Can Chakra Give You Powers?


With shamanic breathing and other shamanic practices, it is possible to activate one’s chakras and increase energy flows. Therefore, activating each chakra in turn and stimulating our entire energy system by inhaling cosmic energy.

Cosmic energy is the energy that surrounds the human body and works in harmony with universal laws. After filling the power centers (chakras) in the body, it is distributed from these centers to the physical body.

So yes, activating chakras and having them balanced can give you powers. The powers that are the most important. That would make you be in harmony with life, being in tune with the music of the spheres. 

“To live content with small means; 

to seek elegance rather than luxury, 

and refinement rather than fashion, 

to be worthy, not respectable, 

and wealthy, not rich; 

to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly,

 listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart,

 to bear all cheerfully, 

to all bravely await occasions, hurry never. 

This is to be my symphony.”

 William Henry Channing

How to increase chakra power?

Below I will give you a shamanic ritual that I have learned from Shamanic gatherings done by Ayşe Nilgün Arıt.

Go to your personal sacred space where you will not be disturbed for at least half an hour.

Take off your shoes, loosen your clothing, and sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor.

Close your eyes and imagine a ball of light shining like the sun in your mind.

See this ball of light shine just above your head.

Increase chakra power: crown chakra

Let it sit there for a while and then descend towards your crown chakra.

Now take a long, deep breath slowly.

Feel your entire energy body pulling energy from that orb of light.

Let the breath you take inhale the power of light.

Feel you are a being full of light.

Control your exhalations so that the light stays in – let your exhale come out very slowly. Thus, in the breaths given, not the light, but only the accumulations that are not luminous will be released.

Increase chakra power: 3rd eye chakra

After repeating these breaths several times, imagine that sphere of light descending from the crown chakra to the 3rd eye chakra.

As you take a deep breath, feel the brightness that the light creates in your mind.

Intend to take all your steps with the clarity of the knowledge that will come from within you.

After re-breathing in the above pattern, feel the ball of light descending into your throat.

Increase chakra power: throat chakra

Since the throat chakra is about communication, after you breathe in the light with each breath, with each breath you exhale, see the light radiating out of your body, like tiny ripples spreading over the surface of a pool.

As you take a few more breaths, imagine this sphere of Light in your throat as a radio station that receives and spreads messages and information.

Increase chakra power: heart chakra

After that, visualize the light descending on your chest, which corresponds to the heart chakra.

As you breathe in, imagine the heart as a shining Orb of Love and feel the warmth it radiates.

As you breathe in and out a few times, feel that you are spreading this warm and embracing love within you to the entire universe.

The supreme power of goodness in the entire cosmos is the power of love and compassion.

Increase chakra power: solar plexus and sacral chakra

Now take a deep breath again and notice the illumination of the energy field surrounding your body as the orb of light descends into the solar plexus region.

Feel this energy spreading from your abdomen to your surroundings with the breath we exhale, and after doing this for a few minutes, lower the ball of light to the sacral chakra.

Feel their vital contribution to you with the breaths you take, and the refreshing power emanating from you with the breaths you exhale.

Increase chakra power: root chakra

Following this, when the sphere of light descends on the chakra at the base of your spine, which provides you with the energy to protect yourself physically, imagine the light enveloping your entire body like a cocoon as you breathe in and out. Feel a general sense of security and protection take over you.

After a few more breaths, lower the ball of light between your ankles. Taste the excitement and enthusiasm of your freedom of movement and balance as you take deep breaths. Imagine that you dance with this enthusiasm, or even if you have never tried it in your life, for example, imagine that you are spinning and sliding on the ice rink.

Now lower the light just below your feet. Feel where you step on is a solid light platform buried in the ground and how safe you are.

As you breathe in, let the light platform on your soles root deeper into the soil and you feel that you are pulling the energy of the soil upwards into your body through these roots.

Finally, as you breathe in, let this light begin to rise from your soles. Let it rise from your legs, your body, and the top of your head to the sky.

Then, as you exhale, let it fall to the ground at your feet, enveloping you like a waterfall of water gushing from a fountain.

Your body will begin to shine with this energy that rises with every breath you take and pours out like a waterfall from your aura with every exhalation.

How to chakra balance?

Before finishing the exercise, those who wish can add balancing work to the activated energy centers.

The symbol of balance is the encircled cruciform, diagonal line image. 

The circle is a symbol of complete and all-encompassing inclusion.

The cross symbol represents the power of cosmic forces and the perfect balance of form.

As energy follows thought, visualizing the cross encircled around each chakra will bring each power center to the desired perfect balance.

To create this symbol, a beam of light is again imagined.

The circle drawing, which starts from the northern point of the hill, is completed by moving clockwise, and when the northern point is reached again, it descends vertically to the lower south point.

From here, one goes to the east point to the right, and from there it is drawn horizontally to the left to reach the west and then the northern point above again clockwise.

This drawing style is started from the top chakra and each power center is surrounded by a circle in the same way and the chakra on the soles of the feet is finished.

At the end of this exercise, imagine putting on a long black cloak that goes down to your feet and putting on the hoodie.

Continue to sit comfortably for a few seconds, then take a deep breath and get up and stretch for a long time.

What is done in this exercise is to nourish all power centers with the light of cosmic consciousness and to fill your aura with light, respectively.

When the exercise is completed, the arousal and revival of your entire being is accomplished

Covering yourself with a dark cloak in your imagination is to conserve this light energy.

How to use chakra power?

It will be good to do this exercise every day.

You can listen to this video, which was recorded with 2-3 minutes of breathing time between each of the application steps until you get used to it.

Listening with headphones, there is no problem remembering what to do next.

When the power centers of the body are regularly activated by this exercise for a few days, insight and perception of the inner voice will improve.

You will notice an increased sensitivity to the needs of others and an increased intuition about various situations.

Increasing interest in certain crystals, stones, some trees, and certain animal species that you may not have been interested in before are common results.

The noticeable increase in people’s approach and desire for advice is astonishing.


Increasing the energy of your chakra and balance each of them is a very easy and joyful ritual. As always, do not listen to my words, practice for yourself for a week and experience and decide for yourself.

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