What Does a Spider Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolise?

what does a spider spirit animal mean and symbolise

Spider spirit animal symbolizes creativity, persistence, cleverness, feminine power. However, the real question is, what does a Spider spirit animal mean and symbolize for you?

A Spider spirit animal can give a message to you in different ways. 

For example, what do you do when you find a Spider creating its web at home? 

What is the first thing you do? 

You clean it immediately or stop whatever you are doing and start to observe with excitement, illusion, and awe. 

Spider is a master weaver. 

A unique pattern emerges when the web formed by combining the yarn particles produced is completed. 

There is a lot that this whole process can teach us if we are ready to receive.

What does it mean to have a Spider spirit animal?

A spirit animal Spider is incredibly creative. 

A Spider often constructs a web of special thick silk. This is to attract insects with the UV light reflection of the silk it uses.

Moreover, to save themselves from other creatures, Spiders also can make fake poop.

However, they always connect at the center if you notice Spider webs. Besides, the web is a Spider’s world. Therefore, if you have a Spider spirit animal, it may mean you consider yourself in the center of your world. And focus on improving your life.

The Spider comes to show the perfect plan of creation, reminding people how they have weaved their lives from moment to moment.

Moreover, if a Spider comes to you as a spirit animal, it may be an invitation from Goddess to join the sacred feminine energy.

Grandmother Spider stealing the fire

You can keep the trace of this sacred feminine energy in the mythology of the grandmother Spider stealing the fire. 

Once upon a time, there was no light, and people and animals lived in complete darkness. So finally, they decided to steal the fire from the East. 

Many animals tried. Opossum, vulture, and crow, but they could not succeed. 

Crows were wight and singing very nicely, but their color and sound changed after looking to fire for so long. 

Finally, the grandmother Spider tried. She created her web to East, formed a pot from clay, went in silence, stole the fire, hid it in the pot of clay, and covered it with a lid. 

When the grandmother returned, the council asked who the volunteer would be to keep the fire alive. Everybody was afraid, but the human accepted. Grandmother Spider showed the human to do the pot, weave the webs, and keep the fire alive. 

What is the symbolic meaning of a Spider spirit animal?

In the symbolism of the web woven by the Spider, the matrix that connects all beings and thus forms the basis of the world becomes comprehensible.

The Spiders are the symbol of creativity and patience. Besides, the Spider can guide you to find your imperfections and find creative solutions.

Nonetheless, the web of a Spider is an excellent geometry. 

And the most exciting thing about them is that no web matches another Spider web. 

All the webs are constructed with creativity and uniqueness.

The Spider’s body is like the number eight and has eight legs. This number symbolizes the infinite possibilities of creation.

Moreover, Spiders are one of the most enduring animals. First, they weave their web very carefully. Then they wait with patience for their prey to fall into their traps. 

Hence, a spirit animal Spider knows what is worth doing.

However, Native Americans consider Spiders as the symbol of teachers. That is because they believe Spiders have taught human alphabets by tracing their webs. 

Moreover, Hindus symbolize Spiders as Maya or Illusion.

Are Spiders a sign of something?

What does it mean to see a Spider? Well, many people believe Spiders are a sign of good luck. 

Hence, if you have seen a Spider recently, it may help you find your destiny. 

Besides, it also can be a sign that he is your spirit animal. 

And maybe he is the one who is guiding you to read this article. 

However, if you still do not know what your spirit animal is, you can find it through a shamanic journey as I did.

What are Spiders an omen of?

Besides good signs, people believe Spiders are an omen of fortune. 

If you find a red Spider on your body, it indicates money and good luck. Besides, seeing a Spider crossing wall is also good luck.

However, killing a Spider is believed to be a bad omen. 

As a Spider can bring you good fortune if you kill them, you’re inviting bad luck.

Spiritual meaning of a Spider spirit animal in the house

Though some people don’t like Spiders in their homes, Spiders bring you many benefits. 

These include getting rid of harmful insects such as mosquitoes. However, spiritually a Spider can mean a lot of things.

If you notice a single Spider in your house, he is likely to guide you to success. 

Besides, it can help you to awaken your creative mind. Moreover, it also indicates your potential inner energy. 

Furthermore, it may try to tell you to focus on your dream with patience.

What does it mean if you find a Spider in your house?

However, if you found a Spider in the house, it also can mean that he is your spirit animal. 

Therefore, you should seek guidance from him. Maybe your power animal is calling you for a shamanic journey.

Moreover, a Spider slowly makes the web with patience and dedication. You also can take these lessons from your visitor. Try to notice everything it does.

The Spider weaves the web, and we weave our realities. 

When you see a Spider making its web, look at it carefully. 

Maybe it shows you which stage of creation you are in a while weaving your destiny. 

Seeing a Spider at night meaning

“A Spider sewed at night

Without a light

Upon an arc of white.

If ruff it was of dame

Or shroud of gnome,

Himself, himself inform.

Of immortality

His strategy

Was physiognomy.”

– “A Spider Sewed at Night” by Emily Dickinson

There is a belief that seeing a Spider at night brings bad news. 

Spider meaning in Islam

What does the Qur’an say about Spiders?

The word Spider is mentioned twice in a verse of the Holy Quran. It is as follows:

“The example of those who take allies other than Allah is like that of the Spider who takes a home. And indeed, the weakest of homes is the home of the Spider, if they only knew.”

– Al-Ankabut (29:41)

Hadith about Spider webs: The Spider and the cave story

Besides the Quran, there’s a fascinating story about a Spider I read in the hadith.

It says, once a Spider saved the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his friend Abu Bakr from enemies.

The story, in a nutshell, is as follows:

It was 622 AD when Qurayeshis tried to kill Prophet Muhammad (saw). So, he decided to travel to Madina from Mecca.

With him, he took his closest disciple Abu Bakr. But, before heading north, they hid in a cave in Jabal Thawr.

That’s because enemies were following them to the cave. 

In the meantime, Allah ordered a Spider to construct a web at the cave entrance.

Therefore, when the Qurayeshis reached them, they saw the web & thought it would take days to make such an intricate web.

On the other hand, Muhammad (saw) left only a few hours ago. Hence, there’s no possibility that he and Abu Bakr is inside the cave.

Therefore they went, and a Spider saved Muhammad (saw) on the order of Allah.

Both the hadith and Qur’an mention Spiders as protectors and guidance.

Spirit animal Spider spiritual meaning

Spider as spiritually means progressive, enduring, creative, and source of sacred feminine energy. However, I believe a spirit animal Spider has more to offer if you can communicate with him properly.

Spiders construct their web with creativity and patience. And once they start building, they only stop when it’s done.

Therefore, they can also teach your spirit to be creative and progressive.

However, Spiders build things and fight against their enemies with few resources. 

Hence, it indicates that Spiders can help you fight against odds with all you have. 

Moreover, you’ll be able to focus more on your skills rather than looking for resources.

Furthermore, a spirit animal Spider will teach you to find your destiny and see your own life in the whole life connected with others. 

Spider gives the guidance of Oneness.

The Spider’s teaching is to proceed with precision and grace, whatever the circumstances. 

Developing positive feelings and attitudes to achieve desired results requires extraordinary effort and awareness; until this holistic approach becomes part of the personality.


If you feel like a Spider is coming to you to give a message or your spirit animal is a Spider, take care of it.

Spiders are incredible animals full of wisdom. 

The Spider – the symbol of creation, weaving our truths, destiny, and eternity, maybe inviting you to a new relationship.

It is time to discover more.

Enjoy the journey!

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