Simple Ritual to Embrace Work-Life


Do you have any way to embrace your work-life? Any ritual to remind you of compassion, gratitude, and surrender?

Since 2010, I have founded many initiatives. Before I was working in the private sector, doing quite interesting things, and the main reason for starting my initiatives was meeting with Sun whenever I want, having a flexible life.

I remember working as an innovation consultant in one of the coolest consultancies in Barcelona, going with my bike in the morning passing through the park imagining myself working under the sun for example picking the garbage.

How to unlearn learned patterns to embrace work-life?

Then my father passed away and I decided to quit. I started really exciting journeys following my passion each time. It was quite interesting to find out that the behaviour patterns I was criticizing in companies, I was bringing them to my own initiatives. I was focusing more to do than to be without realizing.

So today our topic is about how to find your balance when you are an entrepreneur and how the outside world and inside world are related one to another.

To start with I need to say that I do not have all the answers to these questions but yes I have those questions on my mind for a long time and so life is sending me the situations to answer them.

Life is giving the answers to our questions, always

One day I was walking in the streets of Granada with a friend of mine. At that time, I was already having my brand My Sacred Space and selling my products via Amazon. We were just talking about our fathers who already died, imagining that wherever they were, they also met and became good friends and at that time watching us. With a smile at this image on our faces, we realized a little shop in Granada as many kinds of stuff would fit into ‘My Sacred Space’.

We entered the shop and I directly began to talk to the shop owner, who was a very nice guy at our age called Eyüp. He was from Morocco and living in Granada with all his family and bringing all those objects to his shop to sell from all around the world. We began to talk about being a trader. We shared our family traditions of doing trade and doing it with a sense of service. There he explained to me a daily ritual of him, which affected me a lot that I remember almost every day and I wish to embrace.

He said that every day:

  1. He opens his shop saying Bismillahirrahmanirrahim: which means in the name of Godthe Most Graciousthe Most Merciful. When I was a kid my grandfather was reminding me to repeat this phrase before doing anything. At that time, I was not understanding its meaning but now I see it as a gentle reminder to come to the moment with compassion.
  2. He does not get obsessed with his sale numbers. If at the end of the day he makes good money, he is simply saying Alhamdulillah, which means thank God.
  3. If he did not make enough sales, he simply says and feels Subhan Allah. Subhan Allah comprises of 2 words from Arabic origin. Subhan Means Free of Errors, Perfect, Complete, and Allah is the name of God. All together it means praise to be Allah who made this beautiful thing.

Whatever we have in our inside world is affecting our outside world

Since 2010 that I started to be an entrepreneur I am looking my way for my acts to serve to the world that I want to build and live in.

I feel a lot of resistance to any kind of error, see a lot of fear as things would go wrong. I believe that whatever we have inside, that we have outside. Attachment to the results of my business makes me lose the magic of the moment and fully accept and embrace life.

So that day when I listened to Eyüp, I felt a very nice relief; whatever happens, is happening for a reason. How I do is much more important than what I do. Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, and Subhan Allah can serve me as reminders while I am walking on my way. 

These words are symbolizing compassion, gratitude, and surrender to me. To embrace my journey fully, these three are the ingredients of a remedy.

What about you? Do you have any reminders to fully embrace life, especially in your work-life journey? 

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