How Do I Talk to the Universe?


Symbols are the language of the universe and you use your senses, intuition, and your mind to understand this language. Talking to the universe is the best game ever. It is seeing the signs and reading them.

The more you practice talking to the universe, the deeper your connection will become, and you will pass the fields of doubt as I call it. You can read more about it here; How to connect with the universe spiritually?

We all would have our own ways to talk to the universe. In this article, I will share with you the ways I started to do so.

It is as in all relationships. Care and love are the magical ingredients of it.

Let’s start. Shall we?

How to feel the universe?

The more I become connected with the universe, the more I become aware that the universe is inside me. We do not learn anything new but always remember because our essence is God.

Still, I need some tools for this remembrance, even though tools are just tools, not the main path.

Then there are times that I do not need any tool or any practice at all. At those times I just know and when I know, there is no need for questions or answers or signs or connection, because there is just One.

Again, I forget, and I begin to use my tools to talk to the universe, by being aware that they are just the tools.

How do I get in touch with the universe?

#1. Dreams

Dreams are guidance from the universe, full of symbols just for you. Your dreams are your connection to the subconscious.

When you become aware of your dreams, you will realize your patterns, you will find out the meanings of the symbols and you will be aware that there is a communication behind them.

If you have never worked with your dreams, the first place to start is to begin to write them down. Get a dream notebook and in the morning when you wake up, write your dream down directly.

#2. Daily meditations

Daily meditations are a great way to bring silence to your life. To talk to the universe and to realize the signs of the universe you need to slow down and come to the moment. Daily meditations are great to help with that.

Moreover, sometimes during your meditations, you will live some deeper transcendent experiences, where you will know that you are in touch with the universe, you are in connection.

#3. Singing ritual at sunrise

One of the best ways for me to feel the continuous connection with the universe is being awake and witnessing the sunrise.

I am living seaside, so my morning ritual is to go running before the sun awakes. In the middle of my way, I am witnessing the sunrise with a big smile.

Many days I find myself the urge to sing with inspiration and awe. I just let myself sing and get the healing of my voice with these frequencies of the blessing (or Hamd better to say as praise to God), coming from the heart.

While all this is happening, I know that I am one with the universe. It seems like singing at sunrise and sunset by the woman was an old ritual that existed in the universe. It is powerful. I invite you to give it a try and let me know how the experience was for you.

#4. Doing more of what makes my soul happy with a discipline

When we do the things that we love to do our soul smiles, the creative energy inside us flourishes. When we start to do this with a discipline, by prioritizing our joy, creation, and expression then we begin to realize that something else is speaking via us- a creative source.

This is what Lewis Hyde is talking about as the concept “gift” in his book called the Gift as well.

In the second part of the book, Lewis Hyde looks deeper into the work and lives of 2 artists: Walt Whitman and Ezra Pound. When you read, you feel that both artists do not own their art. They call it a gift from the creative source where they just become an instrument for this divine energy to be visible.

#5. Visioning and visualization

All those rituals around visioning and visualization include faith and the intention to connect with the universe. Creating a vision board and hang it on a place for you to see is a reminder of your connection with the One. 

Once done, every day sparing your time to daydream-visualize with joy is another expression of your intention and is a process of joyful manifestation which boosts your energy and will make the conversation with the universe more vivid.

#6. Sound journey

Sound is important to connect with the universe. Remember those concerts that you have been that you were feeling tuned in and alive. Or think about when you were singing in the bathroom, being totally in the moment.

In many rituals around the world, music has been used for connection with the universe. Many of the Gods and Goddesses have their own musical instruments as an important connection point with non-seen.

Having said all this, I will talk to you about sound journeys. Have you ever been to a one? In a sound journey, a person plays music by being in the moment, by improvising being connected to the source and you just close your eyes and let yourself be. It is called a sound journey with inspiration from shamanic journeys.

Sound converts to a vehicle to carry you in the subconscious fields, and you receive messages from the universe. If you have never tried it, I strongly recommend it.

How do you ask the universe for a sign?

#7. Directly asking for a sign

We are in continuous conversation with the universe. So, we can ask for signs and get our answers. For anything we want. This ritual of asking a sign is from Gabrielle Bernstein. I was already doing this on my own and hearing from her again in her manifestation challenge this year, reaffirm it for me. Here is how:

Follow these three steps:

Step 1: Choose your sign

Pick the first thing that comes to your mind. Don’t get too hung up on this or question the sign that comes to mind.

Don’t overthink it. If nothing has popped into your head yet, close your eyes, sit in stillness for a few moments, and pay attention to the first image or idea that comes to mind.

Step 2: Turn over your desire

you ask for your sign, turn over your desire to the Universe with a prayer. Say a prayer such as this one:

Thank you, Universe, for showing me my sign of whether I’m moving in the right direction.

Step 3: Be patient

Don’t try to force your sign to show up. Remember that the Universe doesn’t respond to controlling, demanding energy. Let the Universe show up for you naturally.

Once you will have your sign, it will be crystal clear for you. You will know it. If it is not, try to tune in again and do all processes from the start.

Remember it is remarkably simple, you will get it. Trust me.

How do you speak to the universe?

#8. Connection with your spirit guides

Those people who reached Unity in their lifetime have the frequency of love. Connecting with them will automatically elevate your energy. The more you will remember them, you will see the support and signs of the universe around you.

You can read more about it here: how to connect with your spirit guides?

#9. Talk to God or Pray in your own way

That morning when I was in deep meditation before sunrise, suddenly these words came to me:

Ey gönlümün sultanı

Ey can, canan

Güvenimi tam eyle

Gücümü an’dan eyle

Yolumu sana eyle

Gönlümü aşktan eyle

Aşık Gül Ayşe

Which means;

Oh the sultan of my heart

Oh feminine and masculine divine source (One)

Make my trust whole

Make my power from the moment

Make my way to You

Make my heart from Love

Just after this morning meditation, I went to witness the Sunrise. The feeling I had was almost like puking, a melody wanted to born so I did, I gave birth to it.

Since then this prayer is a medicine for me. I am praying it while singing. You can listen to it here.


Try it, write your own prayer and sing it with a melody coming to you and convert it to your medicine.

How can I get an answer from the universe?

#10. Shamanic journey

Shamanic journeys are great ways to meet with your spirit animal and get guidance from them. The images that you see, and the experience is so vivid, that once you write them down after your journey, it is hard to have any more doubt of the signals of the universe. Check here to read my shamanic journey experience.

#11. Self-Inquiry/Contemplation

At the end of the day, even if you are aware of it or not, you are having a deep conversation with the universe. In the conversation of your mind, inside, you are having questions and putting these questions to the center of the universe.

Be aware of it. When you see a sign and living a moment of “what a coincidence!” think about it. Realize your continuing conversation with the universe. Once you become aware of this power of yours, then take the control of your ability for contemplation and self-inquiry. Whatever you need an answer, gently ask for it to the universe.

We know everything, we just forget and we need to remember again and that remembrance will come from the source.

“…The most important aspect of meditative self-inquiry is knowing how to ask the question, knowing how to introduce the question into the silent mind, into the core of your being. So, when we look and we observe and we ask a question, we are not looking for an instantaneous answer from the mind, but the question itself is actually focusing awareness, it’s drawing awareness’s attention in a certain direction. It’s very important to understand this lest the mind starts searching in its past experience for an answer. An inquiry is meant to open the mind, to provide a gap within the mind through which we can enter a deeper experience…”

#12. Driftwood

The more you become aware of the continuous conversation of the Universe with you, the more you begin to see the details of the conversation. 

The signs and symbols are all around. Coming via a person, sometimes via a song, sometimes a bird or a cat on your door. The abundance and joyfulness of the universe are incredible.

There is another concept called driftwood by Abraham Hicks. They are little treats that come along in your journey. Many people see them and just consider that they are simply a coincidence. Coincidences do not exist my dear, but the signs and symbols of the universe do.

Do not forget that the universe operates from the Unity principle. Our mind’s right or wrong does not exist in the holistic perspective. There is just unity, there is just One. Moreover, universe energy is quite funny, and love playing. So, open your eyes and enjoy the game.

When you feel admiration or envy for another’s person’s success, be careful with it as it is another kind of driftwood. Simply celebrate them and trust that you are close to achieving what you are manifesting in your life.

Writing the driftwoods down, once they are appearing is a very good idea as it will prevent you to forget. The more you will see the driftwoods, your faith will be stronger which will make you see more driftwoods on the way.

Can you ask the universe for anything?

Yes. It is up to you to receive the symbol and interpret it.

Universe wants the best for you, so even a sign that the universe gave to you does not sound to you the best, do not forget our mind perception around what is good and bad for us is narrow-minded compared to the perception of the universe.

What signs does the universe give?

The sign that the universe gives could be anything. On the other hand, you can also ask for a specific thing as in #7. Directly asking for a sign. Do not forget, when you will get the sign after asking, you will be crystal clear about it.


I feel like I need to stop here. I wanted to write more and more. For example, I wanted to tell you my stories of connecting with trees, talking to plants, bringing stones, pines, and plant from journeys, and doing shamanic journeys with them. And many more. 

We all have these magical stories in our lives. Think about yours, what are they?

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