33 Sacred Space Ideas to Create Your Sacred Space

sacred space ideas

If you need some ideas to create your sacred space, this blog post is for you.
Enjoy and get inspiration to create a space that is unique to you.
If you would like to learn more about how to create one, check this blog post here.

Your sacred space could be at home or in the garden. It could be a whole room, or an altar, or a meditation or prayer space. Whatever your choice will be, you will find plenty of ideas below.

Sacred space ideas at home

Sacred space room ideas

1. Colorful corner in the room

This space from Lady Scorpio is full of colors. You can see nice objects that bring joy such as moon shapes, salt lamp, chakra affirmations, crystals, and colorful cushions.

2. Space that invites you for a deeper journey

This space is inviting you to connect to your deeper truth. Once you enter this big space, it reminds you of your inner journey and welcomes you for a deeper one.

3. In the corner under a green plant

Even if you do not have a big space at home, you can create your sacred space in a corner. You can add some nice touches with flowers, candles, carpets, and cushions. You can have your yoga mat as well. And ala, that is done, you can create a defined area welcoming you to connect with the unseen.

4. Sacred space with your singing bowls

Creating a sacred space is about taking care to bring beauty to your living space. Does not need to be a hard one. Just bring those things that bring joy to you and that help you to connect with the unseen. Your musical instruments are always great additions.

5. Peace tent

Let’s listen to Danelle Frisbie, as she explains what a peace tent is in Bamboo Family Magazine: “the small tent they had set up in one corner of their wood-floored, plant-covered, open-windowed den. It was here that the girls went to sit and relax, to get away from the rest of the busy house filled with guests, to daydream, or gaze out the tent opening, through the window, into the stars in the night sky above. This, they told me, was their “peace tent.” “

6. Great combination of plants and cotton

It looks great with the combination of plants, macrame wall hanging, tapestry, and cushions. Natural materials have been used and it brought a soft effect to the ambiance.

7. Clutter-free space

It is crucial to think about all the objects you have in your sacred space. It has to be clutter-free. All those things need to be there for a reason. This is very well done in this space. If you want to check more details of the space get a look at their site

8. Let natural light welcome you

You can convert a table to your sacred space. If you can locate it in front of a window then you can get help from the natural light. Then choose those objects that you feel that comes to this space and locate them. Do not forget to have one while creating it. Dwell in Magic, had a lot of fun creating this space, check it out here.

 9. Your sacred space is where your heart is

In this article of Michel Fijn with Tijn Touber, Tijn Touber is explaining his experience with finding sacred space in his own hearth, which is coming back home. Once you begin to come back home and really witness that your sacred space in your heart, then sacred space creation does not become that necessary or you convert all those spaces in your home to sacred ones. Look how beautiful this space is: simple and welcoming to make music from the source. 

10. Cushions and carpet, that is it

Scared spaces are reminders of you that this life is a journey and you are the hero of your life. It is a reminder to slow down and reflect, witness, see, hear, smell, touch, create a relationship with you. A carpet and some cushions, that is it. The intention and consciousness is the main thing. 

11. Convert one of your chairs to a sacred space

Yunus Emre, a great Sufi poet of the 13th century says in one of his poems that ‘those who are looking for a sense, the meaning are the one that drank the wine of Love.” What is the meaning of my life? Where I can start to search for? Anywhere but your heart! How I will speak and listen to my heart. Start with the intention, then show up with your intention in your heart and pray. Sacred space will help you to be consistent in this journey of starting to speaking to your heart, in the search of your inner truth. 

And for creating your sacred space, no excuses. You can convert a chair of yours to your sacred space if you really want. Let tatjanas_world, inspire you.  

12. Tapestry magic

If you have some tapestries, definitely get them out to create your sacred space. You can create magic with them. If you would like to buy some tapestries, check our tapestries in our Amazon stores.

13. Yellow color fits very well to a sacred space

How beautiful this space is. I promise you once you start to create your sacred space then you will witness that you will convert all your house into a sacred one. Your search for beauty will be a habit and you will ask yourself ‘why I was not doing this before?”

The photo is from design files

Sacred space ideas for meditation or prayer

14. Start small

If you want to create your sacred space but do not know-how and finding yourself delaying it all the time because of this excuse, sorry but no excuse anymore. Start small. Stand up now and create your sacred space in 2 minutes. Literally. Find your spot, bring cushion/carpet whatever you have. And done. Start and then you will continue to work on it. Look at this one in the picture.

15. Lovely reading hook and meditation space style

Creating your sacred space is a lot about taking care of yourself. It is about prioritizing creating a relationship with you. Close the TV, do not watch another Netflix series or a youtube video. Enough Facebook/Instagram for now. 

Time to be with you. Time to ask yourself what you want and serving you and only you. If you do not ask yourself what you like to do, how you can really know? 

Start creating that relationship with you from today. You are the only one who can create it anyway. Create a sacred space for yourself. Create a nice place for you to be, as nice as the one in this picture

16. Yoga and meditation space that reminds you of joy

Bring all the stuff that you have related to your yoga and meditation practice. Get help with some cushions, pillows, carpets, and storage baskets. Valla, you are ready as much as NamastysHay

17. Simple and Beautiful

A flower and a painting are enough to create your sacred space. Do not forget intention is the important one. Just start. Do not overfocus on the format, meaning is the important one. 

18. Green prayer space

Let your prayer mat remind you of the unseen and invite you to the journey of your spirit. This space is a beautiful, green spot. 

19. Re-use those unused areas of your home

In Islam there is the ritual called namaz, to pray 5 times during the day. 5 times slowing down and coming up on your prayer mat, which is serving as your sacred space. Slowing down to check-in, to witness, to remember, and surrender. 

This picture is inspiring to show that you can reuse those spots in your house that are not fully used. 

Creating an altar sacred space ideas

In case you do not have a room, nor a corner in your house to convert to a sacred space then you can consider even using a tray or a little table. Creating an altar can be a sacred space of your choice. You can find how my altar showed that the universe is always talking to me in this article here

20. Your sacred space is where you find yourself over and over again

Some crystals and the poster of the definition of your sacred space can help you to focus your energy. 

21. Beauty of a dream catcher

Imagine having such a space with a dreamcatcher, crystals, salt lamb, cushion, sage. Just in front of the window. You wake up and the 1st thing you do in the morning is going there to write your dream to your dream journal. Can you imagine yourself in such a place as in the picture

22. Quiet and uncluttered spot

This meditation altar is a quiet and uncluttered spot, with a table, altar cloth, main sacred item, incense, sage, and mala beads as mentioned here

23. Just near the window

Having an altar just near the window, the ability to look outside and see nature is a great addition to it. Nice altar from self cremony.

24. Flowers, flowers and flowers

Flowers are definitely adding beauty to any space so consider bringing flowers to your sacred space as in the example here in this picture

25. An altar inside a tray

Lately, I have also created a moving altar for myself. For my morning rituals, I liked to have a spot in the living room. With kids around it was not easy. So I put all those that I wanted to include inside a tray such as in this picture and moved around. 

26. An altar with a crystal shelf

A triangle shelf for your crystals can add a lot to your sacred space. 

27. An altar for your tarot practice

This altar seems great for your tarot practice. Having all, ready in a place to convert your routine to a ritual. 

28. A little altar 

A little altar like this is enough to bring you beauty and remember you to continue with your inner journey. 

29. This cabinet is an altar itself

Look to this beauty. The moon and the sun cabinet. If you do not have any space at all to create an altar in your home or you have little kids that you would like to create a space where they could not reach, maybe you can consider such a cabinet. This is very beautiful.

30. Altar on a little table

This little table altar is so cute and showing that not having space is not an excuse not to create one

Sacred space ideas at the garden 

31. A Garden labyrinth

This garden labyrinth is a sacred space designed by a designer to help the healing process of a couple who lost their son. All the details have been thought accordingly. You can read the details of it here.

32. An altar with a flower in a garden

In your beautiful garden, you can create a beautiful spot to remember, to slow down, to witness, and to reflect.

33. A statue altar in a garden

You can bring a statue and your stones and create a sacred space in your garden.
As you see there are many different ways of creating sacred spaces. Do not forget, your sacred space is unique to you. You do not need anything but listening to yourself to create one. If you want more help about how to create your sacred space, you can read the post here.

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