Spirit Animals Zodiac Signs

spirit animals zodiac signs

In our spiritual journey, we have many different tools helping us to know ourselves better. Zodiac signs are one of them as well as spirit animals. But do spirit animals and zodiac signs are somehow related?

There is not any easy answer for that. That is why I have created this article to elaborate on this question.

Join me while we are answering one by one.

Do zodiac signs have spirit animals?

Zodiac signs do not directly determine your spirit animals. Therefore, the spirit animals can be different for people with the same zodiac signs.

Spirit animal and astrology

When you have a particular zodiac sign, it influences your behavior and characteristics. So that gives us some possibilities on which animals can be your spiritual guide.

That’s why I have researched different astrological signs and tried to understand what spirit animal you can have depending on your zodiac sign.

Keep in mind that these are only guesses and not confident. To be sure, you need to find your spirit animal through a shamanic journey.

What is the difference between the Chinese and western zodiacs?

The zodiac signs we are familiar with are the western zodiacs. But the Chinese do not follow this, and they have their system of determining zodiac signs.

The key difference between Chinese and western zodiacs is how they are determined. While western zodiacs are based on the date and month you are born, the Chinese zodiacs are based on the year you are born.

A 12-year cycle determines your zodiac sign in China. One animal represents these 12 years each.

So, your spirit animal based on the Chinese zodiac could be the animal that represents your birth year.

What’s your spirit animal based on your zodiac sign?

Different symbols represent different zodiac signs. Some of them are also represented by animals.

What animals represent your zodiac sign?

The animal representing Aries is “The Ram,” which is the Latin word for a male sheep.

Then a Bull represents Taurus.

The animal symbol for the cancer zodiac sign is a crab.

A lion represents Leo.

Then the scorpion is the symbol of the Scorpio.

The sea-goat represents Capricorn.

And lastly, the fish is the symbol of Pisces.

What are the 12 zodiac spirit animals?

Above I mentioned the animal representative for a few of the zodiac signs. So if you have one of those signs, those animals can be your spirit animal.

Besides, below I have described 12 zodiac spirit animals possibilities based on the characteristics each sign may have:

Spirit animal for Aries/Spirit animal of Aries

Aries people are courageous and love to go on adventures. Exploring new things is their passion.

They also have good leadership skills and the ability to take quick action.

What spirit animal is an Aries?

The hawk is one of the possible spirit animals for Aries.

Hawks are great leaders and passionate.

Then a hummingbird can also be an Aries spirit animal that travels a great distance and explores the world.

Spirit animal for Taurus

The personality of Taurus includes extreme desire to achieve what they want in life.

They also have the high physical and mental strength to overcome the odds.

What spirit animal is a Taurus?

The bear and the beaver can be spirit animals for Taurus.

While the first one can offer a Taurus the required strength, the latter can help hold patience to remove obstacles in life.

Spirit animal for Gemini/Spirit animal of Gemini

Geminis are extroverted and playful. The zodiac symbol for Gemini is a twin, which means that Geminis can have two personalities entirely different from one another.

What spirit animal is a Gemini?

A Spirit animal for a Gemini can be a fox.

A fox is quite clever and witty.

Besides, a dolphin can also be a Gemini’s spirit animal due to its playful nature.

Spirit animal of Cancer

People with cancer zodiac signs are sensitive and self-protective. They are also quite caring towards their loved ones.

What spirit animal is a Cancer?

A rabbit or an elephant can be a spirit animal for cancer.

Rabbits usually stay alert to protect themselves from potential threats.

Elephant spirit animals, on the other hand, are caring like Cancers.

Spirit animal of Leo

Leo people are generous and born with high excellent leadership skills. That’s why the lion, known to be the jungle king, represents Leo.

What spirit animal is a Leo?

A peacock can be the spirit animal of a Leo.

The peacock‘s colorful tail can easily attract attention, similar to Leo’s leadership and intelligent personality.

Spirit animal of Virgo

Virgo people are famous for their high intellectual ability. They also are practical about life and are emotionally intense.

What spirit animal is a Virgo?

A brown bear can be the spirit animal for Virgo, which symbolizes practicality.

Then a fox can also be Virgo’s spirit animal. That’s because a fox spirit animal possesses high intelligence.

Spirit animal of Libra

Libras are friendly and inspirational. A balance of scale represents the Libra sign because the belief is that Libras can see both sides of every incident.

Hence, they always seek balance in life. Libras holds a solid and diplomatic personality too.

What spirit animal is a Libra?

If you ask how many spirit animals a libra has, the answer would be many.

A raven, a wolf, or a tiger can be a Libra spirit animal.

The raven spirit animal can help Libra find balance with his wisdom, while wolf and tiger match Libra’s strong personality.

Spirit animal of Scorpio

Scorpios are pretty emotional but strong. They do not hesitate to tell the truth even if it hurts others. That’s why Scorpios are often misunderstood.

What spirit animal is a Scorpio?

Scorpio spirit animal can be a snake.

A snake remains calm but will not bother to take action if disturbed. This nature is similar to Scorpio’s intensity to tell bitter truths.

Spirit animal of Sagittarius

The intelligent and ambitious personality has a significant influence on the spirit animal of Sagittarius. Besides, Sagittarius is loyal and logical in making decisions.

What spirit animal is Sagittarius?

A cat can be the spirit animal of a Sagittarius. The cat spirit animal usually refers to curiosity and an elegant personality.

Then a horse is another possibility. A horse spirit animal symbolizes speed and passion, which refers to Sagittarius’ ambitious personality.

Spirit animal for Capricorn

Capricorns are workaholics and highly ambitious. Once they are determined to achieve something, nothing can distract them.

What spirit animal is Capricorn?

An alligator is believed to be the spirit animal for Capricorn.

When the alligator puts its teeth onto something, nothing can separate them. The determination is the same as Capricorns.

Spirit animal of Aquarius

Aquarius is clever and advanced in taking self-care. They are pretty optimistic about themselves, and their thinking power is excellent.

What spirit animal is Aquarius?

A spider can be the spirit animal for an Aquarius. This is because spiders are clever and optimistic about their web.

Then a peacock can also be an Aquarius spirit animal as the bird believes in his beauty.

Spirit animal of Pisces

Pisces have a calm personality and are emotionally sensitive. They can travel a great distance to ensure the happiness of the people they love.

What spirit animal is a Pisces?

So, Which spirit animal is Pisces?

A deer can be the spirit animal for Pisces. Deers are also calm and love to be around like-minded partners like Pisces.

How do I find out my spirit animal?

Above are some of the possible spirit animals based on your zodiac signs. But as I told you earlier, they are only guesses.

So, now the question is, how do you find out what your spirit animal is? Well, there are multiple ways to do that.

First, you can go on a Shamanic Journey. I found my spirit animal on the journey, and it was a wonderful experience. Deep meditation can also be helpful.

However, I would recommend you to read my article on how to find your spirit animal. There I have explained the processes in detail.

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