What Is and How to Do a Full Moon Ritual?

how to do a full moon ritual to shine

It is that time of the month that everything is doing peak.

If you are tired, you are extra tired.

When you are happy, you are extra happy.

If you are angry, extra, extra, extra…

Maybe you are waking up in the middle of the night, with crystal clear dreams and ready to create.

It is time for full moon rituals, dear.

Let’s start slowly, one by one.

What are moon rituals?

Moon rituals are the rituals made during the 8 phases of the moon, where the moon is guiding you in your hero’s journey.

Besides all new moon rituals and full moon rituals have specific importance. 

Moon has been served as guidance in the spiritual path of the people for ages and the moon is the symbol of death and rebirth and connection to your truth.

What is the purpose of a full moon ritual?

The full moon is the time where the Moon is reflecting all the light of the Sun.

It is an important time of self-reflection as it can serve as a compass of your inner self.

How do you hold space for yourself on the full moon?

You can hold space in this miracle time of the full moon, by spending alone time in your sacred space and grounding and meditating to self-reflect.

Gently check-in and see what is going on.

  • How are your thoughts, calm or chaotic?
  • Negative or positive?
  • How is your body, any pain in any specific area?
  • Do you feel tired or energized?
  • How are your feelings?
  • Do you feel sad, angry, frustrated, excited, happy…?

Why do I feel so bad during the full moon?

While self-reflecting during a full moon, do not try to fix yourself but only witness yourself.

Remember, your emotions are the messengers from another world that are showing your needs to you. 

For me the full moon is like a crystal, serving as an amplifier.

If I could not hold space for me during all the previous phases of the moon and just go with life without being centered and by not listening to my real needs, during the full moon I generally explode.

This reflects as getting angry and shouting in my family.

Previously, after this explosion, I was also feeling ashamed and entering the circle of fight axis of the compass of shame, attacking others, and attacking myself.

The more I self-reflect, the more I learned about how to support and take care of myself.

When I feel bad during a full moon, I take this as a messenger to take care and listen to myself and start satisfying my needs by prioritizing and showing up for myself.

You can read here about the journey of me and my anger.

Does the full moon make you tired?

Or sometimes I can feel tired during the full moon as well, again especially if I could not rest after acting on my intentions in the 1st half of the moon cycle. 

On the other hand, when I am centered in my own temple-my body, I continuously purify myself by being present and taking care of my thoughts, words, and actions (meaning that their source is love instead of fear) then in the full moon something incredible happens.

I experience that all the inspiration is coming that night.

My energy makes its peak. I sleep less but still feel energized, my dreams are full of information and inspiration.

Therefore I just let the stage for the creative source shine via me.

I shine like a star, like the Sun by being full of inspiration and creation. 

How to do a full moon ritual?

So according to your energy level, you can choose your full moon ritual.

I will give you some specific ideas to do this day whatever your mood is:

#1. Charge your crystals: You can leave your crystals out under the moon all night for them to be charged with the full moon energy. 

#2. Take a bath: You can take a nice bath as a preparation for the full moon.

If you are feeling in your peak energy, then you can make it a nice and celebrative bath.

You can say your gratitude to life while relaxing with the water. 

If you feel sad and tired, then you can imagine that this bath is helping you to let go.

I will give some more details about it below. 

#3. Spend some time in nature under the moon: Walk barefoot or lie down on the ground, touch the Earth, and salute the Sky while tuning in with the moon energy.

#4. Watch yourself in the reflection of the Moon on the water: Get a big container.

Fill it with water.

Go outside where you can see the Moon.

Locate the container with the water on the floor under the Moon.

Reflect your face on the water and the Moon.

Look while expressing Self Love and Gratitude. 

#5. Burn a fire and dance and sing: Whatever your mood is, full moon time is a time of celebration and harvest.

Sometimes in our journey now everything goes as we expect.

Life gives us what we need, not what we want.

Life is the source of wisdom. 

The full moon is half of the moon cycle. It is a time of harvesting and celebrating whatever life brings us.

We made our intentions in the new moon and until the full moon we refreshed and edited our intentions, we decided and took actions and faced challenges and reflected, and continue to act.

Here we are halfway until the next new moon.

So, whatever you are facing right now, believe that it is exactly what you need.

If you are in the mood dancing and singing around a full moon is a great way of celebration.

Can you manifest on a full moon?

I see manifesting as a circle with its phases.

Manifesting comes with many rituals for me, so I prefer to start manifesting in a new moon and taking the moon cycle as a manifesting cycle.

Of course, I continue doing manifesting in the full moon as getting the help of its magnifying effect.

Things to do on a full moon for good luck

I believe that we are the ones creating our luck. We have the liberty to choose to respond instead of reacting in front of any situation. 

And as Full Moon is a great time of the moon cycle with its incredible energy, if you would like to bring good luck to your life you can get help from the full moon. Here is how: 

  • Define what is good luck for you. Be as specific as possible, preferably something doable. 
  • Let’s say having good luck for you is having flexible time so being able to work from the beach, that day of the full moon creates that experience for you.
  • That experience will bring emotion to your life, which is a frequency. This emotion will manifest that reality in your life. 
  • During a full moon, celebrate life and create that good luck for you, instead of waiting to be lucky to realize your dreams. 

How to do a full moon release ritual?  

  • So, if you feel sad, or angry, or frustrated during the full moon, a full moon release ritual can support you. 
  • You can simply write a letter to somebody that you are angry with or the situation that you are frustrated with. 
  • Be as vulnerable as possible, do not worry, this is a safe place and only you will see it. 
  • At the end of the letter, add also all those things that you want to let go of.
  • Such as I am letting go of my need to be loved by everybody, I am releasing my perception that making mistakes is bad and I have to be perfect, etc. 
  • Finally burn that letter by really feeling that you are letting go.
  • Let the universe does the rest for you. 

What is a ritual bath?

A bathing ritual is simply having a bath by being present.

As in all rituals, you are opening the ritual and closing it.

Your intention is also what defines this ritual.

You can have a bath ritual to refresh and get prepared for the celebration of the new moon or just relax and let it go. 

How do you take a moon bath?

  1. Be present and welcome yourself to a ritual.
  2. Clean your bathtub first and tidy the space. Just leave the staff that gives you joy. 
  3. Create your sacred space in your bath, candles, incense, nice and calming music, colorful, soft, and clean towels and even you can change your bathmat.
  4. Create a refreshing space for this ritual. 
  5. Fill the bath with the perfect temperature for you.
  6. You can add some dead sea or Epson salt, some essence oil, some dry or fresh flowers.
  7. Moreover, you can add some infusions in the bath as well. 
  8. Enter inside the bath, breathe, and be grounded, make your intention. If it is celebrating, simply list what you are grateful for.
  9. If you want to relax and let it go, simply list those things inside you that you want to release. 
  10. Imagine that water is purifying you and feel all the details of your body and gently check in with your body, thoughts, and emotions. 
  11. Once done, tidy your bathtub as slowly closing the circle of the ritual. You can leave the candles and music as you slowly go out.
  12. You can say that you love yourself in the mirror. 
  13. When you want to close the ritual, express your gratitude, and turn off the candles.


Get the guidance of the full moon in your spiritual path.

You are the hero of your journey, this is your life, and you have the support of the Moon and the Sun, always.

Lastly, I am leaving you with a full moon prayer.

Full moon release ritual prayer

I give away my self-doubt.

My limiting beliefs

I give away my fear of failure

My critical voice

I give away the pain of the past

My struggle 

That no longer serves me

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