What Does a Dolphin Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a dolphin spirit animal mean and symbolise

The dolphin spirit animal is the symbol of vital breath, joy, harmony, balance, and community. Dolphins are teaching us about how to be in the common vibration with the creation. They are related to prophetic souls and their symbols in different cultures are all immensely powerful. So, it is a well-asked question; what does a dolphin spirit animal mean and symbolize?

As always to respond to this comprehensive question, I will give you different wisdom from around the world symbolism. In the light of this information and of course, your intuition you are the one, who will know the symbolic meaning for you.

So, let’s start.

What is a spirit animal dolphin?

Dolphins are aquatic animals and cetaceans. You can easily recognize them by their curved mouths, which gives a smiling impression. They’re amiable and playful animals.

Like most other animals, a dolphin can also appear as a spirit animal. If they come to your dreams often or you see them in the river or sea frequently, it’s possible that they’re trying to communicate with you.

Their peaceful nature makes a spirit animal dolphin a good one. Famous Australian actor Nathan Phillips once said, “If I had to come back in life, I’d come back as a dolphin. They’re always smiling; they’re always playing.”

What does spirit animal dolphin mean?

A spirit animal dolphin represents harmony, balance, intelligence, and happiness. It also can mean protection and resurrection.

Dolphins usually live-in groups. Together they hunt and play. They do not like to overthink and, most of the time, go with their instincts. Besides, dolphins also like to roam around humans. It shows why dolphin spirit animals represent harmony and balance.

Part of a famous poem on dolphins:

My Dolphin, you only guide me by surprise,

a captive as Racine, the man of craft,

drawn through his maze of iron composition

by the incomparable wandering voice of Phèdre.”

Robert Lowell, Dolphin

Dolphins are highly intelligent as well. Some of the dolphins have bigger brains compared to their body than humans. Hence, dolphins, as a spirit animal, can guide you through solving different problems in life.

Dolphins live in great solidarity in herds of up to one hundred. When someone gives birth, a group surrounds them to help them. If one of them gets sick and injured, the other Dolphins rush to help, giving them their backs together, and allowing them to breathe by bringing them to the surface of the water.

Dolphins, whose lives are in joyful harmony with each other and with the world, spend most of the day playing. They are higher beings who have remembered that love, heartfelt love, and Joy are the important foundations of life.

Dolphin spirit animal characteristics

Dolphin spirit animals have several human traits. You cannot say they are similar to humans; rather, few of their behaviors match us. The most common characteristics that match are curiosity and sociability.

A spirit animal dolphin is also highly protective of others. When one of the dolphins gets sick, others in the group help him to reach the shore. Also, they feel sad for others.

Dolphin spirit animals are also of joyful characteristics. They can teach you how to trust others and have a playful nature. If you have forgotten how to be happy with the people around you, a dolphin spirit animal will help you.

Many people think that dolphins are much more intelligent than human beings. They are extremely intelligent, and it is even believed that they came from outside the world and are spiritually more evolved than human consciousness.

Dolphins breathe heavily before going under the water. Then go deep under the water and again go upside of the water and take another deep breath.

Bottlenose dolphin spirit animal

Bottlenose dolphins are the most common members of oceanic dolphins. They are popular for their high intelligence and friendliness with humans. That’s why bottlenose dolphins are used in different aquarium shows. They’re highly trainable and can understand human signs.

Hence, a bottlenose dolphin spirit animal can tell you how to cooperate with others. If you have lost faith in people, a bottlenose spirit animal can help you.

Besides, bottlenose dolphins use overly sensitive echolocation to track their prey. So, their spirit animal also can help you to identify different people on your path.

What spirit animal represents death?

There are certain animals that are believed to represent death. Some of them are crows, snakes, black cats, etc. However, in Greek mythology, the dolphin spirit carries the spirit of the dead to the next reality.

What animal is a symbol of healing?

Dolphins often symbolize healing mental health. If you are emotionally broken, their playful nature and sympathy towards others can act as “spirit medicine” to heal you from inside. Patti Stanger, American Businesswoman, and Reality tv show personality, expressed, “To get rid of depression, I swim with dolphins.”

What is the symbolic meaning of a dolphin?

Dolphins have saved many sailors in the sea from drowning. They also have saved several swimmers from sharks. Therefore, dolphins are often considered as the symbol of protection.

Ayşe Nilgün Arıt, in her book sacred symbols in Shamanism gives us this information below:

“The article of Inayet Khan, the founder of the Universal Sufism school, who was born in India and explains the concepts of Sufism in a way that can be understood in western cultures, begins as follows: Everything that comes into existence has been created with a voice. Therefore, all of them have rhythm and tone, that is, music, in their essence. Those who realize the real music and can solve the Secret behind it vibrate at the same frequency as the Whole Universe and can communicate and talk with everything. Just like Dolphins.

It is frequently mentioned in the ancient shamanic teaching that sound is a creative life force, and sound has an especially important place in the lives of dolphins as well as breathing. In addition to the various whistles, murmurs, and clicks they use to express themselves; each Dolphin also has a whistle unique to itself. If he wants to attract the attention of another Dolphin, he will whistle this special whistle. When the dolphin spirit animal comes to guidance, it will teach you to use sound both for communication with Humans and for Healing purposes.”

Besides these, they have different symbolism in different cultures. I have covered some of their most important symbolic meanings below.

Dolphin symbol of love

Many consider dolphins as symbols of love. They do not mate for life, but they create a strong bond with their partners. However, they have a strong feeling for their child. Dolphin-calves stay with their mother for three years. There is also a male or female dolphin that helps the mother to take care of the calves. The nanny is the only dolphin that the mother allows to be around her baby dolphins. If you’re a mother, a spirit animal dolphin will increase your love for your child.

What does a dolphin mean sexually?

A dolphin has multiple sex partners throughout its life. Dolphins have been found to be engaged in creative and intimate sexual relations.

The prophetic meaning of dolphin

Dolphins are representing the prophet spirit in the Masnavi of Rumi. Many people believe that dolphins are spiritually evolved and mature beings. They could vibrate with high frequencies. So, if a dolphin spirit animal would come to visit you, take this seriously as a message from an upper world.

Celtic dolphin meaning

Dolphins spend their life in the water. In Celtic symbolism, dolphins are guardians of sacred wells and water. They watch and protect everything related to water. Hence, in Celtics, dolphins are heavily honored.

Dolphin symbolism in Christianity

Dolphins symbolize resurrection in Christianity. They represent the aspect of Jesus carrying the dead to heaven. Besides, many Christians see dolphins as the analog of the crucifixion of Jesus. Thus, they are also considered sacred in Christianity.

What does a dolphin represent in the Bible?

Dolphins are mentioned multiple times in the bible. One of the verses is:

“You are to make a cover for the tent of ram skins dyed red and a covering of dolphin skins above that.” – Exodus 26:14

A dolphin also represents Jesus in the bible.

Are dolphins a good omen?

Dolphins are seen as a good omen in most cultures. Seeing them means protection and good news. In ancient times, when sailors see dolphins after a long time lost in the sea, they interpret it as the shore is nearby. Therefore, if you see a dolphin around you, maybe something good will happen to you soon.

Whose spirit animal is a dolphin?

A spirit animal dolphincan appear to anyone. If you see dolphins frequently, that probably means it’s your spirit animal. However, before you consider the dolphin as your spirit animal, you need to be sure about it.

The best way to find and communicate with your spirit animal is through a Shamanic Journey. That’s how I found my spirit animal, and I often meditate to seek guidance from him. You can read my blog post to learn how you can find your spirit animal.

What does it mean to have a dolphin as a spirit animal?

So, if you have found that a dolphin is your spirit animal, what does it mean? A spirit animal dolphin can often teach you how to trust people around you. You can not only trust them but also have good times with them.

Besides, dolphins, as spirit animals, will teach you to be helpful towards others. They have acted as protectors in real life, as well as in different cultures and mythology. Therefore, if you have a dolphin spirit animal, you either feel very protective for others, or you need to start helping people.

Breath is related to being free to feel and live unwanted emotions and experiences. The deeper we can breathe, the more we can let go, be in the flow, and live-in harmony. Dolphins are teaching us this wisdom. So, if a spirit animal dolphin is coming into your life, maybe the dolphin is inviting you to live all the colors of your emotions and be in the flow.

Based on who you are, the meaning can vary. How do you find what it means for you? Well, you have to communicate with your dolphin spirit to find out what message he is trying to convey. You also can use oracle card decks to find the meaning.

Spirit animal dolphin deck

So, what are oracle card decks for spirit animal dolphins? They’re so slightly different from traditional tarot cards. There’s no uniform number of cards for oracle decks. However, it can be 30 something or 80 something. In the case of a spirit animal dolphin, the most common number is 44. You can purchase the dolphin deck cards to practice and find out what your dolphin spirit animal means to you.


If you are reading this article, it is for a reason. Your dolphin spirit animal is trying to communicate with you. Answer the call and create a relationship with it. 

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