world and both coming from my inner self.

Conscious Decision of Prioritizing My Spiritual Life

3 years ago, I decided to prioritize my spiritual life, which meant for me to practice my rituals every day.

How prayer rituals in Islam inspired me?

In Islamic culture, there is a prayer practice, called namaz, which is a special kind of prayer practiced 5 times during the day. These 5 times is being decided according to the movements of the world and the sun.

As you may know, the times of each prayer are as below:

  • The morning prayer is starting from dawn till the sunrise.
  • The noon prayer is starting from the time when the sun is just on the top and it continues until the shadow of everything is doubled.
  • The afternoon prayer hour starts after the noon prayer ends and continues until the sun goes down.
  • The evening prayer time starts after the sunset and continues until the redness disappears were the sunsets.
  • The night prayer starts after the time of the evening prayer comes out and continues until the time of the morning prayer has entered.

When I made my intention to make my spiritual practice a priority, I said, there are people, who practice prayers 5 times during the day, so I can do. I can let me do that and give myself permission for that as I am worth.

It is important because my inner self was in hunger of this spiritual time to meet myself and meet One, whereas I was not giving that permission until I realized and consciously gave this permission to me.

My rituals have been varying since then

My rituals were such as daily meditations, shamanic rituals-shamanic breath, shamanic journeys and grounding-, visualization, working with my dreams, meeting with my inner child via art therapy, singing as sound healing, having a psychologist working with gestalt therapy, working with breath therapist, working with plants and trees and some homemade rituals.

My power animal said to discover the real meaning of your ancestors’ rituals

All these rituals were very important for me and for the sake of this post, I want to talk about my singing as a sound healing ritual. Every week I was traveling to meet with my dear teacher, and we were working for several hours. Each class was a deep journey for me in my inner world.

Meeting with the power of sound was incredible that sound could make you travel in your inner world so deeply and quickly. Just sometime after meeting with her, I began to sing Turkish mystical music (Türk tasavvuf müziği).

At that time, I did not have any connection with this kind of music, on the other hand, I remembered this music from my childhood and my grand grand father (who I have never met in this life) was a “hafız”-a person who memorized Quran.

I believe at those times, memorizing Quran was not just about repeating the words but being able to see the symbols, perceive its meaning, and living the truth of it.

After these classes, I began to get communication with my ancestors, in each class my grand grand father was there with me. I began to read a lot of Sufi books, to understand the symbols behind the curtains.

One day, in my shamanic journey, my Nagual-power animal, said to me to discover the real meaning of fasting and prayer (namaz) for me. Since then this question was inside me, and therefore I am writing you this blog post.

Main rituals of Ramadan

This year I intend to practice the rituals of Ramadan.

What are these rituals:

  • Fasting from the dawn till the sunset. Inside fasting, there are 2 other important rituals.
  • One is sahur and the other is the iftar. Sahur is the meal consumed early in the morning before dawn time before starting fasting and iftar is the meal after the sun has gone down during Ramadan.
  • Prayer (namaz)
  • Abdest: Cleaning and purification ritual with water before prayer
  • Reading the Quran once

I have never read the Quran fully. I have never practiced prayer continuously. Yes, I did fasting, until I was 22 years old, I was enjoying the Ramadan fasting rituals a lot, but then Ramadan time came to Summer (as its time changes every year according to the moon calendar) and I found it hard to practice and I have not been fasting since then.

What is my intention from Ramadan this year?

This year, in the middle of quarantine, I felt called for practicing these rituals. I have made a shamanic journey and I asked why I was called to do these rituals and the response was clear.

I want to do Ramadan rituals, to honor my ancestors: those who are still alive: my mother and my grandmother and also those who passed away: my father, my grand father from my mother’s side, my grand father from my father’s side, my grand grand father from my father’s side and my grand grand mother from my mother’s side.

I feel so much gratitude for the lights they put on my way just by showing me these rituals so that I can know deep inside me that besides an exterior world, there is also an interior world, to which I can travel, which is my right. I am worth and I am loved.

Another intention of me is, of course, to show my Love to the One.

This year, Ramadan is starting for me to show my Gratitude and my Love. Besides that just Witnessing.

Do you celebrate Ramadan or if not, what are those rituals coming from your ancestors?

Happy Ramadan and Happy Rituals to everybody.

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