The Power of Gratitude

the power of greatitude

Gratitude seems to us a simple emotion. The acknowledgment and thank-you look like a teeny-tiny thing. Am I right? Yet, this teeny-tiny thing contains the power to make someone’s whole day plus satisfies you too. Happiness, improvement, contentment, appreciation, and satisfaction, all these coming in gratitude, display the power.

And maybe its power is coming from its simplicity. So, it is time to discover more about why it is important and what are its benefits. Are you ready? You can read more about what does gratitude means, here.

Why is gratitude so powerful?

Let me tell you why.

Power of gratitude #1. Gratitude creates happiness

If a person is appreciated and thanked for his service, his heart gets full of bliss. His all tiredness goes away.

Imagine that you arranged everything perfectly at your house for dinner for an occasion. You did the cooking, set the table, and decorated the house. And nobody appreciated or thanked you for that. What will you feel? Yes, you will feel low. That’s my point. Now take another one. You cooked the favorite food of a loved one, and she didn’t admire your effort. Your heart will go low just like a candle suddenly puts off by the wind.

Gratitude brings happiness for both the parties – the thanked one as well as the one who thanks. It is bi-directional. And what else can be mightier than a thing creating happiness for both sides?

As for some proof, go, appreciate, and thank someone who loves you, cares for you, or serves you somehow. Admire and thank your mother, father, siblings, partner, or dear friend for the good they do to you. The smile on their face and the happiness they will have will make you believe what I said. And you will accept the power of gratitude.

Power of gratitude #2. Gratitude increases the sense of improvement

Naturally, we learn things by example. Here again, I have one for you. If you have an assistant at the office, thank her for her service. It will boost her confidence and create a sense of working more efficiently.
Now again, appreciate and thank a coffee boy to always bring your coffee in time. You will see that he will try his best to provide you with the right time.
A cleaner, mopping the floor when appreciated and thanked for his tidy work, will become more energized and work happily. I am pretty much sure that now you are getting my point.


Power of gratitude # 3. Gratitude increases your blessings and brings God’s pleasure

Gratitude is the source of an increase in blessings. Think of all the good things you have. They are countless. When God is so merciful and benevolent for us, isn’t this our obligation to appreciate and thank Him for all that we have? He alone has the right to be thanked devotedly and continuously. So, incorporate this practice into your routine, and you will see more blessings coming your way. Try to thank God for almost anything, small or big. And see the magic. Don’t forget to thank me for this advice.

It is a saying that “the one, who doesn’t thank people, doesn’t thank God.” Let’s make a habit of acknowledging each other, appreciating the efforts, and thanking each other. Let’s learn to attain God’s pleasure by being grateful to the caring and serving people around us. Trust me; it won’t be that much difficult.

Why is gratitude important?

Gratitude paves the way for a better understanding of someone’s efforts. Just like a car needs fuel to function, the same goes for a person serving you. Your grateful response to their service will work as fuel for them. They will become recharged with energy, happiness, and efficiency.

Gratitude is important because it makes you aware of what you have and others don’t. It restricts you from taking things for granted. It teaches you to value things and people. God has blessed us with so much. And that’s why it is necessary to have a grateful heart to enjoy more of His blessings.

How does gratitude change your life?

How can it be possible that a thing so powerful does not impact your life? When gratitude involves in your lives and your dealings with people, it introduces many attributes to your personality. Let’s check what they are.

Gratitude gifts you with humbleness. And humbleness is something very dear to God. The more you bow your head, the more you will rise above. Gratitude also makes you more compassionate and less judgmental towards people.

With gratitude, your connection with God becomes strengthened. The feeling of being fortunate to be blessed with so much gives you a different pleasure. Your heart fills with God’s love. You become more aware of the blessings you have. You start thinking about the people who are less privileged than you.

What are the benefits of gratitude?

Gratitude, being a powerful entity, has many benefits:

  • It spreads happiness.
  • Soothes the tired heart of a person.
  • Encourages people to improve the efforts.
  • Brings a sense of contentment and appreciation for all the good we have.
  • Becomes a source of attaining God’s love and pleasure and strengthens our bond with God.
  • Increases our blessings more and more.
  • Increases compassion and understanding among the people.
  • Makes us more mindful of how much someone serves us.
  • Increases love between the partners and make them more aware of how much both partners do for each other.
  • Makes us aware of the fact that how much blessed we are. 

Gratitude poem

In the end, enjoy my poem and learn gratitude. Love yourself and others, because you, my dear, are important, and so are the others.

G    –     Gratitude, the thankfulness, makes you so humble

R    –     Recalls you how much you’re blessed, your heart will always mumble

A    –     Acknowledgment for all the good is really a good sign

T    –     Thank the people serving you and make them shine and fine

T    –     Thank God for everything, for all of your life-time

I     –     It brings more blessings to your way, for all of your life-time

T    –     Try it all and see the magic happening all around

U    –     Undoubtedly, satisfaction will make you more profound

D    –     Do not forget to thank me for such a useful tip

E    –     Enjoy your life with love and care, go, have a coffee sip!


Just read yesterday, two quotes about gratitude in Sufi tradition by chance in the book of Margaret Smith about Rabi’a.

“Gratitude is not seeing the blessing but seeing the Giver. Being able to feel gratitude is also God’s blessing”


“Surely, the giver is better for you than a blessing. What will you do with the blessing if you take the potion? It is not the gift I find flavor; it is the one that gives it.”

Bişr-i Yasin

Gratitude is a game. Once you begin to feel it, own it and feel more gratitude for being able to feel it. As Kushayri says, it is the blessing of God, being able to feel it.

The more you feel, the more you will see God in everything. Then life as it will become a ritual and worship.

Have a great day full of gratitude!

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