What Does a Praying Mantis Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a praying mantis spirit animal mean and symbolize

Praying mantis spirit animal is the symbol of calmness, focus, and fearlessness. Whereas the real question is what does a praying spirit animal mean and symbolize for you? 

We each are unique beings, so our relationship with spirit animals. Therefore, praying mantis spirit animal’s messages will be unique for you. 

That is why I have created this ultimate guide with many meanings of Praying mantis spirit animal’s symbolic and spiritual meanings so that you can discover your spirit animal’s unique messages for you. 

Let’s start. Shall we?

Spirit animal praying mantis meaning 

Have a spirit animal praying mantis come to you? Do you know what it means?

A praying mantis as a spirit animal means stillness, calmness, focus, concentration, and fearlessness. 

People in different cultures believe spirit animal totem praying mantis can bring good luck.

But why does this spirit animal have so many positive meanings? 

In this article on animal spirit guide praying mantis, I have shared everything about the inspiring praying mantis spirit animal.

Praying mantis color meaning

Praying mantis’ change color after molting. Though the difference is not significant, still, the colors can mean different things.

A praying mantis can either be green or brown. 

It refers to their adaptability to different environments to attack their prey with more efficiency. 

What is a baby praying mantis called?

A baby praying mantis is called a nymph. The nymph goes through several developmental stages before becoming mature.

Nymphs start to prey on other small insects and become self-dependent. 

Through their developmental stages, nymphs teach us to grow steadily in life.

Praying mantis supernatural powers 

Do you believe in supernatural powers? That’s up to your perception. But several ancient civilizations used to think that praying mantis had such powers.

According to the ancient Greek people, a praying mantis can show the direction of home to the lost travelers. 

Then “bird-fly,” which is a praying mantis, is a God who leads souls of the dead to the afterworld.

What does a praying mantis symbolize? 

A praying mantis is rich in symbolism. The symbolic meaning can vary depending on how it appears to you or what form it is in.

I have explained some of the symbolism of a praying mantis below:

What is a praying mantis a symbol of?

Praying mantis has an incredible ability to stay still while targeting its prey. It gives the insect a symbolic meaning of stillness and calmness.

A praying mantis is also a symbol of focus and concentration. That’s because they focus on their prey with maximum concentration.

Moreover, praying mantis do not fear other insects and can defeat most other insects. This is why a praying mantis symbolizes fearlessness.

What does the baby praying mantis symbolize?

Baby praying mantis become good hunters at an earlier age. A baby praying mantis or a nymph symbolizes the ability to take care of oneself.

Is a praying mantis a spiritual sign? 

A praying mantis goes through a lot of development throughout its lifetime. So, a praying mantis can be a sign of spiritual growth.

What else can be signs of a praying mantis? Is seeing a praying mantis a sign? Below are some perceptions:

What does seeing a praying mantis mean?

My friends often ask me, is it good luck to find a praying mantis? 

Well, most cultures around the world see finding a praying mantis as a good sign. 

If you find a praying mantis, maybe it is a sign that the angels guard you against evil energies. 

Is a praying mantis a good sign?

Considering the symbolism and cultural beliefs about a praying mantis, you can say a praying mantis is a good sign. 

Many Native American tribes view a praying mantis as a sign of wealth and good fortune.

What does it mean when a praying mantis visits you?

Has a praying mantis recently visited you? What does it mean? 

Well, if you find a praying mantis in an unexpected place, maybe it is a message that she is your spirit animal and she wants to communicate with you.

However, depending on how the insect visits you, the meaning can vary. Some of the interpretations of praying mantis presence are:

What does a praying mantis on your window mean?

A praying mantis on your window may mean that it wants to send you some vital message.

You need to connect and communicate with it to find out what it is. 

Deep meditation can be a good start in this situation.

What does it mean when a praying mantis is at your door?

Praying mantis at your door can mean protection. 

A praying mantis may tell you to be fearless like her if you fear something as your guardian angels are protecting you. 

What does it mean when you see a lot of praying mantis?

Meaning of seeing a lot of praying mantis can vary depending on who you are and what is happening in your life. 

However, as the common belief is praying mantis brings good luck, seeing many of them may be a sign of abundance or good fortune. 

What does seeing a baby praying mantis mean?

Seeing a baby praying mantis can signify that you are on the right path of your spiritual journey. 

However, if you haven’t started your spiritual journey yet, maybe the baby praying mantis urges you to begin. 

Does praying mantis brings good luck? 

I have already said above that praying mantis is a good sign. Is it good luck to find a praying mantis? 

Yes, finding a praying mantis can bring you good luck, and this perception is widely accepted across cultures. 

Is it good luck to have a praying mantis in your house?

Many people keep praying mantis, believing that it is good luck. 

Well, if you find a praying mantis in your house, it can be a visit from your ancestors. 

Maybe they are sending their blessings through the praying mantis. 

Is baby praying mantis good luck?

Baby praying mantis can be good luck and also bad luck. 

In the younger ages, praying mantis were vulnerable to large predators such as bats. 

So, the baby praying mantis can be a warning of impending danger.

Praying mantis dream meaning

Have you dreamt of a praying mantis recently? Now you may be thinking about what praying mantis symbolize in dreams?

Well, the meaning varies depending on what the insect is doing. A friendly praying mantis is a positive omen.

Dreaming of a dead praying mantis means that you are wasting your time on unnecessary things. 

You need to focus and concentrate on things that matter.

Praying mantis in mythology

Praying mantis has many positive mentions in various mythologies. 

For example, some pre-Columbian cultures consider praying mantis as the symbol of feminine authority.

Some meanings of praying mantis in different mythologies and cultures are:

What deity is associated with praying mantis?

The southern African deity Kaggen is associated with the praying mantis. 

Kaggen is a shape-shifting trickster who can turn into different shapes. 

One of the most common shapes of Kaggen is a praying mantis.

What does a praying mantis symbolize in the bible?

Praying mantis have their front legs in a position that seems like they are praying. 

Due to this posture, Christians see the praying mantis as a symbol of piety. 

Praying mantis meaning in Islam

Some Muslims in Islam believe that the praying posture of the mantis always faces Mecca. West is the direction of prayers in Islam.

Praying mantis symbolism in Hinduism

Many Hindus believe praying mantis is the messenger of God. 

So, when God wants to send you any messages, he may send a praying mantis to you.

Praying mantis good luck Chinese

A praying mantis is a sign of good luck and fortune in Chinese culture. 

People in ancient culture thought the sight of a praying mantis meant they would have successful crops in the upcoming year. 

Moreover, Ted Andrews, in his book Animal Speaks, says that; 

“In China, a system of martial arts evolved around the activities of the praying mantis. 

Kung Fu is based upon the imitation of animals and aspects of nature. 

One form of it is the praying mantis form.”

Praying mantis in astrology

The people born in the primal zodiac of praying mantis are good manipulators. 

They can convince others easily to achieve what they want.

What does the praying mantis symbolize spiritually?

So, what is the praying mantis spiritual meaning? Well, different praying mantis can lead to several meanings.

A brown praying mantis spiritual meaning is associated with connecting with your higher self.

It tells you to look inside and find the hidden knowledge that can bring you good luck.

Green color refers to the color of nature. 

A green praying mantis spiritual meaning is concerned with being who you are. 

Follow your intuition and show your natural self. There is nothing in life that you need to fear.

Pregnant praying mantis spiritual meaning

Many people believe a praying mantis indicates that a woman is pregnant. 

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body produces certain hormones. 

These hormones attract praying mantis, which is why people believe this insect is a sign of prey.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a praying mantis?

Seeing a praying mantis can broaden the perspective of your spiritual self. 

This is because praying mantis has a 180° vision that can help you see yourself and the world differently.

Spiritual meaning of a praying mantis landing on you

Some African cultures believe praying mantis brings good for the people whom they land on. 

In addition, the praying mantis magic can offer you immense power to defeat your enemies.

Then, the praying mantis wisdom can be a helpful guide for your future, which the insect may share with you by landing upon you.

What is your spirit guide animal?

Spirit animal praying mantis has a lot of positive signs and symbolism. But is he your spirit guide animal, or is it something else?

You can find out your spirit animal through a Shamanic Journey or by performing a deep meditation. In addition, I have published a complete guide on how to find your spirit animal.

How to determine your spirit animal totem?

To determine your spirit animal totem, pay attention to your surroundings. 

What animal is frequently visiting and trying to communicate with you? 

Maybe that’s your spirit animal totem.

I have found my spirit animal on a Shamanic Journey. You can read about my Shamanic Journey experience for a better idea of the method. 


Praying mantis spirit animal is inviting you stillness so that you can reach to answers easily in this silent place. 

Praying mantis will show you much more about finding balance, stillness, and inner wisdom in your spiritual journey. Enjoy this Journey!

I hope this article will help you with this remarkable discovery. 

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