Our Art Corner At Home

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Since I have my kids in my life, life becomes more colorful and artful with spontaneous dance nights and improvised art therapy sessions.

Today I want to talk to you about our actual art corner at home. It is a living space so changing continuously depending on our interaction with space and with the objects in the space.

How this space started and evolved?

When my first kid, Ender began to play with the paintings, I bought some nice paintings with different styles: crayons, watercolor, finger paint, markers, chalks, and colored pencils.

Different stickers, papers of different kinds and colors, aprons, table cloth to use while painting with finger paint, wet wipes, little paint containers, scissors, duct tape, clay, and paintbrushes.

Suddenly there were a group of the same category items that go together, not only for the sake of order but also once you paint with a little kid, you need to set up space with table cloth and aprons than while painting you need wet wipes and once finished you need to clean and order it as quick as possible.

This is a daily activity, so best is to keep all related items together, to not to go crazy and enjoy most with the kid’s creative spirits.

First I had all the items in a big drawer, which was hard to open, so it was safe. Then while they were growing, according to their age, I was getting some items visible and some others still were hidden.

Finally now as I have both of them quite grown, almost 4 and 6, we have all the items in our art corner visible which is continuously inviting us to create when we are inspired.

What we have in the space?

Right now in this space, we have;

  • Different paints: Crayons, colorful markers, colored pencils, watercolors, and finger paints
  • Painting brushes
  • Palettes
  • Scissors, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, compasses
  • Collage materials: Feathers, googly eyes, washi tapes, different colored papers, stickers
  • Clay tools
  • Different kind of tapes and glues
  • Aprons and table cloth

Why having an art corner with kids is important both for kids and for adults?

Thanks to my kids I learned how much I love and I miss just to create for the sake of it. Sitting with them, having nice music and some candles, and just letting my hands do what they want.

I was having a 1-sec check-in with me, asking myself how do I feel, and just letting my inner child enjoy the process with my children basically.

Now having such a space, facilitates us to create being in the flow. Whenever I have some time, I love to chill out in this art corner. Everything is ready and joyfully arranged to wait for our inspiration to flow.

My children daily use this space, whenever they feel like. Sometimes for just a minute, sometimes a bit longer and some other times I find them concentrated and creating while being in connection with themselves.

How you can create a similar space at your home?

Firstly, imagine where you would like this art corner to be. In a living room, in a playroom, in a bedroom, a terrace, or even an office maybe.

Secondly, consider who will use this space and their ages. If this space is also for kids than it is a good idea not to make everything visible. The importance is creating a yes space, a safe space where you would not say ‘no’ all the time.

Thirdly, for sure you already have many objects in your home which are art-related. Bring them altogether, put in a place where you can see them all.

Fourthly, bring different containers/boxes that you can use for this art corner.

Next, categorize them in a way that makes sense to you and then put them in those boxes.

Lastly, enjoy creating your new space. Keep in mind that this is a living place, so observe your interaction with the place and be flexible for future changes.

Some years ago, we moved to a new house, so our art corner had to change totally. I also want to show you some of our lovely moments while letting ourselves be from our previous house.

By the way, if you are interested in art aprons for yourself, you should check our colorful aprons, they are great.

What about you? Tell me about your art corners in the comments. Enjoy. Most important of all, let yourself be.

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