What Does a Tiger Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolise?

what does a tiger spirit animal symbolise

Tigers are brave, strong, and aggressive. But how does the spirit animal tiger affect your life?

If you have found that a tiger is your spirit animal, then you must be curious to know how it can help you in life.

However, if you don’t know yet about your spirit animal, you can find it through shamanic journeys.

You can read about my shamanic journey here.

Every spirit animal has a unique message.

Similarly, every person receives a distinct meaning.

So, believe you’re special, and your spirit animal tiger has a unique message for you.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll try to help you to decode that message.

You’ll get an idea of what the tiger spirit animal means and symbolizes.

So, let’s start with the meaning.

What does a tiger spirit animal mean?

William Blake, in his poem ‘The Tyger’ wrote:

“Tyger Tyger, burning bright, 

In the forests of the night; 

What immortal hand or eye, 

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?”

Blake here wondered if the tiger is so fearless, what divine and mighty hand were required to create such a creature?

Indeed, tigers shine brighter than others.

Tigers possess a unique character.

They’re very conscious about their movements.

Although they make a lot of journeys, most of the time they spend resting.

Because they don’t like to waste their stamina on needless matters.

So, if your spirit animal is a tiger, you can learn a lot about leading a valiant and shrewd life.

However, to understand the meaning of the spirit animal tiger, you need to have a good idea of what it represents and its personality.

I have explained everything below for your convenience.

What does the tiger represent?

The tiger represents courage, strong willpower, and strength.

They are respected worldwide for their courage and fearlessness.

Tigers also have strong willpower in them.

They can lie in a place for multiple days for fulfilling their motive. And they never get tired of it because they are well aware of when to strike.

Moreover, tigers will do anything to achieve what they want.

Who are stronger? Tigers or Lions? Let me answer this.

While lions are considered to be the king of the jungle, tigers are stronger. There’s an old saying, “Never wake a sleeping tiger.”

That’s because you can not compete against his strength. 

Militaries in Choson Dynasty Korea used to wear clothes decorated with tiger embroideries.

That’s because they respected the tigers for their unbelievable strength and courage.

Tiger spirit animal personality

Tigers are territorial animals.

That means the rule over own kingdom with an iron fist.

So, when a tiger comes into your life as a spirit animal, you’ll be able to face and solve all the difficulties of your life.

Spirit animal tigers possess some unique personalities.

It will make you more persistent.

Moreover, the tiger spirit will assist you in making the right decision at the right moment. This will enable you to save your energy for use when necessary.

Tigers are also very much passionate about what they do. So, if you have a tiger as your spirit animal, you’re likely to have a passionate personality.

Again, the tiger spirit animal loves to roam around independently. It will help you to use your strength with freedom.

White tiger spirit animal

Though both are the same creature, white tigers are rare. Hence, possess some distinct characteristics from other tigers.

Along with willpower, courage, and strength, a white tiger spirit animal represents war, instinct, and clairvoyance.

The white tiger is also one of the five mythical tigers that guard cosmic forces and cardinal points in the world.

However, the white tiger guards the west cardinal points. It represents the afterlife.

In Chinese mythology, the white tiger is known as Bai hu. Moreover, Bai hu represents long age and power.

However, according to the myth, he is never evident on the earth unless there’s universal peace.

What does a tiger symbolize?

A tiger symbolizes power, strength, courage, conscious influence, passion, and fierceness.

In ancient India, tigers were known to be protecting jungles and forests.

Also, kill those who trespassed without showing respect.

And people couldn’t do anything as tigers are so powerful.

Moreover, the Hindu God Shiva wears tiger skin to demonstrate his power and bravery.

One special thing about tigers is that they can see in the dark and at night they’re most active.

Though they’re awake during the day, they pick a night to hunt down their prey.

This has symbolic importance.

Tiger would guide you to see the deeper meanings, have powerful intuition and senses, and teach you how to see beyond your senses.

If you have a tiger as a spirit animal, maybe your most effective working hours could be at night. 

Tiger also symbolizes the new moon.

If you will have a tiger as a temporary spirit animal in your shamanic journey, then it could mean that new beginnings and new adventures are at the door. 

Tiger symbolism in literature

“Aunt Jennifer’s tigers prance across a screen,

Bright topaz denizens of the world of green.

They do not fear the men beneath the tree;

They pace in sleek chivalric certainty.”   

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, Adrienne Rich.

In literature, tigers symbolize protection, as well as hunters. But one thing is clear that they’re the most powerful.

Tiger symbolism in Chinese zodiac 

Tiger is one of the twelve Chinese zodiacs and symbolizes ferocity and strong determination, and power of spirit.

Therefore, people who are born in the tiger year are considered to be more self-confident, brave, and powerful.

Moreover, tigers are also believed to be protectors of the child.

This is why babies in China often wear tiger hats on New year’s night to wish for a healthy life.

Also, in Chinese mythology, the tiger rules over all other animals and takes decisions for them.

Specifically, for their stripes on the forehead, which matches the Chinese word “王,” which means “king.”

What tiger represents in Buddhism? 

If you’re like meditation, you’re going to like it.

In Tantric Buddhism, the tiger skin represents the transformation of anger into insights and wisdom.

It also protects the mediator from spiritual interference and probable outside harm. 

What does tiger mean in the Bible?

Though in the bible, there’s a lot of mention of lions and leopards, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any word of tigers.

However, some Christians believe tigers are a symbol of cruelty, martyrdom, and vanity.

That’s because, at an early age, a lot of Christians were thrown in front of tigers and lions because of their faith.

What does a tiger symbolize spiritually?

Spiritually, the tiger is the symbol of patience, success, and personal strength.

When a tiger comes to you as a spirit animal, it teaches you how to have patience until the perfect moment.

Moreover, you should always welcome the spirit animal tiger with the utmost respect.

That’s because you may have faced a lot of difficulties in your life.

And the tiger spirit can enlighten you on how to get rid of those problems.

It also protects you from future uncertainties.

Even in Vietnam, tigers are considered protectors.

They revere Giang Avo, a tiger spirit, protector of the forest as well as a human with complex rituals.

However, the rituals include sacrificing a tiger in a particular manner, then burying it in the middle of town.

After that, the belief is Giang Avo protects that city from all harm.

Nonetheless, tigers, as spirit animals, will make you adventurous.

Also, you’ll gain incredible personal strength. They’re well known for that.

Spiritually, tigers can bring different messages to different people.

A shamanic journey is a great start to having proper contact with them.

After that, you can contact your spirit animal anywhere you like.


So, to wrap up tigers are full of symbolism of power, loyalty, care, and ability.

They would come to guide you to slow down and reflect on your life, once having your power continue with patience and self-trust.

They will lead you to find success. 

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