Spirit Animal Libra

spirit animal libra

Spirit animals can help us significantly in this journey of knowing ourselves. Maybe you ask yourself if there is any relationship between your zodiac sign and your spirit animal. Maybe more specifically, you ask whats is the spirit animal for libra?

Your spirit animal and your zodiac sign do not have a lot to do with each other.

Even though astrology and spirit animals are those spiritual tools that guide us in our journey, there is still not one spirit animal for all those Libras.

Let me explain to you more in detail in this article. Come and join me.

What is a spirit animal for Libra?

Spirit animals are spiritual guides that can help in your journey of life. A spirit animal for Libra is a belief that you may have any specific spirit animal because of your zodiac sign.

But the concept is not entirely correct. Your zodiac sign does not determine your spirit animal, although it can play a minor role in this regard.

Usually, people born with specific zodiac signs share some common characteristics. So, based on such personality traits, there can be some possibilities about which animal may appear to you as your spirit animal.

Therefore, I will first discuss Libra and its different meanings from a spiritual perspective. Then I will share the meanings of some spirit animals that may come to you.

Remember that these guesses can be wrong. Hence, it would be best if you found out what your spirit animal is.

Going on a Shamanic Journey or sitting on a deep meditation can be a great way to do that. 

I have written a lot about the methods in my blog, and you can read those once you have finished reading this article.

What does Libra mean spiritually?

People born from September 23 to October 22 are Libras. Below I have discussed the meaning of Libra from different aspects, which will help you to know the spiritual significance of a Libra:

What type of person is a Libra?

Libras are very friendly, emphatic, and excellent at inspiring people around them. 

They are always ready to help others with their best.

Therrie Rosenvald, in her book “The Harmonious Libra,” said: 

“Librans have a gift of seeing something positive and lovable in almost anybody. Harmony in all aspects of life is their top priority.”

Libras can see both sides of any situation. 

In consequence, they often may get confused between what is right and wrong. But, as a scale of balance is the symbol of Libra, they always try to create balance in life. 

Libra spirit animal meaning

Libra spirit animals can guide you whenever you feel confused about which side to choose. In addition, the spirit animal can help you to spread your positivity and help others in a better way.

There is a slight difference in libra men and women, which may affect determining your spirit animal:

Libra man spirit animal

Libra men are charming and hold strong personalities. 

They are very diplomatic and make decisions after considering everything about a situation.

Libra woman spirit animal

On the other hand, Libra women are emotional and adorable. A libra woman can make everyone around feel good.

What element is a libra spirit animal?

The element of Libra is air. 

Like air floats around, Libras are also like to chat with person to person and spread their positivity among people. 

Like the air is everywhere around us, Libras usually spread their charms to those around them.

Which animal represents Libra?

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac. The symbol of Libra is not represented by any animal but by a balance scale.

Many people also ask, Is there an animal named Libra? No, there is no animal named Libra in this world. The Latin meaning of Libra is scale, which refers to the Libra symbol of the scale of balance.

What is a libra’s favorite animal?

Personal choices can differ from Libra to Libra. As Libras are charming, they may like rabbits. Some may also prefer to be around a Siamese cat, which is quite gentle.

What is libra spirit color?

Libra’s spirit colors are pink and blue. 

Pink symbolizes the adorable and charming personality of Libras. 

Similarly, blue represents their inspirational nature and tendency to create balance in everything. 

Libra spirit animal in different cultures

All the information above about Libra was based on astrology. But there are some more aspects to learn about Libra.

Following is some cultural concepts about the spirit animal for Libra:

Libra spirit animal Chinese

Chinese follow the tradition of a 12-year cycle; a particular animal is representing each year.

Therefore, people born in a specific year have some common characteristics.

Feng Shui, on the other hand, determines your animal representative following your birth month.

For example, the rooster represents those born from September 6 to October 5. 

A spirit animal rooster symbolizes self-confidence, pride and is talkative. 

What is October’s spirit animal? 

In Feng Shui, a dog represents people born from October 6 to November 5. A dog spirit animal is a symbol of loyalty and protection.

Native American spirit animal for Libra

Raven is the spirit animal of a Libra in the Native American zodiac. Libra spirit animal raven represents excellent wisdom and insight.

When you are a Libra, and a raven spirit animal appears to you, you can use its wisdom to make the balance you are looking for. 

Raven is also the Indian spirit animal for Libra. 

Libra spirit animal tattoo

If you want to get yourself a tattoo, you can choose your spirit animal. Native Americans believe such tattoos have extraordinary spiritual power to help and guide you through different situations.

How many spirit animals does a libra have?

Now the question is, what is the spirit animal for Libra? 

As I already told you, it is not certain. 

You can find your spirit animal through a Shamanic Journey or deep meditation.

I have already talked about some possibilities, including a raven, rooster, and a dog. 

Additionally, a wolf, rabbit, or tiger can also be a libra spirit animal.

Here, I am only providing brief information about the spirit animals for Libra. If you are interested in any particular animal, you can read my blog, where I have written about different spirit animals.

Following are some of the possible spirit animals for Libra:

Libra spirit animal wolf

A wolf is the spirit animal for Libra; especially the grey wolf is believed to appear to Libras as spirit animals.

The libra spirit animal grey wolf, is loyal like a libra. 

Besides, they are also a pretty good strategist like Libras and keep their plan as secret.

When a libra spirit animal grey wolf, comes to you, it can guide you to be more tactical in your life. 

It also can help you to strengthen your loyalty to the people you love.

Libra rabbit spirit animal

A rabbit can also be a spirit animal for Libra. The rabbit spirit animal is a symbol of abundance and fertility.

Libras get friendly with people quickly, but rabbits are often fearful and try to avoid others except for group members. 

This nature can help Libra to stay calm and not do anything wrong with people in a rush.

Spirit animal libra tiger

Tiger is another animal that can be the spirit animal of Libra. 

A tiger is a symbol of strong willpower, personal strength, courage, and bravery.

What does it mean when your spirit animal is a tiger? 

Well, as you are a libra, a tiger spirit animal can provide you the strength to make balance in the scale of that Libra symbol represents. 

Besides, the courage and strong willpower of a tiger can be helpful for you to inspire people around you more effectively. 

Libra spirit animal panda

Lastly, Panda also may appear to Libra as a spirit animal. 

Like Libras, pandas are also adorable and fun to be around.

However, pandas care a little about what is happening around them. 

Such characteristics can help to calm the restlessness of a Libra.


This life journey is about discovering ourselves better. As written on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, “know thyself.”

Astrology, spirit animals, meditation, dreams… all those different spiritual practices are there to light our way.

Even though all these tools are linked somehow, it does not necessarily mean that their symbolic meanings are the same.

So you are the one who will find your spirit animal, and it is in itself a journey.

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