What Does a Bat Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what do a bat spirit animal mean and symbolise

Bat spirit animal is the symbol of rebirth, transformation, understanding pain, and sorrow, observation. Moreover, in the symbolism of the bat, there is the seeding of new ideas, the ability to watch with invisibility, the use of sound vibrations, secrets, and mysteries. However, there is not just one answer to this question; ‘What Does a Bat Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?’

The relationship with our spirit animals is unique and we all will have our answers for the meaning and the symbolization of the spirit animals. 

This fact is the same for the bat spirit animal. To find the meaning and the symbolization of your bat spirit animal, first, you will collect different archetypical information, and then you are going to interpret it for yourself. 

Therefore, I have created a guide about the symbolization and the spiritual meaning of the bat spirit animal!

Let’s start!

What does the bat spirit animal mean?

The spirit animal bat is the messenger that can help us through the dark times. Bats are the only mammal that can fly. They are active during the night and are associated with many dark forces across cultures. As Harley White said:

“Those creatures have bred many legends bizarre

of witchcraft or devilry through the ages

nocturnally haunting us where’er they are

in yarns macabre on myriad pages.”  

Cosmic Bat Shadow, Harley White

But let me assure you, a bat spirit animal is not a bad one. It can be an excellent guide for your spirit. Below I have explained more about this mysterious creature.

Spirit animal bat meaning

A spirit animal bat is a guide to face difficult situations in life. Bats have many unique characteristics that make them different from others. They use their echolocation power to sense what is around them. It helps bats to avoid objects on their way, as well as locate prey. Hence a bat spirit animal can help to elevate your inner strength.

Spirit animal dead bat

Dead bats also can appear to you as your spirit animal. Figuratively it indicates rebirth of your spirit. You need to let go of old habits and styles of living. If you bring changes in your life, you may receive something good in return.

Spirit animal red bat

You may have seen dark brownish bats a lot. But there are red bats too, mainly seen in Eastern countries. Unlike other bats, they like to live in solitary. Hence a spirit animal red bat can guide you to walk alone through the darkness.

Spirit animal baby bat

Spirit animal baby bat refers to the rebirth of your spiritual self. Usually, baby bats are born alone. Based on species, twins and quadruples may also be born. A baby bat can help you to get rid of past regret and look forward to the future with a new spirit. 

White bat spirit animal

White bats are one of the smallest bat species, with a size of fewer than two inches. The color white has always been associated with purity and innocence. Besides, these white bats make tents in leaves. That means their spirit receives the sacred natural energy. Hence, a white bat spirit animal can bring happiness to your life. Many cultures also revere bats as a symbol of happiness.

Bat spirit animal characteristics and traits

Bats are nocturnal animals and are often associated with mice. Greek mythology states that:

Once a mouse came into a church and stole the wafer of the eucharist. Instead of eating it, the mouse decided to store it. Pleased with the mouse’s pious respect towards the holy wafer, God rewarded the mouse with wings so that it can find food easily in the future. And then mice became bats.

Bats are very social animals living in colonies with other bats. Hence a spirit animal bat often symphysis the power of social relationships.

Though they have eyes capable of seeing things, they use their echolocation power to navigate in the darkness. It shows how much they believe in their inner sense.

Finding the place of insects that it will feed on with the reflection of the sound waves its wings make, the bat easily finds its way in the dark with its special hearing ability, which listens to the echoes on the surfaces where the sound it makes.

This natural sonar system gave the bat the ability to know what the darkness was hiding. As a spirit animal, he develops awareness that will enable people to understand the messages in the depths of both his physical environment and the people he is in contact with.

The intuition of a person who learns and masters how to use the power of the bat becomes very strong, and his ability to sense the beyond will increase a lot.

It is feared that the bat can transmit rabies, and one of the consequences of this disease is that it can lead to insanity. In the symbolism of the bat, there is that uncontrolled fears can completely engulf the life system, creating a kind of frenzy in our lives.

To remind us to face our fears, it is explained in this symbolism that fears come to guide us not to surround our world. It is the teacher of stance against our fears.

What kind of spirit animal is a bat?

As I said, bats highly trust their inner sense to travel and hunt. It makes them highly sensitive spirit animals. A bat spirit animal is always aware of what is happening around them. 

Besides, due to their nocturnal lifestyle, a bat spirit can travel through dark times. Bat spirits are unique as these mammals are the only ones who can fly. A bat spirit animal has the power to do things that others may think are impossible.

In a scientific study, it was observed that bats that were kept in the refrigerator immediately went into hibernation, and when they were taken outside and the environment was heated, they came to life in a way unique to mammals, without any bodily harm.

This experiment was repeated many times, and all bats closed to various closed cold places showed the same feature.

It was a study that allowed us to see the powerful life energies of bats, that they can regenerate themselves when needed, and that they have high adaptability to different conditions.

The ability to adapt perfectly to all conditions in nutrition and reproduction is the content of this power animal’s primary message.

It points out the importance of observing, defining, and evaluating the environment well. He teaches the person to whom he came as a spirit animal to examine his surroundings in detail, to quickly determine how to benefit from a special situation and what kind of advantages it will provide.

The bat teaches adaptation or patterns of change by the circumstances.

Bat spirit animal symbolism

Bat is one of the most used animals in literature and mythologies. They symbolize different things in different cultures and stories. Sadly, bats are one of the most misunderstood animals on earth. Instead of their warm and sweet nature, people often associate them with negative meanings. But if you look closely, you will find a lot of positivity in bats. 

It represents the importance of trusting intuition, that the changes taking place in life are a chance, that most of the events are necessary and perfect, that fears will turn into useful teachings.

It means that when a new era begins in life, with the right choice of the path to be followed, what is thought to be unknown, and dark will become a brand-new light.

Below I have tried to explain different symbols of bats.

What is a bat a symbol of?

With their mysterious nature, bats can be a symbol of many things. As they have excellent communication skills using ultrasonic sounds, they often symbolize strong communication power. Many cultures also refer to bats as the guardian of the night.

What does the bat symbolize and represent?

The bat symbolizes death and rebirth. Camazotz is the Mayan God of Bat, representing night, sacrifice, and death. You can learn about him in “Popol Vuh,” which in English roughly means “Book of People.”

The story tells the encounter of the hero twins Hunahpú and Xbalanqué with Camazotz. Hunahpú and Xbalanqué have many heroic tales in Mayan mythologies. But their encounter with the bat God was not something worth remembering. They were invited to spend a night inside the Zotzilaha, the house of the bats. Cunning Camazotz used to live there. The hero twins thought they could outsmart Camazotz by sleeping inside their blowguns. But at midnight, Xbalanqué asked Hunahpú to look outside and check if it was dawn. So, Hunahpú slid his head out of his blowgun. Camazotz was waiting for this moment and ripped the head of Hunahpú instantly.

Here, death refers to the end of your old self or a relationship that was not healthy for you. Hence, your spirit is reborn to have a better life ahead.

Are bats a sign of good luck?

Bats have often been associated with good fortune across cultures. While gypsies consider them a sign of good luck, the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia believes that they are the luckiest of all animals.

Additionally, the Chinese people always respected bats as a symbol of happiness and good fortune. They often wear the talisman of five bats, which represents five blessings for happiness that people sought. The blessings are prosperity, health, good luck, long life, and a desire for virtue.

Are bats an omen?

There is a lot of belief in bat omens. Many believe that they are an omen of misfortune. Such beliefs originated mainly from European folktales. In European cultures, bats have often been associated with witchcraft and Dracula. However, some cultures like Persian and African consider bats as a good omen. 

Bat symbolism bible

In the bible, bats are referred to in the list of unclean birds and detestable:

“And these you shall detest among the birds; they shall not be eaten; they are detestable: the eagle, the bearded vulture, the black vulture…the stork, the heron of any kind, the hoopoe, and the bat.” 

Leviticus 11:19

What does it mean when bats fly around you?

Bats have the amazing power of flying around without seeing. Even African people respect bats for such unique abilities. But what does it mean when bats fly around you? Well, like it faces no trouble flying, it is a sign that you are also protected from evil forces. If you are going through dark phases in your life, bats flying is the sign that soon you will see better days.

What does see a dead bat mean?

Seeing a dead bat may mean that it is time to let go of your past. As bats symbolize rebirth, a dead bat is a sign that now you must look forward.

What does a bat mean and represent spiritually?

A bat carries a lot of spiritual significance. Bats fly in the darkness of the night and can bring you the hidden power of the night for spiritual growth. 

With the guidance of the bat, it is possible to perceive the world with a new perspective, because sensitivity to vibrations and confidence in intuition is gained.

Increasing observation skills and learning to be alone without neglecting social environments will increase one’s awareness.

What is the spiritual symbolism and meaning of a bat?

A bat is a symbol of fearlessness, inner strength, social bonding, and the growth of a spiritual being. As bats never fear to fly in the dark, it makes your spirit fearless too. They follow their inner sense, which increases the strength of your spirit and helps it grow. Not to mention, their social lifestyle can help your spirit to make strong bonds with your acquaintances.

Bats represent many positive symbols. People might fear them because of their fangs, but they are not harmful at all. If you talk about their spiritual meaning, they can be of great help to people who need assistance in difficult situations.

What if my spirit animal is a bat?

What happens if a bat appears to you as your spirit animal? Can it direct your life to a positive path? Well, when a spirit animal bat comes to you, it can bring many messages. But first, you need to know if a bat is your spirit animal or not.

How do I know if a bat is my spirit animal?

So, how do you know if a bat is your spirit animal? Well, there are many ways you can follow. If you ask about my spirit animal, I have found it through a Shamanic Journey. You also can do that or read my detailed guideline on how to find your spirit animal

When your spirit animal is a bat?

There are some phases in life when you require the assistance of a bat. It will help you to go through the dark path you fear. When you are lost in the darkness of the night, a bat spirit animal will appear to you and guide you to the light.

The bat, whose balance is disturbed, falls into turmoil, becomes confused, and begins to crash into objects around it. If you are striving to achieve the things you need and desire to happen, but you are constantly bumping into obstacles, the bat will come to guide you. the message is clear; You need to take a step back, reassemble your behavior, reassess your relationships, regain control, reevaluate whatever you’re looking for.

Why is my spirit animal a bat?

When your spirit animal is a bat, you may wonder why. Well, there can be multiple reasons behind the appearance of a spirit animal bat in your life.

You may be failing to communicate with your friends and family. But the role of such persons in your life is significant. That is why your spirit animal is a bat. He wants to help you to make a strong bond with your surroundings as he has in his colonies.

Are you going through dark times in life? You can not see what is in front of you? Well, a bat is a highly sensitive animal and can sense what is around them. So, in this situation, a bat spirit animal would want to guide you with its inner strength.

As a symbol of rebirth, it may want to tell you that instead of thinking about the past, it is time to focus on the future.

However, the message from your bat spirit animal is unique to you. None can tell you for sure what its significance is in your life. Hence, you must communicate with your spirit animal bat to know why it came to you.

Bat medicine

Bat medicine plays a crucial role in our spiritual growth. It helps to release your fear and past regrets. Bat medicine can heal your spirit and guide you to a new beginning.

Ayşe Nilgün Arıt in her book ‘Sacred Guides in Shamanism’, talks about a shamanic initiation ritual which is also about the bat spirit animal;

‘At one stage of shaman initiation, a death ritual is passed. Sometimes with the support of the teacher, sometimes with the help of plant spirits, sometimes with fasting, this information ritual is aimed at confronting fears and rebirth as old identities have been abandoned.

During this ritual, sometimes bats enter the shaman’s journeys because under his guidance there is a teaching of abandoning fears and various patterns that do not fit the development process. The bat entering the shaman’s journey gives the message that there will be a change in the way of living life.

Transitions can be frightening to many, and even fearful to think about. However, spiritual evolution is not possible without abandoning burdens that are no longer needed. When faced with darkness, there is the light of rebirth.

As a spirit animal, the bat offers the wisdom of change, the guidance for the right decisions that will be needed throughout the birth of a new identity.’

Spirit animal bat deck

If your spirit animal is a bat, having a spirit animal bat deck can be a great way to decode his unique message for you.

Bat medicine card

Get the medicine cards to heal your spirit with bat medicine. It includes other animal medicine too.

Animal spirit cards bat

Find the message of your spirit animal bat through animal spirit cards.

Wild unknown animal spirit deck bat

You also can get the popular wild unknown animal spirit deck for detailed spirit animal guidance of a bat.

Spirit animal oracle bat

People have often associated bats with witchcraft. Get these witches’ oracle cards to find the meaning of bat spirit animal. 


If you are reading this article know that this is not just a pure coincidence. Bat spirit animal is trying to show you the secrets and the mysteries of your fears. Maybe a bright new life and perspective are waiting for you. So, open your eyes and your ears and get ready for a new perspective. 

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