What Do Bird Feathers Symbolize?

what do bird feathers symbolize

Have you found any feathers or dreamt of one recently? Are you curious about what bird feathers symbolize and mean in your life? Then, this article may help you find your answer.

Welcome to the third article in the feather symbolism series. Previously I have discussed what feathers symbolize and the meaning of different colored feathers.

Feathers from different birds can also carry powerful messages. So, here I have explained the symbolic meaning of a few bird feathers. 

So, let’s start finding the meaning of the bird feather that came to you. Shall we?

What does the peacock feather symbolize and represent?

A Peacock feather is one of the most beautiful bird feathers. When a peacock spreads its tail, the look is mesmerizing. But what does it symbolize and represent?

A peacock feather symbolizes protection, elegance, and nobility. It also represents openness and glory.

Peacock feathers are associated with God Lakshmi in Hindu mythology. The feathers are a symbol of Lakshmi’s knowledge and wisdom.

Buddhists often use peacock feathers in purification ceremonies as a symbol of purity. In addition, people in some cultures wear peacock feathers as talismans for protection from evil energy.

When you find or dream a peacock feather, it can mean that your angels are all around you, protecting you from evil. The feather may also be a message that you are beautiful and not inferior to others. 

What does the eagle feather symbolize?

Eagle is one of the strongest and bravest birds on earth. 

When the eagle flies high in the sky, the feathers have a different view of the world.

Eagle feather symbolisms are courage and strength. When you find an eagle feather, it can be a message that you need to find your power; you are brave enough to do that. 

An eagle feather can also be a message from the angels to open up your spirit and see the world differently. That may help you to find the strength you lost.

What does the eagle feather represent in Native American culture?

Eagle feathers are considered sacred in Native American culture. It represents bravery, honor, and holiness.

Warriors in Native American culture are often awarded an Eagle feather to honor their victory. The feathers were also used widely in healing ceremonies in the Native American culture.

What do turkey feathers symbolize?

Turkeys are honored across cultures for their connection to the earth. As a result, their feathers can have a deep significance in your life.

A turkey feather symbolizes abundance, wisdom, and fertility. So when you find a turkey feather, it may mean that wealth is on the way, or soon you will be blessed with fertility.

Native Americans consider turkey feathers sacred due to how close they remain to the ground. They believe the feather can connect us to our spiritual self and the earth. Native Americans also consider it good luck to find a turkey feather in front of their door. 

What do ostrich feathers symbolize?

Ostriches are the most giant bird in the world, though they can not fly. An ostrich feather symbolizes purity and truth.

The ostrich feather symbolism came from ancient Egypt. Goddess Ma’at used to wear an ostrich feather in her head.

The myth is that she used to weigh an ostrich feather against the heart of the dead. If the heart weighs more, the soul would be destroyed, but if it weighs equal to or less than the feather, the soul would be rewarded with heaven.

For this reason, only royal families in ancient Egypt were allowed to wear ostrich feather jewelry. 

What do owl feathers symbolize?

Owls are primarily active during the night and have swift actionability. An owl feather symbolizes wisdom and spiritual growth.

Writer Christie Watson says:

“An owl is the wisest of all birds because the more it sees, the less it talks.”

When you find an owl feather, it may mean that the angels are blessing you with great wisdom. 

It also can be a message that you need to connect to your spirit animal for the growth of your spirit.

If you feel the necessity of finding your spirit animal, you can read my article on how to find your spirit animal. The messages from spirit animals offer insightful guidance in life.

What do crow feathers symbolize?

In my previous articles, I have informed you that black feathers are a symbol of protection. But do crow feathers mean the same thing? 

Depending on who you are, a crow feather can be good luck or ominous. It can be a message from the spiritual world or the angels.

However, many tribes in Native American cultures see crow feathers as protection from the evil forces. So, when you find a crow feather, there is nothing to worry about as it can mean you are protected.

What do goose feathers symbolize?

Goose often works in groups. That’s why in Native American culture, the goose symbolizes corporations.

A goose feather is the symbol of teamwork and loyalty. When you find a goose feather, it can be a message that you need to work with others to get what you want in life.

What do hawk feathers symbolize?

Hawk feathers are the messengers from the spiritual realm. A hawk feather symbolizes wisdom and intellect.

When you find a hawk feather, it can mean that you are going on the right path on your spiritual journey. It can also be blessings of wisdom from the angels.

Most importantly, a hawk feather can be a love message from your ancestors or the loved ones who are no longer in this world.

What do raven feathers symbolize?

Ravens are one of the most intelligent birds. Their feathers also have a high significance in spiritual symbolism.

A raven feather symbolizes protection and healing. So when you find a raven feather, it may help you heal your physical or spiritual-self.

Native Americans believe Ravens are messengers from heaven. So, a raven feather can also be a message from your ancestors from heaven saying they are alright.

What do pigeon feathers symbolize?

Pigeons can travel a great distance without losing their way. Though there is little mention of pigeon feathers in cultures, finding them can be something good.

A pigeon feather is a symbol of peace and communication. When you find a pigeon feather, it can mean many things.

The pigeon feather can be a message from the angels that you will soon find the peace you are looking for. It may also mean that you are on the right path in the journey of life.

What do pheasant feathers symbolize?

I love pheasants for their colorful feathers. A pheasant feather symbolism includes creativity, productivity, and passion.

Finding a pheasant feather may mean that you need to use your creativity to get successful. It can be a positive sign to adapt your passion.


So here you are, ready to add a new game to play with the universe. 

Pay attention to the details, be aware and listen deeply to whisper what the universe is saying to you. 

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