Home-Made Rituals Series: Jewelry Ritual for Purification and Focus


For a while, I wanted to write about my Ritual Jewelries then when I saw a friend’s Instagram story asking about ‘if any of us have invented something, if yes what?’ question, while I answering her saying ‘I am inventing rituals’, I thought yes, it is the correct time to start to talk about my ‘home-made rituals’ series.

I Am Ritual Freak And I Have Always Been This Way

I love creating my rituals, observing myself while practicing them, witnessing how I feel: and then when I feel it’s time for that ritual to let go, I just let it go. So, some rituals can be for 1 day, some for several days, some every day, some once per month, some once per year, some when I feel like the need and some for once.

I need rituals because I have a part of me that loves to envision and dream. Many times, I feel myself in between the door sill, where the realities just get blur and combine, where both realities live together. In that place, I feel admiration and I feel the urge to showing my reverence, so for my journey, my rituals have been one of my best friends.

Home-Made Ritual Series 1: Jewelry Ritual for Purification and Focus

The first home-made ritual I want to talk about is the story of my product; ritual jewelry. I have 3 beautiful ritual jewelry coming from Anatolia/Turkey, which you can see here, here and here, and of course, any jewelry that you intend to be your ritual jewelry would also serve for this ritual that I will be talking about now.

Several years ago suddenly I began to see many quotes about ‘imagination’ so I considered it a sign from life and began to surf via the internet, I read some books such as Creative Visualization from Shakti Gawain, The Elements of Visualization from Ursula Markham and Time of Dream – Aborigines from Eser Coşkun. I have watched many documentaries and I re-focused on some of my shamanic work which was focusing on sharpen the ability of imagination.

With all these coming information, as usual -those who know me would understand very well, I was amazed, passionate, curious and energetic and I decided to experiment to observe this big power of visual imagination and guess what, I have created a ritual.

The Steps I Took for Jewelry Ritual for Purification and Focus

  1. First, I had chosen a bracelet of mine as a ritual bracelet.
  2. Every morning once I wake up, I was sparing a time to put that jewelry on me with a ritual. It was a simple, quick, easy, and meaningful ritual for me. While putting that bracelet, I was passing through the intention of the day.
  3. I did this ‘ritual jewelry experiment’ for 4 months and during this time I decided some specific intentions to keep in my heart. So, my intentions were:
  4. Observing my thoughts-my phrases and my actions and try to be aware of what I think, say and behave and if I catch my negativity if possible bringing it to positive, if not possible at that time, at least being aware of it and kind of pin it at space & time.
  5. Loose kilos. I had 20 more kilos after my 2nd pregnancy, which was going nowhere and making me feel fat-slow-not in my body, ugly and not me.
  6. These 2 intentions were somehow related because I wanted to work with myself about feeling ‘beautiful and ugly, not just as a result of gaining 20 kilos; which was already there before the kilos and sometimes was acting as a source of some envy attacks. So I wanted to bring special attention to my thoughts-words and actions about my self-worth.
  7. In Pinterest, I had created a secret board-visible just to me- related to my intentions about losing weight and feeling self-worth and self-love, which was full of pictures of other women, clothes, quotes, and pictures.
  8. During the day when I was realizing my ritual jewelry, I was bringing my attention to here and now, and a quick check of my intentions.
  9. We had a large window with a great view of nature. Looking from there every afternoon, I was doing my joyful imagination, while breastfeeding. It was like me time; I was dreaming another reality of me which sounds nice to me; with my new body, feeling self-worth.
  10. During the night, before sleeping while I was getting the ritual jewelry off, remembering my intentions.
  11. Before sleeping, I was passing through all those moments of joy and feeling gratitude and sleep with this feeling. This ritual is continuing to be with me every night since then, the last 3 years.


Then basically miracle happened. I lost 20 kilos in 4 months. It was not just losing weight; it was the shine on me which has changed. People in the street were even stopping me to ask if I do something special, I am not kidding.

Of course, I did a lot of sports, I took care of my eating habits and all that. The rituals gave me incredible strength, power, resistance, and focus ability. I was believing that I was able to achieve my objectives, already. I was feeling that it is already on the way.

Information will power, strength combining with visual imagination made me see that miracles are not that hard to accomplish. Who knows maybe I am writing this post to myself, maybe it is a nice time for some purification and focus?

I am excited to start my “home-made rituals’ series. What is the homemade ritual that you are using right now, or you have used and loved it in the past?

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