Saint George Legend: A Common Story Full of Symbols


Happy Saint George/Feliz San Jorge/ Feliç Sant Jordi. Today is celebrated around the world as the day of Saint George/San Jordi/San Jorge. Surprisingly in Palestine and Syria, it is believed that Saint George is Khidr (Hızır)-according to Quaran is the great servant of God, possessing great wisdom or mystic knowledge. In Sufi tradition, there are beautiful stories of Khidr.

Saint George was a Roman soldier of Cappadocia (in present-day Turkey), a martyr, and later a Christian saint. He lived between 275 and on April 23, 303. We are facing a common story with full of symbols.

saint george white horse dragon princess


Saint George and the Dragon, painted in 1504 by Rafael.

The Legend of Saint George / Sant Jordi/ San Jorge

Once upon a time, there was a place, where people were
living happily. One day to this happy place, a dragon came and began to live
near the fountain. People needed to give food to this dragon to get water. In
the beginning, they gave 2 sheep. Days passed and they no longer had any more
sheep. They began to sacrifice humans, which they were selected by drawing
lots, to feed the dragon. One day the turn came to princess.

She went to see the dragon, and, on the way, a knight appeared with his white horse to help her. The knight was Saint George. He beat the dragon and from the blood of the dragon, the most beautiful rose had appeared. Saint George got the rose and gave to the princess.


The Wedding of St George and Princess Sabra 1857 Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Catalan San Valentin

Around the world, the 23rd of April is celebrated as the day of Saint George. Later, UNICEF declared the same day as the international day of books. In Catalunya, they celebrate 23rd of April as the day of lovers: woman gives as a gift a book to men and men give a rose to women.




blog saint george gaudi casa battlo


The legend has inspired many artists during history, many paintings, stories, and architecture. Catalan architecture Antonio Gaudi is telling this legend in his beautiful work Casa Batlló so that this story can continue to live.

You can see the sword of Saint George, the dragon’s shining body, dragon’s ribcage, the princess balcony, dragon’s tail, skulls, and bones while visiting the building in the details.




Stories are powerful tools for our many realities. Especially these kinds of stories contain secret symbols that connect our unconsciousness with consciousness. Last night, I told the legend of San Jordi to my kids while feeling that I was taking the hand from our ancestors, knowing that it is our turn.

Are you familiar with this legend? Do you celebrate Saint George’s day?

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