How to Make a Vision Board That Actually Works


Maybe you have heard a lot about vision boards and their success stories. Still, you have questions in your mind: What is a vision board? How does it work?

If this is your case, welcome to this post. I am inviting you to an adventure. Join this invitation with an open mind. Let us dig more into the magical, yet quite logical (as Einstein says*) world of the visions. Shall we?

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What is a vision board and how does it work?

What is a vision board?

A vision board is the result of a joyful process, where you connect with your deep desires about who you want to become, what you want to do and what you want to have in this unique life of yours.

As a result of this process, you have a collage of pictures, drawings, words, and phrases that remind you of those deep desires of yours in the journey of creating the life that your heart knows.

What a vision board looks like?

A vision board is as unique as the person in the content-wise. So, it varies totally according to the person and according to the time that the person is doing that vision board. 

Still, to give you an idea, you can see my last vision board below:

Does the vision board really work?

Introducing vision boards in my life has been a life-changing experience for me. So, it works.

Anyway, it is good to be a skeptic and it is best to try for yourself and live the experience. I encourage you for that.

How does a vision board work?

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Albert Einstein 

In life there is creation. We have been created. Every moment we are creating our reality. We are responsible for our own experiences.

If you are conscious about it or not, this is the truth. You, only you are responsible for your life. If this is the truth, then isn’t it better to begin to take some control.

Hell, yes! How I will do that and how vision board will serve in this equation then? I am hearing that you are asking.

Well, my answer is in 2 ways.

Creating a vision board as a creative process or a ritual

First of all, creating a vision board is a creative process, better said, it is a ritual. Like all rituals, it is happening here and now, it is activated with your intention and during the process, you connect to your deeper self and the One.

So while creating a vision board, you connect to your deep truth, you understand or at least make it visible what you need.

While you as the hero, walking in your journey, stopping for a while to reflect. In this moment of reflection, you are not alone, you are receiving also guidance from your deeper truth.

Once you finish your vision board, what to do with it

Secondly, when you finish your vision board, you hang it to a place visible to you. You visit it every day, you meditate on it.

“You are using your imagination until your big dream feels so familiar that the manifestation is the next logical step.”

Abraham Hicks

As in the audio “Creating Your World The Way, You Really Want it to Be”, recorded by Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, Wayne is talking about the process of manifesting. He says Really, Really, Really and Really wanting something. 4 Really.

  • 1st Really: Wish for it
  •  2nd Really: Desire it (willing to ask out loud)
  •  3th Really: Intend to get it (I WILL create this in my life)
  •  4th Really: Be passionate about it

Vision board is the journey that helps you to pass through these 4 Really. It is serving you to manifest, it is a powerful tool that is in line with the law of attraction. 

Vision board success stories

Since 2007 I do a ritual to close the year and open a new one. Whenever I feel like an old cycle wants to get closed and a new one opened, I repeat and enjoy it. 

It all started when I read the book of Timothy Ferris, 4 hours work week. There he is recommending a tool that he used to get control of his life. 

What he says is to get a piece of paper and divide the paper into 3. One part is for your list of the things you want to be, the other part is for your list of the things you want to do and the last one is for the things you want to have. 

In each part, you can write at most 3 things. So, prioritize and fill out the form. 3 things for each; to have, to be, and to do. Next, create an action step for each. Action step for tomorrow, for this week, and this month. Take action and wander around. 

Ritual to enrich your relationship: create a vision board together

I have used this little tool so many times. This has become a ritual for me and my husband -at that time he was my boyfriend- for many years. It was great fun at the end of each year, check our lists for the previous year, reflect on last year, and prepare a new one for the new year. Explain what we are grateful for, what mistakes we have done and what we learned from them, and what are our intentions to not to repeat those mistakes. 

Witnessing each other in this process of choosing our own lives. After finalizing the new year resolutions, asking if we can support each other in any way, think about it and show up whenever we can for each other have enriched our relationship a lot. 

My 1st vision board

Then some years later I decided to do a vision board. I was hearing about it a lot, whereas I have never done one. One day I said that is it, I will do it today. I got my magazines, a big piece of paper, glue, and a scissor. I put on some nice music, got my tea, candles, palo santo, and was ready. 

For half an hour I checked the pictures in different magazines, then I just cut those images or words that somehow, I feel connected. Once I finished, I got a blank paper (or carton) and I just played with those images and words that I cut to make a collage on that paper. I cut those images that I got, in better shape. Some I decided not to use. 

I stuck them all to the paper in a way that I felt satisfied with. Here it was my vision board. I hang it on to a wall where I could see every day, where I could give my attention. That vision board has caused me to create a sacred space, where you can read more about it here. I was astonished by how easy, simple, and joyful the process was. 


How to do a vision board?

Ok so let’s start then. I have prepared for you a step-by-step vision board guide or we can call it even a vision board exercise.

I encourage you to do it for yourself. It is simple, it is fun, it is one of those “me moment”s. Do on your own, experience, and create your own story.

#1. Vision board planning

Prepare your stuff. 

Magazines of different categories you like, according to your interest areas; sport, beauty, health care, history, art, home décor. Variety is important, you can use the magazines that are already in your home. If you do not have variety, you can also enjoy the process of choosing some nice magazines for you from a secondhand shop and if not some new ones. 

If you will prepare a vision board without magazines or without pictures you can still do that. You can create a vision board drawing or vision board with words. Up to you. Follow your inner voice.

You will need a scissor, glue (Pritt is the best for this), a big piece of paper- you can choose the size according to the images you have chosen. So better to have some different sizes of papers to choose from inside. 

Something that will make you enter the mood. Music, tea, wine whatever you feel like, a piece of chocolate, candles, some smell. This is a present for yourself. You are worth it. 

#2. Intention setting

Once you have everything ready before starting put your intention there. Just some second reflect on this idea of a vision board and ask yourself why you need it, why you want to do it, what is your intention with this vision board and let the universe know about it. 

If you need any guidance for this step, any preparation for setting your intention and to calm down, you can do our guided meditation to visualize the world that you want to live in. You can see it here.

# 3. Enjoy

Take this part seriously. Do this without any expectations. This is for you to enjoy. Enjoy checking the magazines, cutting the images, and creating your own story. Enjoy being in connection with yourself. 

#4. Perfectionism is out

Let the universe, your soul, and your intuition guide you. Do not think a lot about the images or phrases you find. If you feel like having an image, just do it. Do not discuss it with your mind. Trust the flow. Cut those images and phrases you like. 

In the beginning, do not try to cut them perfectly. Some of them maybe you will not use and also it is important to focus your energy on the images instead of giving the best shapes. 

Later on, before finalizing, you can cut them perfectly as you want. Also, trust in the images you find. You can always print in case you are looking for an image desperately, but what I have learned during all these years is that keep the process simple and trust in the process. Whatever you have there is for a reason.

#5. Vision board design

Prepare the collage.

With those images and phrases that you already cut, prepare a collage. First on the paper without Pritt and once you have settled them down on the paper, decide which ones you will use finally, give them better shape and glue them on the paper.

You can use any other thing as the vision board background, paper, carton, or a corkboard. 

#6. Create a short term action plan

After checking, it is best to create an action plan for yourself. What you want to do tomorrow, this week, and this month to start to make this vision board come to life. 

#7. Hang somewhere visible for you to look

Where to put your vision board is a question you can ask yourself. 

Spend every day some daily time with it. Think about it this way. It is a collage made by your soul. Your soul whispered to you the things that he or she wants to do. Really, a vision board is sacred. Own it. Appreciate it. Take care of it. Give your daily attention. Take action to realize. If you will give your daily attention, the take action part will come automatically that you will be surprised. 

This is not to being obsessed with what you have on your board, this is to remember and continue dreaming about them.

As part of your daily joyful dreaming, you can do vision board meditation. It is simple, just imagine that all those things in your vision board have become true. Imagine the moment that they become true and try to feel your feeling at that time. Feel joy. Take it as a little game, a life-changing one. 

Vision board benefits

Vision boards are powerful. When I first did it I was passing through a lifetime where I was a bit tired of having many ideas but not taking action. It helped me a lot to get started. Thanks to this little tool I gave the first little steps of an online time banking project that I have started which helped to grow a nice community of like-minded people; the biggest time banking project in the world. 

Since then these little rituals, little tools helped me a lot to take responsibility for my life, to get a connection with my soul to see what she wants, and do my best to live the life that my heart wants. 

Vision board essentials

  • Comfy and calm place
  • Good vibes and nice energy
  • Something to drink and a chocolate (something that would make you feel good)
  • Candles
  • Nice music
  • Glue/Pritt
  • Scissor
  • Vision board magazines: from different categories, such as personal development, home, food, sport, history, fashion, gardening, etc.
  • For vision board background: Big carton or big paper or a corkboard

Vision board tips

  • The preparation part is important. Take some time, several minutes, to create your sacred space which would invite you to hear and now
  • Do not over complicate, just do it
  • Enjoy the process, take it as a nice “me time”
  • Trust the process. You do not create a vision board with the mind but with hearth
  • Hang your vision board to a place that you can see
  • Do not obsess with what you have on your vision board neither create expectations around it. Joyfully dream that you already have them, feel the joy of that exact moment of having them, and be aware of your vibration

What about you?

Let me know about your vision board experience. I would love to hear. I believe in you; you can create the world that your heart knows is possible. Never forget as Rumi says:

“What you seek is seeking you!”


Below is a Pinterest friendly photo…. so you can pin it to your Vision Board!

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