Ostara What to Do?

ostara what to do

It is the magical spring equinox time, and you are unsure what to do during Ostara?

So you are in the correct place. Welcome. 

After reading these two books, I have written a series of articles related to Ostara.

Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Samhain to Ostara: Lore, Rituals, Activities, and Symbols by Ashleen O’Gaea (check here for the UK and here for the US)

Ostara: Customs, Spells & Rituals for the Rites of Spring by Edain McCoy (check here for the UK and here for the US)

Many of the ideas in these articles are inspired by these two books, which I am grateful to the writers. 

The four articles I wrote about the Ostara are:

Ostara Goddess of Spring

Rituals For Ostara

Ostara Rebirth Ritual

Ostara What to Do

Check them and connect to this magical time of the year.

Bring the blessings of spring into your home 

Early in the morning on a sunny spring day, take several pastel-colored ribbons, a pencil, and something to attach the ribbons to an open window. 

Walk with these items to a window of your choice and open the window. Stop there and let the spring breeze envelop you. 

Extend your arms to embrace it. 

Say a greeting, such as: 

Welcome, spring! 

Welcome the mild breeze. 

Welcome, gods and nature spirits of spring. 

I welcome the blessings of spring, new life, growth, love, partnership, and the promise of future riches. 

Ostara: Customs, Spells & Rituals for the Rites of Spring by Edain McCoy

Make yourself comfortable in front of the window and think about what special blessings are associated with the coming spring you would like to receive. 

Write them on the ribbons with a pen. 

You can write the same wish on several ribbons if you wish. 

This enhances the effect of the spell and adds to its aesthetic beauty. 

Once you have written on all the ribbons, attach them to the inside of the window frame at one end to catch the wind.

 It is best to attach them to the left side; “left” in this case means how the tape is oriented when viewed from the side where the writing is located. 

This way, the incoming breeze can follow the writing instead of blowing against it. 

If you are casting a spell to remove something from your home or to prevent something from entering, it would be best to place the tapes from the right. 

Stand in front of the open window and admire your work. 

End the spell with a simple thanks to the spring wind: 

Warm spring wind blowing in my direction, bringing blessings on this sun-filled day; 

to all the spirits that dwell in the spring winds, I give thanks for this successful spell. 

Keep the window open as long as possible while the breeze catches your wishes on the ribbons and blows them into your home.

Fertility ritual for the spring equinox

Have you ever been blessed by being hit on the head? 

In Latin America and Spain, you have such a tradition with eggs.

They bless you by hitting you on the head with special eggs called cascarones. 

Cascarones are eggshells collected and carefully hollowed out many weeks before Easter. 

They are then decorated and filled with various substances that pour over the recipient’s head when they crack them open. 

Common cascarone fillings include confetti, lavender, sage, fragrant herbs, and flour or cornmeal. 

Although the idea is more playful today, it was once an authentic tool for working magic and bringing the blessings of the equinox to others. 

To make your cascarones, you’ll need eggs and clear tape to seal boxes. 

You will also need shells to catch the insides of the eggs when you scoop out the shells; colorful items to decorate your eggs with, such as paints and decals; and some herbs or confetti to fill the empty shells with. 

A small kitchen funnel can also come in handy. 

Begin by emptying the eggs. 

Make a small hole at each end of the egg and gently blow the contents into the waiting bowl, narrow end down. 

Wash out the empty shells with cold water and let them dry. 

Paint and decorate the bowls before filling them. 

Fill them by plugging the smallest hole and inserting a small funnel into the giant hole to funnel the desired contents into the egg. 

Be careful not to fill the shell more than three-quarters full, or it will not break well and could be so tight that it hurts the recipient of your attention. 

When complete, seal the other end with clear tape and store in a cool, dry place until Ostara morning.

Creating the outdoor shrine

What about creating your Ostara altar outside as a shrine?

Do not forget to bring four elements to your altar place.

Here I am giving you a blessing for your Ostar altar.

By the power of water, I bless this as sacred space. 

By the power of earth, I bless this as the spirit’s dwelling place. 

I dedicate this as a holy shrine by the power of the air. 

By the power of fire, I consecrate this place to the divine. 

By above and below, by the moon and the sun, all time and space here are one. 

By the power of three times three, by my will, so mote it be.  

By the power of earth, water, air, and fire, 

who bring each of us what we desire, 

this blessed space on which I trod, 

I dedicate myself to the honor of my god. 

Blessed Green Man (or the deity you want to name), sprite of spring, 

I offer you this place, 

your blessing to bring; 

spirit of the woodlands, 

the animals, and the vine, 

accept my offering of this humble shrine. 

Ostara: Customs, Spells & Rituals for the Rites of Spring by Edain McCoy

Fairies are nature spirits that folk beliefs tell us to awaken at Ostara so that the earth will flourish.

In many Ostara circles, libations or symbolic offerings are made to local fairies to attract their attention and goodwill. 

They are similar to libations offered to the gods and goddesses during a ritual. 

To make a libation to a faerie being, place a gift (such as fresh milk, honey, shiny coins, flowers, or wine) in a bowl on the ground near your shrine with the firm intention that it is a gift. 

You may even want to write an invitation or say it out loud as you put the bowl in its place. 

Let the fairies know that you would like them to share in your magical life and that you recognize their existence and importance in nature.

Ostara gift ideas 

The best Ostara gift is guiding your loved ones or letting them know about the symbol and origins of Ostara and its rituals. 

You can also write this Ostara vow to them and decorate and prepare a nice Ostara gift for them.

The Ostara vow 

The Wheel turns on; its Ostaratide:

Dusk and dawn abreast now ride.

Bright and dark, quiet and clamor;

tinder and spark, reserve and enamor.

This balance I vow to make my own;

poise will allow my power to be known.

From balance, the Wheel now turns toward the light.

With grace and steel, I affirm the same right.

Ostara: Customs, Spells & Rituals for the Rites of Spring by Edain McCoy


Wheel of the year is a great way to connect with other realms and slow down to reflect on our path. 

The more you understand Ostara’s symbolic meaning and stories, the more you connect. 

So the deeper your rituals will be.

Check other articles around Ostara for this connection:

Ostara Goddess of Spring

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Ostara Rebirth Ritual

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