Do This Visioning Meditation Before Preparing a Vision Board

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These days I am writing about vision boards. So far, I have written about different aspects of it, and each time I hear a voice inside me whispering as a reminder; the importance of the creation of the vision board via the connection to yourself, to your deeper truth, and to the One instead of doing it as a purely mental process. Therefore, I want to write about visioning exercises and give you a guided visioning meditation and vision exercise template and questions as a gift.


So far, I have written about:

All this information is valuable, still, they are all about the functioning part of the vision board. While we are walking on our path, it is important to remember that the meaning is more important than the format. Therefore, I want to invite you to a visioning meditation to facilitate you to connect to your deeper truth in case you need it.

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How to do this visioning exercise?

This visioning exercise has several parts:

  • The first part is guided future visioning meditation. The script is also included.
  • The second part is writing or drawing about your meditation just after finishing it, still in silence.
  • The third part is reflecting on your meditation via some questions.
  • The fourth part is writing a letter to you.

We will dive deeper into each part below and I will also provide you guided visioning meditation, a detailed visioning exercise template, and questions for visioning exercise. So do not worry, for now just enjoy.

If you would do all this exercise from the start till the end, it could take around 2 hours, just keep in mind. You can do this on your own or as a group.

How to facilitate a visioning exercise in case you do it as a group?

Ok, let’s say, you are with your friends on a Friday night and you had this great idea of visioning your future life together.

If you would like to do this visioning exercise as a group, I could give you some ideas about how to facilitate it.

  • First of all, before starting life visioning meditation, the participants need to be in an energetic and enthusiastic mood. Read the field and if you feel like people need more energy then play some games, dance, laugh, whatever you feel like.
  • Once the energy level is uplifted then you are ready. Come to a cozy place, where all of you just lie down and relax. If it is cold it could be a good idea to prepare blankets beforehand.
  • Before starting the meditation print out the working material and give 1 per person as just after the meditation, you will start to fill those papers in silence. It is better if the participants do not look. 
  • This visioning exercise has 4 parts as I have said before. Visioning part and then reflect on your vision parts. When you are as a group, you can do this reflecting part in couples. So it is nice to do visioning meditation with 2 people together.
  • Ask participants to choose a buddy. Ideally, it should be someone they expect to keep in touch with in the future. Ask them to sit on the ground, back to back with their buddy, so that they are leaning against one another. The pairs should be scattered throughout the same general area to hear the guided meditation.
  • Before starting, you can frame the exercise by telling why you wanted to do it together with your friends and why it is important to you and explain to them briefly how this works and go and start.

Visioning Exercise

#1. Guided life visioning meditation

Here you have the guided meditation that I have already prepared for you. You can use this one as it also includes nice music. 

If you would like to read the script on your own, I am also adding the visioning meditation script below. You can put soft music and read it to your friends to guide them in their life visioning meditation. 

Leave 20-30 seconds of silence between each sentence/part. 

#2. Visioning meditation script

Be silent and close your eyes. I’m now going to invite you on a journey to explore your future, to look at your values and your life’s highest commitments. We’re going to do some visioning together. I’m going to share some questions with you, and I invite you to answer them silently to yourself.”

  • What kind of person do you want to be?
  • What values do you want your life to affirm?
  • When you look back at the end of your life, who do you want to have been? We’re not talking about your career, or what you’re going to ‘do with your life’. We’re talking about your character. When you look back on the other side of your life, what do you want to see?
  • What is most important to you?
  • What kind of person are you becoming?

 “Now, I want to invite you to keep that vision in your mind and heart and imagine yourself floating through time until you arrive at exactly one year from today (you can tell the exact date here).

  • Notice what you see around you, what you hear and feel. Where are you?
  • When you look in the mirror at the end of one year, what do you see? Who are you? What would you say to your future self?
  • Where are you in terms of your dreams? Your connection to your hopes and prayers?
  • Where are you with your physical health? With your body and how you feel about it?
  • What is your relationship with your family like? They may or may not have changed at all. But you may be experiencing them in a new way of relating to them in a new way. How has your relationship with your family grown or changed? Is it easier for you to handle old problems that used to hook you?
  • What is your relationship with your friends like? How much love do you share? Connection and support? How honest are you?
  • What new people are in your life now, who, just a year ago, you dreamed of having in your life? What affirming things would your new and old friends be saying about you?
  • Where are you with your relationship to spirituality, however you define it? With your sense of connection to forces greater and wiser than yourself? How open are you to inspiration, to magic, to the miraculous?
  • Where are you with your belief in your own worth and power? How do you see yourself? How courageous are you? What are you committed to?
  • How big do you smile? Do you feel lighter or heavier? More alive or less alive?
  • Imagine, if this was all true, if everything that you just saw, heard, and felt were guaranteed to come true, how would you be sitting right now? Where would your shoulders be? What kind of facial expression would you have? How would you be breathing?
  • Now, double that feeling in your body. Pour it on, and make it feel good!

“Now, remaining in silence, open your eyes and take a look at the paper in front of you. On the side that says ‘Your Vision”, write your vision of who you want to be and how you want to be living in a year. Keep in mind that you can write in linear prose, bullet points, mind-map, poetry, and/or draw.

Use whatever style works for you to express yourself. Please stay silent. Go ahead, start.”

#3. Your Vision

Just after the visioning of your next year, while you are keeping the silence, you can take notes for yourself as a reminder.

Write your vision of who you want to be and how you want to be living in a year.

Keep in mind that you can write in linear prose, bullet points, mind-map, poetry, and/or draw. Use whatever style works for you to express yourself.

Take about 10 minutes for this part. Go ahead, start.

#4. Questions for a visioning exercise

This is a safe space for you to be honest and deeply connect. This process can be very meaningful if you make it so. This will be a useful tool for you, to help you clarify your vision and how to get there.

You can answer these questions alone or if you do this visioning exercise with more people, you can answer these questions in a couple. If this is the case, person A can ask the questions and person B can answer them. While B is answering, A can take notes and then give those notes to B. Then once finished, it will be B’s turn to answer and A will ask the questions and take notes.

Here comes the questions:

  1.  What was exciting or inspiring to you in “Your Vision” and what was especially moving or compelling?
  2. What are some of the key elements of your vision? Why are they important to you?
  3. What do you see as being the biggest challenges to your achieving this vision?
  4. Some ways to overcome those challenges?
  5. What people or resources are especially important to your having the support you need?
  6. How can you create support in your life for who you are and what you want to do?
  7. Is there anything you particularly want to remember that might help you in the times to come?
  8. What are some things you can do in the next week that will help you move towards your vision? In the next month?
  9. Do you want to commit to specific actions you can take in your life? What specifically?
  10. Are there any ways that I can support you? How often would you like me to check in with you? (If you do this exercise in a couple)

#5. Letter to yourself

Now, I invite you to write a letter to yourself and make sure to post this letter to you. 

Write down everything you want to remember. Make sure the letter includes lots of appreciation for who you are and the gifts you bring, and that it conveys whatever insights you found valuable.

If you are hosting an event for others or doing it in a couple, you can post this letter to other(s) in a month.

Feel yourself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what you truly love.


That is it! I hope this exercise helps you connect with your deeper truth and with the One. I would love to know about your experience with it. So let me know.

* This visioning exercise is part of the Yes Jam Facilitation Manual. I am also part of the YES Jam community as a facilitator. I thank everybody for their efforts in the preparation of this manual.

Below is a Pinterest friendly photo…. so you can pin it to your Vision Board!

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