Simplest Ritual in the World: Smiling


Smiling is so easy, right? So smiling ritual as well

Yes, indeed. Smiling always comes my way as I am a ritual freak and having radars for all kinds of rituals in the world.

In this blog post, I will give you 3 simple and beautiful rituals with smiling. You can do it wherever and whenever you want. No excuses.

Here comes the list in chronological order that I have been told about the secrets of smiling.

1. Smiling while having a shower

blog post shower smile

When I was pregnant for my first kid for 12 weeks, we went on a trip to Indonesia with my husband.

Near Ubud, they told us that there was this incredible guy with healing abilities. So we took our motor and went to see him. He was a tall, old guy, with a white beard and white long dress.

He examined me first. He touched some parts of my body which really hurt. In the middle of the examination, I told him that I was pregnant. He said, hell yes that now it explained everything.

His prescription to me was simple: He said, do not worry, be happy, and for that, every morning while having a shower, I needed to gently caress my belly and smile. That is it.

I am a very disciplined person especially if the issue is rituals. I did it during all my pregnancies.

Last week, I began to do it again, with a slight adaption this time. Every morning while having a shower, I am smiling at myself.

2. Smile inward; remember smiling to yourself first

women smile inward

Several years ago, I attended some workshops/training/gatherings about Shamanic Wisdom by Ayşe Nilgün Arıt. There she explained a ritual, which I practiced from time to time and got great help from it.

Below are the details:

Sit your back straight and your feet touching completely the ground. Close your eyes. Wait until your mouth and lips are relaxed. Let your mouth have the shape of a smile. Now you will bring this smile inward.

Start with your eyes. Bring your attention to your eyes and imagine that this smile is going around your eyes, inward and outward. Smile energy is affecting all-around your eyes.

Now your chin and face. Imagine that the shining effect of your smile relaxes all your face including the chin, and causes scars to disappear on your face.

Then let the shine of your smile go to your neck and feel how the smile is just spreading in that area.

Next are your chest and lungs. Feel how your smile is affecting you. Then your smile is coming all around your heart, with each heartbeat the love energy of your smile is going to each and every cell of your body.

Go down to your belly, and smile to your belly, liver, and kidneys. Now focus on the root of the spine and the love energy of your smile is going up through your spine till your nape and from there to your head.

Lastly focus on your belly button, the connection point of the human beings to the web of cosmos. Smile at your belly button.

Do this smiling inward ritual, once you wake up and before going to sleep, even you can do various times during the day, especially when you need most this love energy of smile.

3. Smile while singing

In this blog post previously I explained about my singing journeys, where I publish every week a record of a song sung by me on the internet. You can see the details here.

Before singing and while singing there are many rituals that are supporting my singing journey and one is simple and wise advice from my singing teacher: smile, while singing, so your spirit will smile too.

I so. Not only I can feel the effect of it and I can also hear the difference from recordings as well. If you have never tried, I invite you to do so right now. Smile, while singing, so your spirit also does. And you will definitely feel the difference.

Smiling, the simplest and maybe the most beautiful ritual of the world

It is simple because we have a smile with us all the time. It is all about intention and the focus that we put our attention to.

Focusing on your smile is powerful, because when you smile, you simply let it go and you trust, irrelevant of the situation. You show it with an action.

It is much more powerful when you do not feel like smiling at all. Especially at these times, just smile, bring your attention and focus to your smile and see and feel the difference.

Smile to yourself. Make smiling your new ritual.

I am waiting for your comments about smiling. What do you think, is not it easy and beautiful?


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