Ramadan At Home. How Can I Decorate My House for Ramadan?

Ramadan corner ideas

Ramadan is a journey of love for me. It is an inner journey to begin to know yourself better so that you can get more confidence to take responsibility for yourself. Once you get more responsibility on you, you become the captain of your ship and you live your life as being aware of this journey of love.

Ramadan is a retreat where you will find yourself and your connection with all beings, you will remember God and you will begin to see God in everything.

That is why the preparation of your home for Ramadan is extremely important for this experience.

Think it this way. If a guest would come to your home, you would get prepared, right?

You will clean, organize, create a space for your guests to sleep, leave their stuff, and hang out alone and all together.

Ramadan preparation is kind of similar. So, give your attention to this process, Give your care. Prepare your home to welcome Ramadan. Here is how?

What are Ramadan decorations?

Ramadan decorations are those objects that you use to give the mood of Ramadan, as something special is happening and you are giving special care to it.

Besides that, as Ramadan is all about being God-conscious, I see Ramadan decorations as part of reminders for ourselves. Ramadan decorations can serve as reminders and motivators besides bringing beauty to your place.

Verses from Qur’an or inspiring quotes can remind you why you were fasting in the first place.

Still, I invite you to remember that Ramadan is about simplicity as well. It is an inner journey more than the external one. It is always important to keep this in mind to not to overpass to decorate can be a good invitation.

Ramadan decoration ideas

Before we jump in some decoration ideas, first the basics:

  1. First of all open all your windows and let the fresh air get in.
  2. Clean the energy of the space. You can read here more about it.
  3. Look at all your stuff. Separate those stuff of yours that does not give you joy or that you do not use anymore or broken and give them away.
  4. Clean and organize your space where you feel fresh, relaxed, joyful, and in peace.
  5. Include Ramadan art around your house.
  6. You can hang some posters with your favorite quotes or verses from Qur’an.
  7. Invite Ramadan symbols to your house, such as mosques, lanterns, moons, and stars. You can have some lights or banners or wreaths.  
  8. Create a nice reminder space, where you can write down the sahur and iftar time of the day and hang the Ramadan timetable.
  9. Use your best tablecloths, best plates, and glasses for this month.
  10. Create a nice cozy space in your home to hang out after iftar.
  11. You can consider creating a Ramadan praying corner or sacred space.

How to make Ramadan decorations? Ramadan decorations DIY

Instead of buying new stuff, you can look at what you already have at home. Ramadan decorations are not about buying many pieces of stuff and bringing them to your home. It is about a connection to your space and designing it in a way to be a reminder of Ramadan to you during the journey.

So, get out what you already have at home, and use your imagination and creativity to begin to use them. Once you will get out all those beautiful objects at your home, which are giving you joy, and locate them in a way to be seen to you during Ramadan, you would be surprised how much joyful stuff you already have at home.

Continue to use them after Ramadan as well. Let all the corners of your house be your sacred space and facilitate you to connect to yourself and the One.

You can write, draw, paint, and hang all those hand-made reminders and art as decoration material.

How to make homemade and easy Ramadan decorations with paper? Where can I buy Ramadan decorations?

You can create Ramadan decorations with our downloadable Ramadan decorations kit.  It includes:

  • Get inspiring reminders made up of Qur’an verses and inspiring quotes, to hang them around your house and be God-conscious each time you see them.
  • Create your colorful banners of Ramadan Mubarak, Eid Mubarak, Bismillah, and Alhamdulillah and hang them around your home.
  • Create mosque lanterns and give light to your space with Ramadan mood.
  • Ramadan timetable designs.
  • Good deeds cards to hang to your home. 

Get Our Ramadan Decoration Kit
Prepare Your House For Ramadan!

Are Ramadan decorations haram or allowed?

If you have such a question in your mind, I kindly invite you to look inside and check what is going on. Why you are asking such a question and what is your need at this exact moment? 

What are the emotions and thoughts that this question brings to you and maybe even how this question manifests in your body? 

Behind this question there would be some more specific needs that you would need clarification most probably; what is the essence of the thing that you are feeling uncomfortable with? 

During Ramadan, one tradition in my home country-Turkey- is putting lights all around the cities, so that you feel the joy of Ramadan. I see the decoration at home similar way. 

Ramadan is about simplicity and it is good to have your space minimalist and simple as much as possible for your space to serve as a facilitator to connect instead of as a material of avoidance. 

So, we each would create our own space according to our needs. At the end of the day, it is our space and our connection with the divine. 

Ramadan corner ideas

Another idea that could help you to stay focused and motivated during the journey of Ramadan is creating a Ramadan corner. I have written about it previously. You can read more about it here: How one can be preparing for Ramadan? And also, here: How to create your sacred space?

Ramadan is an inner journey.

There is this beautiful quote from Bülent Rauf that I have shared previously.

“Four Pills Everything is from one thing. There is nothing but that one thing. There is no way of merging with, having a relationship, or returning to that thing without doing anything. That is why you must become something first, then reach for it. You can grasp it most simply. There are four pills you must swallow to do this. First, you must make sure that there is one absolute, it is not possible to have two absolutes. Second, you must keep everything clean. Third, you should not hurt anyone. And fourth, you must help everyone. After taking these four pills, it is up to you to find your way.”

Bülent Rauf

* Absolute: Existing by itself, independent.

So, Ramadan is a great time to take these four pills and start to find your way. Once you become clean and not hurting anyone and helping everyone how you will find your way. 

For this journey, creating your sacred space, a Ramadan corner is a great idea. It will anchor your energy and your focus; it will provide you to see the meaning behind the dots and hopefully making you aware of the reality behind the veils. 

Look at this post to see how to create such a space for Ramadan. Also, check these images to get some inspiration. 


Get prepared for Ramadan. Take it seriously. Show care and your attention. Feel the joy and expect the miracles. Be ready to see them when they arrive. 

Ramadan Mubarak!

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