What Does a Spirit Animal Hyena Mean and Symbolize?

what does a spirit animal hyena mean and symbolize

Hyena spirit animal symbolizes discernment, sociability, originality, abrasiveness, and rudeness. However, the real question is, what does Hyena spirit animal mean and symbolize for you? 

Maybe your spirit animal Hyena is calling you to discover its unique messages for you. 

I have prepared this guide to help you find your answers. Enjoy the journey!

Spirit animal Hyena, meaning

Whenever you lose your path in life, a spirit animal comes to guide you. With the help of the animal, you become more robust, and you can see the world with a broader perspective.

A spirit animal, Hyena is also an important figure who comes with deep meanings and immense wisdom.

Now, you must be wondering, what does a spirit animal Hyena mean? Let’s find out!

What does a Hyena spirit animal mean?

Hyenas always prefer to be with groups. While some folklore says they are scavengers, different studies say Hyena collects most of their food by hunting.

Whether scavengers or hunters, a Hyena spirit animal means working with your close people. They can be families, friends, or colleagues.

Plus, different Hyenas may also have unique meanings.

A Spotted Hyena spirit animal means to be productive and involved in different activities to become successful. Therefore, spotted Hyenas do not like to sit idle; they are always looking for something to do.

Aardwolf Hyenas are the opposite and prefer to enjoy life with their loved ones. 

A spirit animal, Aardwolf Hyena, means to ignore the meaningless competition and materialism and to enjoy the pleasure of life with what you have. 

The Brown Hyenas have excellent survival skills. A Brown Hyena spirit animal means making the right decisions in life to progress.

Lastly, the Striped Hyenas are self-centered and prefer to do everything independently. Therefore, a Striped Hyena spirit animal means individual strength and self-dependence.

Is Hyena dangerous?

Hyenas can be dangerous when it comes to protecting their young and territory. Their bite is pretty strong.

However, Hyenas are misunderstood as different myths and stories represent them as evil. In reality, they are wary of humans but less likely to attack unless you do something wrong.

Difference between male and female Hyena

Female Hyenas are larger than males, while the males have an upward curved stomach. 

Interestingly, the female spotted Hyena has a male reproductive organ. For this reason, many people believe female Hyenas can turn themselves into males, but that’s only a myth.

What does a Spotted Hyena sound like?

Spotted Hyenas sounds like laughing. They make such sounds only when they are either nervous or excited.

The Spotted Hyenas also make other sounds such as groaning and squealing to greet each other and make whoop sounds to communicate over long distances.

Hyena meaning and origin

The origin of the Hyena dates back to 24 million years in the Jungle of Miocene Eurasia. But, first, ancient Greeks recognized Hyenas and named them.

The word Hyena originated from the Greek word “hus” or “hys,” which literally means hog or pig. This is due to their similar appearances.

Hyena spirit animal personality

As spirit animals, Hyenas are resourceful and strong. In addition, they have been living on the earth for over 24 million years, which gives them ancient wisdom and excellent knowledge about what’s happening around us.

Sociability and excitability are the traits of Spotted Hyenas. They like to keep peace with other members of the clan.

Others mostly stay in solitary and roam at night. Hyenas are also curious animals.

Hyena spirit animals can sometimes be wordy, and they do not think much before saying anything.

My spirit animal is a Hyena

Is your spirit animal a Hyena? Then you can consider yourself lucky as Hyenas are excellent spiritual guides. I will discuss the Hyena symbolisms in a moment, which will give you more about the positive characteristics of the Hyena spirit animal.

However, if you think your spirit animal is a Hyena but are still unsure, you should do some rituals to find out. You can read my article on finding spirit animals to know about yours. 

What does a Hyena symbolize?

A Hyena spirit animal symbolizes humor, cunning, resourcefulness, intelligence, survival, gender roles, and communication.

Plus, the Spotted Hyena symbolism includes friendly, energetic, and teamwork.

The Hyena symbolisms represent the power of the spirit animal Hyena. When a Hyena appears in your life, you can use this power to make better decisions.

As one of the ancient animals, Hyenas have been part of many cultures and mythologies. As a result, their symbolisms are widespread too.

Let’s talk about different Hyena symbolism one by one:

What does a Hyena symbolize in literature?

Hyenas symbolize treachery or cunningness in most literature depictions. Eastern literature and folklore also see Hyenas as stupid. People in the Middle eastern also believe striped Hyenas are physical incarnations of Jinns.

However, Afghanistan and Indian literature often express Hyenas as the symbol of love and fertility.

What does a laughing Hyena symbolize?

A laughing Hyena symbolizes both excitement and terror. It is a sign to pay attention. Something may be coming into your life that can be good or bad. If you pay attention and take the help of your Hyena spirit animal, nothing wrong may happen to you.

What does a Hyena mean in African culture?

Hyenas are widely found in the African continent. Thus, they have different meanings in the culture.

Tabwa mythology in East Africa tells the Hyena is a solar animal who bought the sun to warm the cold earth. Likewise, Hyenas symbolize immortality in Western African folktales.

Hyena tattoo symbolism

If your spirit animal is a Hyena, you can get Hyena tattoos to make a stronger connection. Indian tribes believe that tattoos of your spirit animal can provide you with more power.

Although most cultures compare Hyenas with negative meanings, the animal has an exemplary meaning in the tattoo world.

A Hyena tattoo is a perfect symbol to express that people misunderstand you like they misunderstand the Hyena. Hyena’s tattoos symbolize their ability to catch up on new opportunities due to their dynamic nature.

Hyena dream symbolism

Have you been dreaming of Hyenas recently? Is it trying to say something to you?

Hyena’s dreams are usually a sign of impending danger. It warns you to have a closer look at the people around you, or someone may betray you.

Don’t be scared. Defeating Hyenas in dreams symbolizes success. It means you will successfully beat your competitors in business or enemies in life.

A Hyena dream also symbolizes your ability to overcome obstacles. The dream means you have the strength of the Hyena to achieve success.

Hyena spiritual meaning

The spiritual meaning of a Hyena refers to being resourceful to progress in life and your spiritual journey.

A Spotted Hyena spirit animal teaches you to work with others, while the Brown and Striped Hyena spirit animal teaches your spirit to be self-dependent.

Spiritually, Hyenas signifies the importance of avoiding unnecessary arguments and participating in productive activities.

Hyenas empower your spirit with ancient knowledge and make you curious to know more. They will help you make correct decisions in life without rushing.

Hyena in dream spiritual meaning

I have discussed some common Hyena dream symbolic meanings earlier. But what is the spiritual significance of a Hyena in a dream?

When a Hyena frequently visits you in your dreams, it bears an important message. Try to understand the message from its activities.

If you haven’t found your spirit animal yet, frequent visits from the Hyena in a dream mean he is your spirit animal and wants to communicate with you.

I like to sit in deep meditation in a quiet place whenever I have a feeling to communicate with my spirit animal. Of course, you can do that too.

What does it mean if my spirit animal is a Hyena?

If your spirit animal is a Hyena, you are full of positive resources. You have immense spiritual power that comes from the Hyena.

The Hyena spirit animal will guide you in different situations in life. It will help you to overcome struggles in life and become successful.

Try to be more careful about what you say if your spirit animal is a Hyena. That’s because words are powerful, and they can significantly impact your future.

When your spirit animal is a Hyena, try to learn from this animal. A lot of documentaries and videos about Hyenas are available on the internet.

Find those resources and observe the activities of the Hyenas. You will learn many lessons that can help you use the power of Hyena spirit animals more efficiently.

Plus, you can follow Dr. Steven Farmer’s suggestions that he wrote in his book “Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals” (check here for the UK and here for the US):

“You’re quite ready and capable to take on more than you’re presently handling, even though you have doubts about how much you can manage.”

Hyena spirit animal card

If you are looking forward to more lessons from the Hyena, you can use animal spirit cards Hyena. The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck (check here for the UK and here for the US) has unique messages from Hyena and other spirit animals.


Skye Alexander, in her book “The Secret Power of Spirit Animals” (see here for the UK and here for the US), says that: 

“If you feel pressured into following rules or behaviors that aren’t comfortable for you, a hyena can teach you how to get along with other people without compromising yourself.

A hyena can also help you be more discerning.”

Hyena spirit animal is inviting you on a journey. Are you hearing? 

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