What Do Colored Feathers and Different Feathers Symbolize?

what do colored feathers symbolize

Though feathers usually symbolize freedom, flight, strength, and honor, different colors may have a more specific meaning.

What color feather have you found? Is it blue, white, or yellow? Whatever it is, below I have tried to cover the meaning of almost every colored feather: 

What does a yellow feather symbolize and represent?

Yellow is the color of the sun and often means joy. A yellow feather symbolizes happiness. It represents the sunshine in your life.

If you find a yellow feather, it may mean that you need to slow down a little bit in your busy life. Instead, get time for yourself and enjoy the positive things you have. Even laughing a little bit can be delightful.

What does a blue feather symbolize and represent?

The blue color represents the sky. Therefore, a blue feather symbolizes freedom and flight. However, it also can mean self-acceptance.

When you find a blue feather, it may mean that you need to accept yourself regardless of what is going on in life. Maybe it’s a message from the angels telling you to be free. 

If you have bound yourself, it is time to cut the boundaries. When you accept freedom, you can enjoy the things you may have never imagined. 

What do grey feathers symbolize and represent?

The color grey falls between black and white. Therefore a grey feather symbolizes balance and neutrality in life. 

Does your life feel like everything is going the wrong way? When you find a grey feather, maybe you are journeying on the right path, and soon you will find balance in life.

Or have you recently lost someone you love? Then it can be a message from your loved ones that they are fine and now you need to move on and balance in your life.

What does the black feather symbolize and represent?

We often see the color black as representative of evil. But a black feather is nothing to be worried about.

A black feather symbolizes power and strength. If you are going through a bad period, a black feather can mean that you have the strength to overcome the obstacles.

The black feather may also mean that your guardian angel is with and fighting the evil forces to protect you. 

What does the red feather symbolize and represent?

The red color represents love. A red feather symbolizes love, health, and life. If a red feather appears in front of you, it can be a message that soon you will find true love.

But are you one of those who lost their loved ones? Then maybe the red feather is the message of love sent from your loved ones from the afterlife.

What do brown feathers symbolize and represent? 

Brown color often represents the earth and the ground. Hence, a brown feather symbolizes loneliness and isolation.

A brown feather may mean that you have separated yourself from others and grounded yourself. But is it the right path? 

When you find a brown feather, it can mean that you need to step up and make friends and enjoy life.

What does the white feather symbolize and represent?

White feathers come from divine beings. A white feather symbolizes the blessings of the angels.

When you find a white feather, it may mean that you are a good person and going on the right path in life. That’s why angels are sending their blessings through the white feather. 

What do different feathers symbolize?

Above I discussed what different colored feathers mean. But people use feathers in various ways. 

Depending on how you are using the feather or in what form the feather is, the meaning can vary. Below I have explained some of the implications:

What do baby feathers symbolize?

A baby feather symbolizes innocence, purity, and protection. Babies are free from all the negative energy, and their hearts are purely innocent.

If you find a baby feather, it can mean that you are protected from the evil forces. It also can mean that a newborn is on the way. 

What do two feathers and three feathers mean, represent, and symbolize?

If you have found two or three feathers together, that can refer to different meanings based on their colors. They can mean that you may need to double or triple your efforts to find your freedom.

Two feathers can also mean twins. So maybe the angels are sending messages to you that twin babies are coming into your life. 

What does a feather symbolize in a tattoo?

Do you love tattoos? Then a feather tattoo can be a great idea. A feather in a tattoo symbolizes the dream to be free, courage, ability to fly, courage, and hope.

Emily Dickinson, in his poem “Hope’, is the thing with feathers,” writes:

“Hope’ is the thing with feathers –

That perches in the soul –

And sings the tune without the words –

And never stops – at all.”

Below is more information about a feather tattoo:

What does a feather tattoo signify?

A feather tattoo signifies the importance of freedom, bravery, and hope. When someone gets a feather tattoo, it shows their courage to be free from all the hindrances in life. It may also mean the hope to find the joy you are looking for.

What does a peacock feather tattoo symbolize?

A peacock feather tattoo symbolizes beauty, elegance, and royalty. You can get yourself a peacock feather tattoo to remind yourself of self-acceptance. It can remind you that you are beautiful and deserve all the happiness in life.

What do the feathers in an Indian headdress mean, represent and symbolize?

An Indian headdress means a headband with attaching feathers around the band. A headdress is a symbol of bravery and strength in Native American Indian culture.

The feathers in an Indian headdress symbolize power, honor, and bravery. Only the powerful ones in the tribe wear such headdresses. Often warriors are rewarded with feathers in their headdresses to acknowledge their bravery in the war. 

What do feather earrings mean and symbolize?

Feather earrings symbolize the connection to heaven. As the feather remains close to your ear, that may increase your ability to communicate with angels. So, if you want the blessings of the angels, you may buy some lovely feather earrings right now.

You can wear one feather earrings or two feather earrings. Both mean the same thing.

What does a feather pendant represent?

A feather pendant is a great way to keep the feather close to your heart. If your heart needs healing, a feather pendant may provide you with strength and healing power.

It also can protect your spirit from negative energy. I have found this feather pendant so beautiful. 

What is the meaning and symbolism of a feather ring?

Feather rings have a great significance in Native American culture. A feather ring symbolizes honor and freedom.

You can get yourself a feather ring to remind yourself that you are independent. This feather ring looks perfect to me. 

What does a feather charm symbolize?

A feather charm symbolizes spiritual growth and protection from evil. So when you feel endangered, you can get yourself a feather charm. 

What does a feather necklace represent?

In Christianity, feathers are the representative angels, and angels can listen to you through the feathers.

A feather necklace represents that angels are listening to you and guarding you. You can get this feather necklace to get protection from your angels. 

What does a silver feather symbolize?

Silver feather jewelry always looks beautiful. A silver feather is a symbol of dignity, nobility, and elegance.

What does a feather pen symbolize?

A pen made of feathers is often called a quill. It symbolizes communication. You can buy a nice feather pen to connect yourself with divine beings. Write down your wishes; may God or the angels listen to them.

What do the feathers on a dreamcatcher symbolize and represent?

If you have bad dreams, a dream catcher may help you. The feathers on a dream catcher symbolize the ability to attract good dreams. 

There is a belief that dreamcatchers can not catch good dreams for you unless they have feathers on them. 

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