When Are Chakras Balanced?

when are chakras balanced

Now that we know the most basic chakras and their locations, the next step understanding the essentials of each chakra and knowing how these essentials are when chakras are balanced. 

In this article, we will talk about 8 chakras, as inside the third eye chakra we are going to explain both brain stem and crow chakra. 

The 8 chakras of the body, work as octaves of eight following the universal law of harmony (Healing Circle and Eastern Mandala system).

Streams of energy from the cosmos (the sun, moon, stars, and planets) descend in waves from the body. These waves are called Nadi channels in the far east mystical teaching.

Our endocrine system is an extension of the chakras. Our parasympathetic system is an extension of the Nadis.

After this understanding, we can look in detail at how to know if your chakra is balanced and the signs when this specific chakra is balanced. Let’s start.

How to know if your root chakra is balanced?

The root chakra is located at the bottom of the spine. Mainly associated with gravitational force and solidity.

It gives strength to the physical body. When we sit down, from that point on, this energy center keeps the body structure above intact.

It ensures the good functioning of heavy organs such as bones and muscles and intestines that remove solid wastes from the body.

Root chakra acts as adrenalin glands in the physical body, pumping adrenaline into the blood in times of life-threatening. As a result, this chakra is associated with tangible existence, material needs, and survival. It takes care of the day-to-day security on the Earth.

It gives the energy of the sciatic nerve (the largest nerve of the body), which goes down from the hip to the foot and connects the whole nervous system to the ground.

Kundalini life force energy resides in this chakra and it’s where the invisible cord with your immediate family (father, mother, brother, and sister) takes place.

As a result, the root chakra is taking care of both the foundational and the cleansing energy by expelling.

The element of the root chakra is earth.

Signs when your root chakra is balanced

Once your root chakra is balanced, you would have these essences in your life. The essences of root chakra are stability, grounding, trust in oneself and the world, prosperity, physical health, survival, and being comfortable with the natural self.

How to know if your sacral chakra is balanced?

The 2nd chakra is located just above the public bone. This center is concerned with all aspects surrounding our sexuality and creativity. It is also the seat of our intuition and clear feeling.

The sacral chakra is related to gonads-sex glands and sexual organs. 

One of the main functions of the sacral chakra is creativity and creation. If you do not resolve the creative issues, then it’ll go to the throat chakra. Creativity is related to clear feelings and expression. 

We are talking about the feelings that you can do nothing about. They are not the same as emotions which are around the solar plexus chakra. Emotions are how you choose to react to a feeling you have. It is a secondary response. In terms of emotions, you are in charge, and you are responsible for your emotions.

The element of the sacral chakra is water, and it is affecting the gonads-sex glands and sexual organs, bladder, kidneys, pelvic, urethra, and urine. 

Signs when your sacral chakra is balanced

Once your sacral chakra is balanced, you would have these essences in your life. The essences of sacral chakra are emotional intelligence, experiencing pleasure, feeling, desire, ethics, dignity, and creativity.

How to know if your solar plexus chakra is balanced?

The solar plexus chakra is located between the navel and the point of separation of the ribs, it is the outward point of the pancreas. 

It regulates the metabolism of the physical body, and its functional importance is that it affects control and proper development. 

It is the sun center of the physical body. it is called the fiery chakra because it gives the power of fire, which supports initiation into action.

Solar plexus chakra provides empowerment in personal development and strengthens the sense of getting up and acting. This is where the transformation energy comes from.

Power, in shamanic meaning, means directing and using energies. Action requires responsibility, knowing how to take responsibility for consequences can be learned.

Solar plexus chakra in this sense is the place of the Ego, not as a negative concept but as a sense of me as an individual. It is the place of the power of will.

In the solar plexus chakra, you have control of the relationship ties. When people pass away or when a friendship ends, you can clean and send these ties up. In sense of energy area, you are responsible for your own and another person is responsible for hers. So be aware of these relationship ties energetically and clean them when needed. 

It is the most vulnerable of all the chakras, as it is the first to receive any impact from the outside world. Solar plexus chakra is also related to adrenalin glands and adrenalin is the hormone that gives you the strength of fight or flight. 

The element of the solar plexus chakra is fire, and it is affecting the digestive process, stomach, adrenalin glands, and top of the kidneys.

Signs when your solar plexus is balanced

Once your solar plexus is balanced, you would have these essences in your life. The essences of the solar plexus are power, self-esteem, will, responsibility, vitality, personal space – saying ‘no’, confidence, and healthy boundaries.

How to know if your heart chakra is balanced?

The heart chakra is at the upper midpoint of the chest around the heart area, where the thymus gland is open to the outside.

Heart chakra defines the relationship between love and compassion. Because it is at the point where the “cosmic bond force” is strongest. “Cosmic bond force” is one of the four supreme powers of the universe according to shamanism. Others are the “life force”, the “light force”, and the “universal law force”.

The cosmic bond force is the integration force of the qualities of the spirit, descending from above with the matter qualities rising from below. We call it love, that is, the merging of energies, being in tune with what is loved, being unconditional and not demanding, knowing how to be in tune with other things, not possessing and controlling.

This center is concerned with all matters relating to our understanding of unconditional love. The heart chakra is the place where we can experience compassion and freedom from attachment. Through this chakra, we are connected to the vibration of our planet, Mother Earth. 

The heart chakra is about all kinds of love such as loving yourself or romantic love. The heart is what brings us all together, what unites us. We are part of a large organism, and we are molecules of this large organism. 

The element of the heart chakra is air, and it is affecting the thymus gland.

Signs when your heart chakra is balanced

Once your heart chakra is balanced, you would have these essences in your life. The essences of the heart chakra are compassion, empathy, being peaceful, self-acceptance, intimacy, self-love, forgiveness, relationship, devotion, stability, trust, and prosperity.

How to know if your throat chakra is balanced?

The throat chakra is in the middle of the throat, at the point where the thyroid gland is open to the outside. 

It is related to the exchange of information, namely communication. This center is concerned with our clear communication and expression. Information reaches people in the form of energy bundles that need to be interpreted, and the organ that interprets these bundles is the brain.

The throat chakra is the center of the sound. By sending and receiving vibrational waves, it expands the range of human connections with her environment. 

It is associated with all organs of the physical body used in communication and self-expression, the neck as well as the throat, shoulders, arms, hands, and ears. So, the throat chakra is about listening, receiving, expressing, and communicating. 

The element of the throat chakra is air, and it is affecting the thyroid gland, and the neck, throat, shoulders, arms, hands, and ears.

Signs when your throat chakra is balanced

Once your throat chakra is balanced, you would have these essences in your life. The essences of throat chakra are your personal truth, expression, communication, creativity, self-discipline, and being a good listener.

How to know if your third eye chakra is balanced?

The third eye is the area where crown chakra, brow chakra, and brain stem chakra are working together. When this happens the energy, vortex activates a new understanding organ. Therefore, in the third eye chakra, we are talking about brow chakra, brain stem chakra, and crown chakra. 

What is and where is the third eye?

The third eye was pictured as an eye inside a triangle in ancient mystic schools. Even though it is related to these 3 chakras mentioned above, it is more than that. 

When the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the human being are all in harmony with each other and with all the deep energies, when holistic development is achieved, we call it spiritual evolvement.

Once activated, the third eye equips us with super sight and empowers us, while allowing us to see dimensions of awareness outside of physical realities and the mental ecology of our mind.

It is an urban legend to say that one will open the third eye. The third eye develops naturally through integration into multidimensional layers. It is a vortex of energy that can be encouraged from the heart but never forced.

Hereunder the third eye, we will talk about both brow and brain stem chakra, and we will talk about crow chakra as a next one but first let us give some more information about the third eye. 

What is brain stem chakra?

The brain stem chakra is the point located at the root of the brain in our head, in line with the nasal bone. It governs the functions of the pineal gland, which is called the body clock.

The root of the brain is considered the light chakra. Because it allows the mind to see.

The brainstem chakra is an internal database that stores previously experienced shapes, re-projects voluntarily sought shapes onto the screen of the mind as imagination or vision. It is the central place to make the impossible possible as it is the chakra of imagination.

Brain stem chakra is about higher vision and information from your higher self which is receiving accurate information on the higher level. 

As a result, this center is about mental clarity, imagination, and higher creativity.

What is brow chakra?

The brow chakra is the outward opening of the pituitary gland, which is at the base of the brain, just above the palate in the mouth, the size of a pea, which governs the entire system of glands in the body.

The brainstem chakra is associated with deep insight, while the brow chakra is associated with intention.

The intention is a force that transmits and controls deep energies, able to make sense of what is observed.

After looking in detail at what the third eye is and what the brain stem and brow chakra are, we can summarize that this center is concerned with our vision and dreams. It is the place where we focus our intention and project our thoughts.

The element of the third eye chakra is ether, and it is affecting the thyroid gland, and the neck, throat, shoulders, arms, hands, and ears.

Signs when your third eye chakra is balanced

Once your third eye chakra is balanced, you would have these essences in your life. The essences of the third eye chakra are intentions, wisdom, imagination, vision, clear seeing of what’s ahead, intellect, intuition, and insights.

How to know if your crown chakra is balanced?

The 7th chakra is located right above the head. This center is concerned with our relationship to our higher self. When we are connecting with our 7th chakra, we are open to guidance from our spiritual source. This chakra is the portal to the universal cosmic energy.

Crowning the entire chakra system, this chakra affects the pituitary gland. Because it is related to the higher purpose of life and the direction of life, the purpose of the soul.

The reason why this chakra is called the thousand petal lotus is that it is likened to the lotus flower that emerges from the mud and blooms upwards. This center symbolizes endless possibilities.

The element of the crow chakra is ether, and it is affecting the pituitary gland.

Signs when your crown chakra is balanced

Once your crown chakra is balanced, you would have these essences in your life. The essences of crow chakra are life’s true purpose, spiritual connection, awareness, consciousness, self-knowledge, non-duality, divinity, and wisdom.


All the spiritual information is guiding us to the same principle about life: knowing yourself. Each of us is inside our own temples, our bodies. This temple is giving us enough information about if our chakras are balanced or not. 

With this information provided about each chakra, hopefully, you will recognize when your chakras are balanced. 

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