What Does a Squirrel Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a squirrel spirit animal mean and symbolize

The Squirrel spirit animal symbolizes planning, action, enthusiasm for play, and vitality. However, the mean question is, what does Squirrel spirit animal mean and symbolize for you?

This article is an invitation for you to enter Squirrels’ playful and balanced world.

Once you explore their characteristics, symbols, and spiritual meanings, it will be easier to understand your spirit animal’s messages for you.

Are you joining?

Spirit animal Squirrel meaning

A spirit animal Squirrel is a guide and protector in life’s journey. When the animal spirit of the Squirrel comes into one’s life, it brings new insights and opens doors to new experiences.

Are you wondering what a spirit animal Squirrel means? How can a Squirrel improve your life when he appears to you?

I’m also excited to share the meanings as I love these playful animals.

What does spirit animal Squirrel mean?

A Squirrel works hard for the future and follows unique strategies to survive.

Thus a spirit animal Squirrel means preparation for the time ahead.

But, more importantly, build your defense system to overcome any odd situations.

Baby Squirrels do not get out unless they are ready to take care of themselves. A spirit animal, Baby Squirrel, means being close to your home and mother. That’s the safest place for you.

Albino Squirrels are white and related to positivity. An Albino Squirrel spirit animal often means abundance due to its color.

Spirit animal Black squirrel meaning refers to protection from negative energies. The black color usually means your guardian angel is protecting you.

Grey Squirrels often pretend to bury food if they feel they are being watched. In this way, they save their food from being stolen.

A Grey Squirrel spirit animal means being strategic to face every situation in life.

You can use the wisdom and sensitivity of the Grey Squirrel to sense what’s upcoming and take necessary actions. 

The Red Squirrel prefers to be alone and mind his own business. A spirit animal, the Red Squirrel, means being efficient when working alone.

The Flying Squirrels live on earth and fly when necessary. A spirit animal Flying Squirrel means the ability to adapt to different situations.

Animal spirit guides Squirrel

The Squirrel acts like an animal spirit guide when you have similarities with this graceful animal. So whenever you need guidance, you can call on your spirit animal, Squirrel, to get his unique messages.

Animal spirit messenger Squirrel

Squirrel will bring unique messages for you when he is your spirit animal. Those messages will help you deal with situations you find uncomfortable in life.

There is also a belief that the Squirrel acts as a messenger between the earth and heaven. This is because some Squirrels can fly and travel between earth and the sky. 

The belief especially came from people of Native American Northwest Coast tribes who believe that Squirrels bring messages to people warning about upcoming dangers.

Squirrel spirit animal Native American

Native American culture praises Squirrels for their industriousness.

The people consider Squirrels a storehouse of energy who consistently work to gather food and prepare for the future.

Squirrel spirit animal characteristics

Squirrels are social animals and have high communication skills.

Squirrels are swift and agile. While some squirrels live in the trees, others live in the ground. The tree squirrels are mainly solitary, but the ground Squirrels live in colonies.

One of the fascinating characteristics of Squirrels is how territorial they are. They will fight to the death to protect their home. That’s why it is believed that the defense system of Squirrel spirit animals is excellent.

Squirrel spirit animal in a dream

Have you dreamt of a Squirrel recently? What does a squirrel in a dream mean?

Dreaming of a Squirrel following you means that someone is watching your actions. They may be waiting for you to make mistakes that they can use in their favor. Be cautious in such times.

If a Squirrel appears in your dream and tries to talk to you, maybe he is trying to tell you that he is your spirit animal and has an important message for you.

Try to communicate with your spirit animal Squirrel to know the message.

My spirit animal is a squirrel

Can your spirit animal be a Squirrel?

Of course, if you have similarities with the Squirrels and need their guidance in life, a Squirrel may appear to you as your spirit animal.

There are many ways to determine whether a Squirrel is your spirit animal or someone else.

I have a detailed article written on how to find your spirit animal.

People with squirrel traits can be somewhat restless, indecisive, and disorganized and try to do many things at once.

Here are some questions to ask when the Squirrel comes in as the power animal, as it is necessary to take the time to stop and listen, especially to listen to what your inner voice is saying:

  • Am I too active?
  • Am I too passive?
  • Am I so worried?
  • Am I collecting a lot of things?

The reason Squirrels live in areas close to people and do not run away from people may be to give us the message that we should not live in fear, do not give up, and have enough time for everything.

No matter how old you are, they point out the need to have fun and not forget to play games.

Spirit animal Squirrel symbolism

A Squirrel symbolizes hard work, preparedness, strategy, defensiveness, resourcefulness, playfulness, foresight, adaptability, efficiency, and ambition.

The Squirrel symbolism also refers to the energy of earth and sky. It connects you to that energy to be more cautious about what’s ahead of you.

The Squirrel also symbolizes spiritual freedom as it can fly well in the air. Therefore, it helps you go wherever you want in your spiritual journey.

The symbolism of the spirit animal Squirrel refers to the wisdom that you receive when a Squirrel is your spirit animal.

Squirrels have been an important figure in many religions and cultures. Let’s discuss those figures and their symbolism:

Squirrel symbolism in Hinduism

Squirrels are sacred animals in Hinduism, and they are worth worshipping.

When Hindu God Lord Rama was traveling to Lanka (present-day Sri Lanka) to bring back his kidnapped wife, Squirrels helped to cross the ocean between India and Lanka.

Squirrel symbolism Native American

In Native American culture, a Squirrel symbolizes industriousness and courage.

The people in the culture also honor Squirrels as caretakers of the forest. Squirrels play an essential role in the forest’s ecosystem by carrying seeds and burying them around.

What do Squirrels signify?

Squirrels signify the necessity of preparing for the future while enjoying the present.

If you observe a Squirrel, you will always see them running around and having fun. But at the same time, they are working to store food for future consumption.

What does seeing a Squirrel mean?

Seeing a Squirrel is not uncommon, especially if you are visiting a park or a place with many trees. But if you see them frequently, that may not be a coincidence. 

Seeing a Squirrel or a Squirrel crossing your path may mean taking your life and work too seriously.

Maybe it’s time to take a break and enjoy the sweetness of life.

Is a Black squirrel good luck?

Seeing a Black Squirrel is not good luck but neither bad luck. Different legends suggest the Black Squirrel sight means solar eclipse, which means joy and excitement.

Is a white Squirrel good luck?

Squirrels are associated with resourcefulness and abundance due to their hoarding nature. Therefore, seeing a Squirrel is often considered good luck for such symbolism.

Squirrel spiritual meaning

The spiritual meaning of Squirrel is being prepared for whatever comes between you and your goal. You will have a lot of hindrances in your life to achieving your dream.

But a spirit animal Squirrel will teach how to strengthen your defense system with various strategies.

White Squirrel’s spiritual meaning refers to resources and abundance. So if you are going through a scarcity of anything, a White Squirrel spirit animal may help you.

Grey Squirrel’s spiritual meaning is associated with being close to nature. If you are meditating to connect with your spirit animal, try to do it in the forest or close to trees for the most efficiency.

Black Squirrel symbolism spiritual meaning indicates that your spirit is safe from evil energies. Therefore, the Squirrel is protecting your spirit from any harm.

When your spirit animal is a Squirrel

If your spirit animal is a Squirrel, you will be more sensitive about your surroundings. The animal will help you to sense any upcoming danger so that you can prepare for it.

A spirit animal Squirrel will also teach you to be a hardworking person. But if you are lost in your work, the Squirrel spirit animal will tell you to enjoy your life to bring a work-life balance.

When your spirit animal is a Squirrel, try to observe the animal wherever you see it. Whether in a park or online, see what it is doing. Try to understand its activities to learn from them. 

Squirrel spirit animal medicine

The power of the Squirrel is agility, the ability to change direction quickly, balance in giving and receiving, and knowing how to rest.

Squirrel is an intelligent guide that guides those who cannot adjust their working and rest periods, who cannot have fun, who watch and do not participate, as a condition of a balanced life.

It will teach you how to use time, opportunity, and energy correctly.

Those who do not know how to share, those who cannot use their resources well, and those who cannot clean their emotional and mental burdens and balance their energy go a long way under the guidance of the Squirrel.

In the Squirrel’s view of life, we see that there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome because it is an animal that never gives up.

When you feel that you have reached a dead-end or have reached the point of giving up, the Squirrel will come to guide you.

It comes to teach that the achievement of success is perseverance, persistence, effort, and readiness to try new methods.

It also guides the importance of being prepared.

There are not so many animal species busier than the Squirrel in autumn.

It collects enough hazelnuts and seeds to allow them to spend the winter months, stores them in a safe place, shows flexibility according to changing conditions, and sheds light on environmental compatibility.

We find a separate lesson in the Squirrel collecting only what it needs while preparing for winter.

We learn not to accumulate unnecessary things and to let go of what is not needed.

Not just the material stuff but also to let go of negative beliefs, emotions, and memories that limit our energy of love and abundance.

We can illuminate our way by lightening our physical, mental, and emotional burdens.

Spirit animal Squirrel’s message

To live in harmony in every moment of life and feel good; is about balancing work, play, rest, and contemplation.

Squirrels find time to play in the fall, even when they’re that busy.

They take a break from collecting and hiding, jumping over each other, rolling among the leaves, sometimes resting on a tree branch and enjoying the peace.

As power animals, they teach that there is enough time for everything in life and that the only thing to do is to balance the cycles of time.

Instead of wasting our energies in bulk, they point to the importance of life by thinking and preserving the times we will need.

It has an essential place in the Squirrel’s teaching that all of life will become more meaningful by taking time for play and socializing.

Animal spirit card Squirrel

Do you want to know about more Squirrel spirit animal quotes? Then, you can get the Spirit Animal Oracle Card Deck (check here for the UK and here for the US) to receive the message from spirit animal Squirrel and other animals.


Dr. Steven Farmer, in his book “Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals” (check here for the UK and here for the US) quotes:

“Although you’re actively and aggressively pursuing your goals right now, you need to balance this pursuit with more socializing and play.”

Squirrels are maybe the best teachers to enjoy life. 

A joyful adventure is waiting for you with your spirit animal, Squirrel. 


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