How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

how to connect with your spirit guides

I attended a webinar by Tara Wild about the ancient feminine. It was about goddess Brigid and there she had a guided meditation to connect with the goddess which inspired the guided meditation below to connect with your spirit guides. 

During the mentioned meditation, Rabi’a al – Adawiyya came to my meditation instead of Brigid. You can read more about her here. One of the things she asked me to do was doing an offering, similar to that one I participated in, for those who would fast during Ramadan to get guidance from her. That is why I have prepared a live event just before Ramadan, called Blessing Ramadan Guidance with Rabi’a Al-Adawiyya. You can watch the whole online ritual here.

Moreover, she guided me to prepare a journey of love during Ramadan as an offering, which you can also see here

Just after giving these offerings, I decided it is time to write about spirits that guide us and how to connect with your spirit guides, which is one of my favorite topics. 

Spirits that guide us

When I was a kid, we were having our summer vacations in my grandfather’s mountain house in the south of Turkey. There I had my best childhood memories.

I remember during those summer nights, sometimes as a game, we were calling the spirits to help us with my brother and other friends who were bigger than me. We were writing letters to paper one by one from A to Z and creating a circle with them. Then we were turning down the cup and putting our fingers on the cup and one person was asking the question for guidance and then the cup was moving and going to the letters, writing words to interact with us. I always doubted if somebody moved that cup or not 🙂

It is funny that this story wanted to come here while I am writing this blog post. Because it was even not in my memory at all. Maybe all these experiences with spirit guides that I can live during my adulthood is thanks to this childhood experience which was opening a window for another kind of reality, beyond the eye can see. 

3 years ago, I began to be conscious about the guidance I can receive from the spirits that guide us. I was already doing shamanic journeys and getting guidance from power animals-naguals, but what I am talking about, here is different. 

What do I mean with spirits that guide us? 

What I mean with spirits that guide us here are those human beings, who lived in the world before us and who could reach the union with God, so symbolically become immortal. There is even a belief that the world is continuing to exist and has been continuing thanks to those humans-souls who could reach illumination-unity with God during their lifetime. 

The book called ‘Living with the Saints and the Divine’ written by Can Kağan Osman Aydoğmuş, explains spirits that guide us as below:

“They are friends of God and are miraculous beings who have helped all humanity throughout their lives and passed beyond death while living.

They are divines who have reached God and have the consciousness of Truth while living. The love of saints for existence and humanity is excessively big and vast. These teachers, who always enlighten humanity, help, protect and teach are the carriers of light.

They have known and lived through all the limits of humanity: they have overcome their weaknesses, have accomplished the most difficult things to accomplish, have passed all the exams, and have reached the status of the divine. Earned the appreciation of God and become an example and guide to humanity.

That is why it’s easier for them to help people. Because they know people very well, they know how to be human. They are indeed the best teachers, as they have gone through all stages of humanity and have come through that experience and ascended to their positions and passed beyond death while living.”

How did I begin to interact with spirits that guide us?

Some years ago, I gave a conscious decision of making my spiritual life a priority. I have already participated in different retreats, I was also facilitating retreats and doing practices, however, I decided to have daily spiritual practices: daily meditation for an hour and several different practices such as inner child work, shamanic journeys, dream writing, singing classes in a meditative mode, etc. 

Continuously hold space for myself in my sacred space and also paying special attention to signals via my altar let me passing the fields of doubt. Maybe I can talk about it in another blog post.

My story with Yunus Emre

At that time, I began to watch a series about the life of Yunus Emre, a Turkish poet and mystical Sufi who lived in Turkey in the 13th century. 

I always liked his poems and always felt special attention to him. Besides all these, watching the series created a very magical effect on me. During my daily life, I was living with him. He became a character in my life, a friend for me. 

Daily I was having an inner conversation with him and each time I was connecting him with more love. He became very dear to me which is continuing. I feel a connection to him with Love. 

My story of Rabi’a al-Adawiyya

During those days I was also reading a book called Sufi woman. I was reading this book as a gift of a dear friend, as he was aware of a question that was coming to my mind for many years again and again, “who are the woman saints of my land”. I was not sure why this question was coming but I was conscious about it, each time more. 

While reading this book, I was amazed by the stories of Rabi’a al-Adawiyya, and I felt special attraction to her.  

Those days, I went to breathing therapy. And the therapist in the middle of the session told me that she did not know why, but she received a message that she needed to tell me this name: Hz. Rabia. 

I was amazed because she did not know anything. 

Then I began to call Rabia to my meditations daily. The same thing happened as in the case of Yunus Emre. I began to create a relationship with her, and I felt a connection to her with Love. 

While all these were happening, at the house of a friend, as a pure coincidence (a coincidence is never a coincidence) I found a book called ‘Living with the Saints and the Divine’. 

I read it in 2 days, better to say I drank it. I was surprised that somebody wrote a book about connection with saints and showing ways for it. He was talking about many things that I was experiencing on my own. 

Just several days after I found this book, I faced one of the darkest times of my life. I was very afraid, did not have any idea of what to do or what to say. I prayed to God asking for help and for God to take my place and guide my way. Then I asked for Yunus Emre and Rabi’a to be with me and guide my way. 

There they were with me; I was feeling their presence incredibly. I was feeling their power as well. It was like, even though I was passing through an extremely hard time, I was God-conscious totally and I was ok with that, I was consent and blessed, feeling loved and supported all the time. 

Since then, Yunus Emre and Rabi’a have been incredible friends for me. I am so grateful to them and I love them so, so, so much. 

Now I am having a relationship with many spirit guides which I adore deeply, and I contemplate continuously to be able to understand their true wisdom. Spiritual songs of my land help incredibly to me in this sense. 

How to connect with your spirit guides and receive messages and guidance

  • Before all, you can read the signs. If there has been a saint that you felt interested in or attached, you can start from here. 
  • You can read about him/her, watch movies, read their books, listen to their songs. Listen to your gut feelings for this. Let your heart and intuition guide you. 
  • Love is the key to connecting with your spirit guides. For love, you need to remember them, create a relationship with them. 
  • The more you will have them in your life, the more you will be able to receive their guidance. It is as in a friendship. If you look at your friendships, you will realize that it is a reciprocal relationship, the more you care and give your attention, the more you receive. 
  • The best is that this relationship happens and flows naturally. Because of that listening to your intuition is key here. Maybe there is a saint of your own land, of your ancestors. Or maybe a book that took your attention for a long time, maybe some stories, some poems, some paintings, or some songs. 
  • Once you are guided with your gut feeling to a saint, one of the steps to create a relationship can be inviting them to your daily meditations. Below I am giving you a guided meditation to connect with your spirit guides and receive messages and guidance.

Meditation to connect with your spirit guides

Part of the script is taken from Tara Wild’s online ceremony about the ancient feminine. There, she guided this meditation to connect with the goddess Brigid. The below version here is to connect with Rabi’a. You can make the meditation and connect with that saint or goddess that you feel connected to or just let the flow guide you. 

You can also have the guided meditation in the video below:

  • Place your hand in your hearth, close your eyes. You can lie down. 
  • With your hands on your heart, lying down, breathing deeply.
  • I invite you to send your breath to your heart space.
  • Feeling your heart softening and opening little by little
  • I invite you to imagine there is a light shining through your heart.
  • Shining from below you deep in the Earth, passing through the sacred pathway of your beating heart
  • And moving up in the column of light into the sky, to the heart of the heavens.
  • See how much you can open to these ancient codes of love, flowing through you. In this sacred channel as it is as old as Earth, as old as stars as old as time. 
  • Bringing your whole consciousness into this light 
  • Imagine now you are traveling on the light waves of your hearth. Traveling through time and space. Your essence being pulled towards the heart of the infinite. 
  • And it is here that you are embraced by a Love that is so much greater than you. A Love that is woven into the All. 
  • As you begin to move through these light codes you begin to sense that you are being pulled towards a place. A place beyond physical reality, a place in the other world that is calling to you, deep in your soul. 
  • Little by little the light around you gives away to a feeling. A feeling of your bare feet, connecting into an ancient landscape.
  • And Little by little, you begin to see that you are standing in an old town, a town with earthy color.
  • The sun begins to fade in the sky and you see a simple path before you. You tap onto the path, your bare feet. You walk step by step. Moment by moment. With your full presence up in the little streets of this old town. 
  • You feel safe and curious. There are little candles in the street, giving little light to space. 
  • You see the last Sunlight.
  • You are close to a square now, you realize a beautiful fountain in the square and begin to sense you are not alone. 
  • As the sun descends below the horizon, you begin to feel a presence. 
  • You see Rabia that had taken fire in one hand and water in the other talking to some other saints.
  • Rabia sees you, she gives the fire and the water to others and approaches you with a smile on her face. Rabia stands close to you shining brightly with the power of Love. 
  • Take this moment truly see her and feel her. Feel her presence. She steps towards you and she looks you in the eyes and she says I am Love. Takes another step towards you, so she is very close to you now. She places a hand over your heart, and she says you are Love. 
  • You take a deep breath and feeling the touch of her hand and the gifts of her words. 
  • Rabia then looks around and smiles and looks in your eyes and she says we are Love.
  • She says very softly and gently, are you ready for a journey of love? 
  • It is the time of getting guidance, asking questions, contemplate, and seeing the signs. 
  • Time for the veils to disappear and seeing God in everything. It is time to live as worship she says. 
  • Rabia then presents you with a gift. A gift to remind you of the Love. See the gift in your mind’s eye and take a moment to feel the blessing of this gift and offer her your heartfelt gratitude. 
  • Your time with Rabia almost ends. You ask Rabia, “do you have any guidance for me for the upcoming month of the holy Ramadan?” Rabia offers you some guidance, her final parting words. Just for you. Listen to her wisdom with your heart. 
  • Rabia looks into your eyes one final time. She smiles and turns and goes away. 
  • Then you hear an old song of Love – “Aşkın aldı benden beni, bana seni gerek seni. Ben yanarım dünü günü, bana seni gerek seni”
  • You feel it’s time now to return. With Rabia’s gift, you begin your journey back, the moon is rising on the horizon. Milky light illuminating your path. 
  • As you begin to approach the outside of the city, you see a doorway of light before you. You reach the doorway and when you are ready you step through the threshold where you are embraced by light and you travel along the light waves of your heart once more. You travel through time and space until you come back into an awareness of your physical body. Breathing deeply as you feel the column of Love flowing your hearth space once more rising on Earth into the heavens. 
  • I invite you to bring all this light, down from the Earth up from the heavens, bring it all to your heart space. 
  • Spend some time here. Felling your heart and take a deep breath. Slowly bring more awareness to your physical body. When you are ready, gently open your eyes, move your body, and maybe take a stretch. 

Journaling to connect with your spirit guides

When you are ready take your journal and write anything you to your journal. I also have some journal prompts:

  • How did Rabia appear to you? What were your impressions and feelings?
  • How was your experience from your connection to Love? What does it feel like?
  • Are you ready for a journey of love; getting guidance, asking questions, contemplate, and seeing the signs, to connect to your deeper truth? 
  • What gift did Rabia give you?
  • What was her guidance for you?

Take around 5 minutes and write down the details of your experience from the guided meditation and your connection to Rabi’a al-Adawiyya.


Even if you are aware or not, we are continuously being guided with our spirit guides. Being aware of it and creating a relationship with them, will guide you in your inner journey.

They are friends of God and remembering them and being in connection with them, will open up a way for you to remember God and being in connection with God. 

I hope this post somehow will help you to start this incredible journey with your spirit guides. Their friendship’s value cannot be measured. 

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