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how to find your spirit animal

What spirit animal am I?

Maybe you are asking yourself this question for a while. I will tell you how I have found my spirit animal and would suggest to you some other ways to find yours.

I want to remind you of something important as well.

As in all spiritual practices, the meaning is more important than the format and shape.

Connection and relationships are the way to deepen things.

Finding your spirit animal is not a pure exercise that you will do once and that is it.

It is an entrance to a world maybe with different perceptions that you have so far.

Your open mind and open-hearth and your humbleness will be the most important characteristics that you would need in this journey.

How did I find my spirit animal?

I found my spirit animal via a shamanic journey that I have done.

Years ago, I went to a shamanic journey gathering, where a Shaman explained to us the Shamanic belief system.

Then we made a shamanic journey there together with her and we all went to our houses.

In the upcoming months, I made a shamanic journey around twice a week and my intention was each time the same: to find and meet my spirit animal.

It took a lot of months for me.

Then I have realized that one of the reasons for taking so many times was not believing full-heartedly in the messages that I was receiving.

I was even guided to go downstairs to the room of my children peek a book there and put my altar, wherein the book there was my spirit animal.

I remember my reaction to this: Oh man, this could not be true, no?

You can read about the whole story here.

Once I found and met my spirit animal in my shamanic journey without any doubt anymore then I have remembered that I found it some years ago in a spirit animal meditation to find your spirit animal that a friend guided.

Again, I reacted in the same way, oh man, this could not be true, no?

There is a belief inside me that to succeed in things in any reality, I think there is a belief that I have learned saying again and again that it needs to be hard.

Somehow, I need to earn that.

I am writing to let you know – and to let me know- that it does not need to be that way.

Spiritual life is simple.

The simplest ways are the most healing ones.

Our spirit animals are there guiding us during all our life even we see them or not.

So before starting with the intention of finding and meeting your spirit animal, repeat to yourself that it can be easy to find your spirit animal.

Leave your doubts in a separate room and trust your intuition.

Because I will tell you some other ways than doing a shamanic journey to find your spirit animal.

How to find your spirit animal?

If you already know about shamanic journeys, it is the best way to build up a relationship with your spirit animal via shamanic journeys. Y

ou can read the details about my shamanic journey experience here.

If you do not have any idea about shamanic journeys and still would like to meet with your spirit animal, I wanted to give you a meditation here, so you can try.

Those who are already meditating would find it easier to connect.

You can do this meditation outside in nature or at home.

You can even see that some animals are approaching you or watching you during the meditation if you are in a place, out in nature.

Spirit animal meditation

I will share with you a spirit animal meditation from the book of my teacher; Ayşe Nilgün Arıt, Sacred Guides in Shamanism, Nagual Symbolism (Şamanizmde Kutsal Rehberler, Nagual Sembolizmi)

  • Choose a place where you will feel relaxed and calm. 
  • Before starting with the spirit animal meditation, you can meditate in the way that you are already accustomed to, so you can relax and be more receptive.
  • You can take a half precious stone or any stone to your hand or put near you some objects that are valuable to you.
  • If it is possible, you can put some relaxing meditative music. 
  • After some deep breaths and feeling that your mind and body are relaxed than you can sit in an upright position or lie down. 
  • Imagine that the leaves are passing slowly in a river, on the water. As these leaves pass so your ideas and thoughts in your mind. 
  • Once you focus on your breath and you realize that your mind is relaxed you can say your intention as you wish: “I intend to meet with my spirit animal.”
  • Now, direct your senses to the flowing water, listen to the sound of water, see the water surface rippling, feel how refreshing the water is.
  • While you are seeing the purity and clarity of the water flowing in the stream, in your heart, be aware if you hear any sound. Footsteps, whispers, or any other sound?
  • Maybe something is watching you?
  • Remember your spirit animals can be in any size even tiny ones. Be aware with your inner eye, while sensing the river, wait a little while. Spirit animals have a lot of patience and your spirit animal will come at the correct time. 
  • Observe if there is any animal close or far away. Maybe you see something and then it disappears. Or maybe after stopping for a while coming closer to you. Maybe will give its message to you or maybe just a little contact and that is it. Maybe you can feel the breath and touch its leather and feathers.
  • Your spirit animal is aware of your feeling. If you are not feeling comfortable right now your spirit animal will not be in contact with you until the end of the meditation. 
  • Your experience will depend on how relaxed, calm, and willing you feel. So, take a deep breath.
  • Whatever your experience is, it is exactly the one that you need. From your deep inside say thanks to your spirit animal. 
  • Gently come back and start to feel your body. When you are ready open your eyes. 

Questions to find your spirit animal

These questions below could also help you to find your spirit animal

  1. When you were a kid, which animals took your attention?
  2. When you are in nature which animals you meet?
  3. Without making any deeper investigation, which animal do you think would represent you?

Responding to these questions could help you or not.

In my case, my spirit animal does not have anything to do with these questions.

It is a mythological animal, so I could not meet with my spirit animal in the physical world. 

The world that your spirit animals are inviting you are not just finding your spirit animal and asking some questions and getting your responses and that is it. 

It is more than that. Intending to find your spirit animal, you are entering the shamanic world perception.

In this belief system, there is a web of life. In this web of life, all creations have their wisdom and roles.

Animals’ roles are being an example to humanity and guiding humans with their wisdom. 

You can find more about what spirit animal is and Native American spirit animal kinds here

Once you feel comfortable and willing to meet with your spirit animal, you can start to make little exercises to open your senses to the unseen world. 

Little exercise to open your senses

In the middle of the day, you can slow down and ask yourself: 

  • How do I feel both emotionally and physically?
  • How are my thoughts right now? Is my mind chaotic or calm?
  • What do I see? 
  • How it smells?
  • What are the sounds around? Silence or any specific sound?
  • How does it feel the touch of anything you touch?
  • What is the taste of my mouth? How does it taste the thing I eat?


In the shamanic world which includes spirit animals, there are many layers of realities.

This physical world is a reality as well as the shamanic journeys. Many realities exist at the same time.

The more you become comfortable with seeing and feeling another reality behind the veils, it will be easier and more comfortable to create a relationship with your spirit animal. 

You will begin to trust your intuition which means at the end of the day trusting that you are your own magic. 

So, start and try this spirit animal meditation. If you cannot see for the first time, have patience, and try again. Trust the timing of the universe. 

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