How to Shamanic Journey?

shamanic journey for beginners

If you are called to take shamanic journeys, I strongly recommend you listen to your senses and intuition. It is a vehicle for incredible guidance which is available to all of us.

I have prepared you a guide below hoping that it will serve to answer the questions about the shamanic journey for beginners.

Let’s start.

What is a shamanic journey?

Shamanic journey meaning and definition

The shamanic journey is a heritage from our ancestors to be in connection with the universe and with ourselves, to receive any kind of guidance that we need.

As Mircea Eliade, in his book called Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy mentions that Shamanism is practiced in Central and North Asia, the Americas, Southeastern Asia and Oceania and also Tibet, China, and the Far East. Eliade argues that all of these shamanisms must have had a common source as the original religion of humanity in the Palaeolithic.

After Eliade’s academic attempts around the topic, Shamanism becomes an academic topic and affects the Neoshamanic movement which developed in the western world in the 1960s and 1970s.

The shamanic journey is a great way, to connect with your deeper truth and it is one of the tools available for us such as our dreams.

What happens in a shamanic journey?

The journey starts with shamanic drumming. Shamanic drumming helps your brainwaves enter from Beta to Alpha rhythm and it does this automatically, without any control or any preparation. Shamanic drumming is immensely powerful to connect as you will experience and as science already declares. It is not a coincidence at all that drumming has been used all around the world as a healing tool.

During the journey, you relax, set yourself free, and follow the beat for a journey to go internal.

What is a shamanic journey like? Shamanic journey steps

As its name also mentions is a journey, with its start, continuation, and end. During this journey, you are the hero, and all the journey is about you. You are taking this journey to respond to your questions.

The shamanic journey has its process which helps you to flow with the drumbeat and lead you to this hero’s journey.

  • It starts with drumming.
  • Once you hear the drum, you enter from your tunnel. You would imagine beforehand its entrance, it could be a door, a window, a secret place, a well, any place that you would like to imagine as an entrance to a tunnel.
  • Once you enter from the entrance to your tunnel, in the beginning, you shape the images in your tunnel with your mind until you lose all the control, and you are just experiencing a journey.
  • Drumming continues and letting you travel. During this journey, you receive guidance from your power animal or your spiritual guides.
  • Then suddenly you hear some change in the drumming for some seconds signaling preparation to come back.
  • Next, the rhythm of the drumming increase significantly to let you know that it the journey of the way back. You are passing through all the places you have been to come back.
  • As the last step, the rhythm becomes very slow which leads you to your exit.
  • After you finalize your shamanic journey, in silence, before doing anything you write down your experience in a journal.

Shamanic journey what to expect?

Even though your entrance to your tunnel may not change, nor your power animal which will guide you, still each journey is unique and will be different from each other completely.

You can expect especially in the beginning a lot of self-doubts where your mind will say you this reality is not true, whereas it is another reality, as true as the one that you got used to. This is why writing down is extremely important. Once you write down and realize the powerful symbols and guidance you received, those doubts will go away, and you will feel more confident.

When you are starting shamanic journeying or if your mind is not calm, it can be hard to connect. If this is the case, doing previous breathwork can facilitate the smoothness of the process. 

Shamanic journey experiences

Every shamanic journey is unique. It is such an adventure. You cannot imagine at all, what you will experience.

I appreciate all my journeys, where I have met with other realities and come with many guidance full of treasures.

You can read here more about my shamanic journey experience.

Moreover, it is said that the famous book of Jung called Red Book, which is published in 2012, is composed of Jung’s shamanic journeys to other reality.

How to take a shamanic journey?

There are different journeys you can do which we can look at more in detail. First of all, in your first shamanic journeys, you will be searching for your power animal – nagual – spirit guide.

It can take some time, especially to pass your doubts and believe full-heartedly.

I am saying that because it took several months for me to meet my power animal. Till that time, I have made many journeys. Once I found out about my power animal, I was totally surprised because it was the same one that I met just in the first shamanic journey I made with a friend, in a very casual environment, just to try.

Shamanic journey examples or shamanic journey ideas

Shamanic journey to find power animal

As I have already mentioned, your first journeys consist of finding your power animal. You will start your journey with an intention to find your power animal, again and again, till you find it.

Once you find your spirit guide, then you can have 1 or 2 shamanic journeys just to meet with your spirit guide and know it better and create a connection.

Sometimes I miss my spirit animal, and I take a shamanic journey just to meet with it and share an experience together.

Shamanic journey to the lower world

Once you find your spirit animal, you can do these journeys to 3 shamanic words: lower world, middle world, and the upper world.

Shamanic journey to the lower world is the most common one and most of the guidance to your questions is there. This is also the starting point.

Middle world isthe world we live in. It is mostly being done by shamans to give healing or to find lost objects.

They are symbolic meanings; the lower world does not mean under the Earth or less important than the upper world.

Shamanic journey to the upper world

The upper world in Shamanic cosmic vision is where the Gods and spirits that unified with God live. When you visualize your entrance and your tunnel to start the shamanic journey, in the journey to the lower world, you imagine that your tunnel goes down, whereas you imagine your tunnel goes up in the upper world. Both in your shamanic journeys to upper or lower worlds, your spirit animal guide you.

Shamanic journey to meet spirit guide

During journeys, you can meet with your spirit animal of all your life or a new one for some time being. You can also meet with your spirit guides, some specific ones, or can appear to you in some cases in a shamanic journey as well.

Shamanic journey intentions

Intentions are what are guiding the shamanic journey. For each journey, you need an intention, and you must be very clear and focused about it.

Your shamanic journey experience depends mostly on the quality of your intention.

How to start the shamanic journey?

Before starting, you can practice the visualization of your entry point. You can choose an entrance point from a place that you already know. You can close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths, and visualize all the details. These imagination exercises will help you in your first experiences.

The best advice to start is to relax and to surrender. You can lie down and close your eyes and even cover them. Take deep breaths and relax.

With the sound of the drumming, imagine your entrance point and go inside from this place. Once you enter, you can get the help of visualization to create your tunnel until you will feel that you are not the one creating the visualization anymore.

If this is for finding your spirit animal, tell your intention as my intention for this shamanic journey is finding my spirit animal.

If you already found out about your spirit animal, call for your spirit animal and ask for your intention.

Go to the journey with your spirit guide until you hear the change in the rhythm. Once the rhythm change, you will know that it is time to come back. Come back from your exact way, pass your tunnel, and go out from your entrance slowly and gently.

Spend some time here and once done journal your experience still in silence.

How often should you shamanic journey?

My guide that I learned the shamanic journey from, told me that doing at most 2 per week is enough as it is about the balance of giving and receiving.

I do not do that often, but I do it every 15 days, or sometimes once a month. It is important to do it often, as at the end of the day it is a connection you create with your spirit guide, so showing up there and having a relationship with your spirit guide is extremely important instead of looking at it as just a process that you receive.


I welcome you to this new world of new realities where you will receive incredible guidance on your path which would light your way.

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