Spiritual Rituals For New Year

spiritual rituals for new year

In this particular time of the year, when we are stepping to the new, it is a great time to slow down and reflect on the special time of the year. For this reason, spiritual rituals for the new year can help you.

I have prepared an excellent guide for you, including crystal, money, and love rituals for the new year.

Let’s start

How to celebrate new year’s? 

The new year is a symbolic time to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. 

So for those walking on their spiritual path, doing different rituals and celebrating it spiritually is a great way to enter the new year.

What do you do spiritually on New Year’s Eve? 

In another blog post, I have provided you with many different traditions worldwide with many symbolic meanings. 

Rituals provide us a connection to different realms with this symbolic link to communicate and understand. 

To celebrate New Year spiritually, you can do any rituals you already feel connected to. 

If you are looking for new ideas, I have prepared a nice set of new year’s eve ritual ideas. 

New Year’s Day rituals 

So what if we create a New Year’s Day full of spiritual rituals for the new year, kind of a day retreat. 

You can choose some of the rituals or do all, as you wish.

#1. Crystal rituals for the new year for setting your intentions

Using crystal is a great way to expand the bandwidth of your manifestation, let’s say. So let’s see how you can use crystals for your new year rituals. 

Clean your crystals with sound or incense. Cleansing all your space is a great idea for New Year. You can learn how do you cleanse yourself for new year’s here or also here.

Create your sacred space for this ritual. You can also read more about creating your sacred space here

We will do this crystal ritual for the new year to set our new year intentions. You can journal your new year’s intentions. 

  • Write down three things you want to have, three things you want to be, and three things you want to do. 
  • Once creating this list of 3 categories and writing down three things under each, then prioritize each group, writing the most important, second most important, and 3th most important.
  • For the most important one, write down what you will do about this intention today, tomorrow, this week, and this month.

Once you feel ready, get this paper as a base for your crystal grid. 

Think about creating a mandala from your crystals and other beautiful objects that you may have.

Once you have this paper below, follow your intuition and choose from your crystals, flowers, leaves, stones, or other objects of your choice and create a beautiful mandala. 

Slow down, connect to the process and think and envision your intentions. 

Once you feel ready, if you have a crystal wand, connect all the crystals and objects while keeping your intention in your heart. 

Leave your crystal grid for some time in your sacred space. 

#2. Money rituals for the new year 

In all traditions worldwide, we see money rituals in the new year. Here in this blog post, you can get some ideas from different traditions’ money rituals for the new year. 

Moreover, I have also created a money ritual for the new year for you. 

With this ritual, you will slow down, look at your money story, rewrite it so that you can choose your own money story. 

Then envision, feel gratitude and create a clear intention. 

Let’s start!

Discover your money story. Be curious and wander around with an open heart and open mind. 

Would you like to play a “knowing your self better game” around your abundance and money stories? 

Are you catching yourself with that bit of emotion of expecting something terrible will happen about money? 

Let’s say you are an entrepreneur and receive an email, and for a second, an anxious feeling pass from your heart that you will lose money somehow. 

Maybe you think that the email is about somebody asking you for money or about your loss, whatever. 

Why is that? 

Our money stories define how we think and feel about money. 

Are you ready to bring the light of your consciousness to your deep stories?

It is time to discover how you think/feel about money. Be authentic. Generally, we all feel one of these five patterns/stories about money. Which is yours?

  1. Earning money is hard.
  2. I’m always broke.
  3. Money is evil.
  4. I’m bad with money.
  5. I’m afraid of money.

Maybe more than one is yours. 

Now it is time to work on reframing it. 

Take your journal and write down how sometimes you have lived different experiences than the ones you are telling you about repeatedly. 

  1. Earning money sometimes has been easy for me. Write down those experiences.
  2. Sometimes, I had enough money in my wallet. Write down those times for you.
  3. Money sometimes causes good. Write down those stories you know from your life or others.
  4. I sometimes acted smartly with money. Write down those moments.
  5. I sometimes dream of having a lot of money, which gives me joy. Write the experience of those moments. How do you feel? What do you envision?

Once you journal on your money stories, you will begin to reframe and choose your own stories. 

Use the power of your visions to create your new money story. I invite you to a joyful dreaming. Take around 15 minutes and enjoy while dreaming what you would do with enough money that you would have. 

Imagine vividly, almost living it. Then, while imagining, feel the joy. 

Additionally, you can have some 20/50 Euros in your pocket, and each time you touch during the day, you can continue to imagine what you would have with this money now for yourself. 

Focus on what you have. What is the source of your wealth in your life?

Make a list of those things in your journal. Say thanks and feel the feeling of gratitude in your heart. 

After all these exercises, write down 1-2 phrases of your clear intention around money. This is your prayer. 

As an example: 

“My intention from this new year is to have money(you can also be clear about the amount here) flowing to me easily and as the source of many joyful moments with my loved ones.” 

Now rephrase this clear intention/prayer to an affirmation. 

“This new year, money is flowing to me easily, and it is the source of many joyful moments with my loved ones.” 

Repeat and tune in before sleeping; say thanks to what you already have, repeat your intention and affirmation, envision what you would do with the money that you are asking for, 

#3. New year’s rituals for love

The energy you give is the energy you receive. If you are looking for love, then you will give love. 

What if you provide some self-love this New Year’s Eve? 

Are you ready for a date with yourself?

I created you a great plan, full of love. Do all or choose those that you feel like. 

Good morning sweet hear, let’s start from the morning!

Bruce Lee said;

“Do not speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke. Your body does not know the difference. Words are energy and cast spells; that’s why it’s called spelling. Change the way you speak about yourself, and you change your life. What you’re not changing, you are also choosing.” 

See yourself in the mirror, tell her that you will be on a date today and you are pleased about it. You are excited. Send a kiss to that girl you see in the mirror and a self-hug. Tell yourself that you love yourself. 

Does this sound weird to you? No worries, try!

Savor a leisurely morning with breakfast in bed with some candles and a book.

A lovely bath ritual with some music, again some candles, essential oils, and continue reading.

What about wearing your new year’s resolution on you? 

I have heard that Halloween costumes tradition stems from making wishes for Samhain. Samhain is the new year for pagans. And wearing a costume is a powerful magick spell for them. 

Think of it as a visual affirmation of your intentions. 

So go in front of your wardrobe, put on some music, and dress up as the person you’d like to be in the coming year.

Ask yourself what you want to eat for lunch. Prepare by taking care and being aware that you prepare for yourself. Once done, put on some music and eat with candles.

Buy some flowers or plants for yourself.

Do something that makes your soul happy. Sing, write a poem, sketch, or knit.

Go to enjoy nature for a long walk. You can take it as a walking meditation. Have an intention in your mind while starting, maybe a question. Then leave it to the sky and wander around here and now. 

Have a great dinner with family and friends. Those who make you laugh. Laugh until your belly hurts. 

Before sleeping, reflect on what you were grateful for from the morning until that moment. Then, live each moment again and go to sleep with a smile on your face. 


These special times of the year, which have symbolic meaning, are essential for rituals. 

Take some time for yourself this year and slow down and invite spiritual rituals for the new year. 

You can also check this article: 

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