How To Create Your Online Vision Board?

how to create your online vision board

I am not an online vision board person. I love the effect of creating my own sacred space, coming here and now, and closing all the screens, getting magazines, candles, and my hot herbal tea, and just invite the universe to choose the images with me.

Creating vision boards in the old school way is what I like. If you wander the details of how to do that, you can see it here.

Still, I also created online vision boards previously which served me greatly.

If you are looking for the details of creating a digital vision board, this post is for you. Let’s dive deeper.

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Can you make a vision board online?

Of course, you can. There are infinite kinds of vision boards that you can create. Your vision board is unique to you. There is no right or wrong answer. You can see vision board ideas and examples here.

One of the online vision board that I have created, served me in a way above my imaginations. It was after the birth of my second child. I was very interested in the power of imagination and visualization at that time. I was reading many books around the idea of the power of visualization.

Then I began to read more about the law of attraction and as a person who loves to practice those spiritual ideas in my own life and loves to talk via my experiences, I said to myself: “Ok, this sounds interesting. Let’s make a test of it. I will choose one area of my life and give it a try to all those things that I have learned.”

I got 23 extra kilos after birth which I was not able to lose, so I said I will try to focus on losing weight. And boom, in 3 months I was a new person when I was looking at the mirror I was shining. I guess I never found myself that beautiful. More than 2 strangers stopped me on the road while walking to ask if I was doing something special, that my energy was great.

Oh man, this law of attraction-visualization, whatever that was, was simply working!

Maybe I could tell about the details of that story in another blog post, but now let’s focus on our subject: digital vision boards. At that time I created my vision board on Pinterest.

How to make a vision board on Pinterest?

I simply created a Pinterest board, called “My Vision Board” and to there added images that inspired me for my journey of losing weight.

The board did not include just images of losing weight, but also deeper reasons for me of why I wanted to lose weight, how I wanted to feel afterward.

Because I have realized that losing weight for me was related to feeling beautiful. Feeling beautiful was related to feeling ugly and all those envies I was feeling during my life.

It was not just a process of ok, I want to lose weight, and here are some photos of thin woman and that is it. It was more of a self-caring process for me. Creating this Pinterest board was holding a space for me, seeing my shadows and accepting them. Forgiving myself for all those times that I rejected seeing my beauty so that I felt the need to compare myself with others.

I was vulnerable and that is why I have created a secret board on Pinterest. I did not hang it to my wall, if not I kept it on Pinterest as my secret drawer. Every day I was opening that board and enjoying looking at those images.

For this blog post, I re-checked that board again and I made it available for people to see as I do not feel vulnerable about that anymore. You can see it here.

Many people use Pinterest to look for inspiration for their images, affirmations, or quotes for their vision board. They save it and simply use the photos from Pinterest, instead of creating a board called My Vision Board. This is another way of using Pinterest to serve your vision board.

Vision board creator

For you, I have searched the Web to see all those vision board creators out there. I have grouped them into 3 categories:

  1. Vision board apps which you can create your vision board on your phone (vision board apps for android and ios)
  2. Vision board software, so you can create your vision board from your computer (vision board app for windows and mac)
  3. Tools to create your vision board-not specifically vision board app or software

Vision board apps on your phone

If you are asking yourself, “Can I make a vision board on my phone?” The answer is yes.

I have revised and tried those vision board apps that are downloaded quite a lot and received good reviews. Here is the list of 5. 

In all these apps on your phone, you can add reminders. This is the characteristic that differentiates these apps from other digital vision board creators that we are talking about later on.

#1. Gratitude journal app

This app is a gratitude journal app, which also includes affirmations, a daily zen area (with inspiring quotes), and a vision board tool.

The creator of the app, explains his own story where he and his family were facing difficulties in their life and looking for exterior solutions instead of interior ones. After realizing that he needed a change, he began to look for ways for interior change. There he focused on gratitude and this is how the app came to life. 

You can see his story and how the app works in the video below

#2. Vision Board- Manifest dreams by Visualization

This is a simple app, where it allows you to choose an image, define your goal, and describe it. 

Once you save your goals with their images you have 2 possible view options: list and grid view.

You can see the details of how it works below here:  

#3. My Vision Board – Visualize your dreams

This app has both a free and pro version. In the free app, you have ads, which is not so comfortable. 

You have sections for a vision board, life purpose, affirmation, and journal. 

In the vision board, you simply add a title, choose a category (health, job, career, happiness, wealth, or add new), write a description, if you prefer add an end date and adding an image, and save. 

Vision board has a play function, which shows your images, titles, and description as a movie with a relaxing music background. 

In the life purpose section, you write your purpose, your vision, and your goals. 

In the affirmations section, there is a list of affirmations based on categories such as gratitude, success, confidence, self-esteem, decision making, abundance, etc. You can choose affirmations already defined or add new ones. Again the play functions, makes it possible to convert chosen affirmations to a movie-style with images and music. 

In the last section, the journal, there is plain text and checklist options. 

It has a free version with advertisements and also a pro version which is ad-free. You have 4 sections: vision board, life purpose, gratitude, and affirmation. This app’s functions are the same as the My Vision Board-Visualize Your Dreams App. 

#4. VisuApp

Visuapp has 3 characteristics: a vision board (free), a feng-shui board; which is 9 section vision board inspired by Feng-Shui tradition (paying for once), and a gratitude journal (paying for once). 

In the vision board, you can add your images, name them, add them inside a category. You can create a slide show with music. To activate the music function, you need to watch some advertisements though. 

You can see the details of the app here in this video below:

#5. MyGoals: Set Vision Board, Gratitude Journal

It has a free version with advertisements and also a pro version which is ad-free.

You have 4 sections: vision board, life purpose, gratitude, and affirmation.

This app’s functions are the same as the My Vision Board-Visualize Your Dreams App. 

Vision board software for computer

#1. MindMovies

This is a paid tool to use the power of videos for your vision board. You create your movie kind vision board and watch it daily.

You can see an example one in the video below

#2. DreamItAlive

This is an application that you can use on your computer. You can choose from the defined categories: love & romance, wealth & prosperity, career & life path, health & wellness, mind & soul, family & community, travel & adventure, creativity & hobbies, reputation, and synchronicity.

For each category, once you enter, the system asks you your satisfaction level. Then you need to choose at least an image, from an already existing one or add a new one.

The next step is defining the vision for that specific category/image/goal, with your intention and emotion once accomplished.

Once you are done adding images, you can edit the collage, and if you want to prepare to print or save it to use in another place.

Tools to create vision boards

For me, all these tools above seem quite complicated to use and kind of losing the spirit of the joy of creating it. This is a personal view.

If I would create a digital vision board, I recommend using these tools below which are not specific for a vision board, but definitely, you can create your vision board by getting help from them.

#1. Canva

Canva is a great tool, to find images and also create your collage. It has both a free and pro version. You can do your vision board perfectly with the free version.

You can see in this video how the person is preparing her vision board by using canva in detail

#2. PicMOnkey

I am a Canva user but PicMonkey is doing all those great stuff that Canva does as well. It has both a free and pro version. You can do your vision board perfectly with the free version.

Here you can how they are creating their vision board using Pic Monkey.

#3. Pinterest and Unsplash

These websites are great to find images. Pinterest is a social network, and Unsplash is a free stock image website.

From both of them, you can find inspiring images for you. It will be total fun.

How to make a vision board online?

Now that you have a clear idea of all those tools out there to create your vision board online, below are the steps to do that. They are simple. The most important of all is having fun!

#1. Have clarity with your goals: 

For creating your online vision board, you need to search images first, and to do that, you need to have a clear idea of which images to search. So before that, it is important to create a list of your goals. 

If you want you can make it simply writing whatever comes to your mind or writing those categories first and then for each category write what could be in each.

The categories of the Dream It Alive app were quite comprehensive. So let’s remember what those categories were to give you a place to start with: love & romance, wealth & prosperity, career & life path, health & wellness, mind & soul, family & community, travel & adventure, creativity & hobbies, reputation, and synchronicity.

#2. Search for images, affirmations, or inspiring quotes

Now that you know what to search for, go to Pinterest, Unsplash, or any place that you want and search for those images that inspire you. This is the best part for me. So enjoy.

Good to limit your time otherwise you can be surprised how quickly the time passes. Let’s say, you will find all those images you need in 30 minutes. 

#3. Decide which tool you will use to create your digital vision board

You can use those apps for your phone or software for your computer or Canva/PicMOnkey. Decide which one you choose and start creating your collage.

#4. Print or add to your background

The best part of online vision boards is that you can add them to the background of your computer, phone, or iPad, and see them daily and be in connection with your dreams.

You can also print them or even frame them after printing. You choose.

What about you? 

Let me know which you prefer: creating a digital vision board or you are more an old-school vision board lover like me.

If you decided to create an online vision board, which tool you decided to use? Let me know.

Below is a Pinterest friendly photo…. so you can pin it to your Vision Board!

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