What Does a Hawk Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what do hawks represent spiritually

Maybe you have just found out in your shamanic journey that the hawk is your spirit animal. Or maybe you are seeing hawks in your dreams or real life. The question you would have in your mind in both cases is: What Does a Hawk Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

Symbols are like a huge ocean that is surrounding us. We can see symbols in mythologies, stories, dreams, songs, daily life. All around us. The real question with the symbols is, what is the meaning of a symbol for you? What is the message that a symbol is revealing to you?

To be able to respond to this question, you would be a trace follower. You will trace what each symbol has meant in each culture so that you can create a relationship and finally understand the symbols’ meanings for you.

Here in this article, I collected hawk spirit animal meaning, symbolization, and spiritual understanding in different cultures. I hope it will guide you in your own journey of creating a relationship with your spirit animal hawk!

What does hawk spirit animal mean?

“The convenience of the high trees!

The air’s buoyancy and the sun’s ray

Are of advantage to me;

And the earth’s face upward for my inspection.”

Hawk Roosting, Ted Hughes

A spirit animal hawk is a spiritual guide to see the world from a different perspective. Hawks are praised for their acute vision. A hawk spirit animal also bears the ability to have an excellent vision. However, multiple species of hawks can appear in life. They all have different significance as spirit animals.

A pigeon hawk means to be more agile and detail-oriented in what you do. This species is better known for its swift hunting tactics. Then the cooper’s hawks are most active during the morning. Hence, a cooper’s hawk has the divine energy that morning produces. Grey hawk spirit animals make great partners as grey hawk couples live an organized life while taking care of babies. Similar to grey hawks, white hawk meaning is associated with aerial courtship.

A black hawk spirit animal displays identical characteristics to the white one. Besides, a black hawk spirit can activate your subconscious realm. Red-tailed hawks do minimal flapping during flight to save energy. Similarly, a red-tailed hawk can share its wisdom to let you know where you should invest your energy and attention and where to not.

Again, sparrow hawks are excellent hunters. A sparrow hawk shares the wisdom of acute vision, perfect timing, and patience. Unlike other hawks, a night hawk is a nocturnal bird. The night hawk spirit animal brings the perfect balance between good and bad. Then the changeable hawk-eagle flies high above the sky. An eagle-hawk spirit animal is a connection between our world and the spiritual world. A Celtic hawk spirit animal is also believed to transfer messages between these two realms.

Have you ever heard of the kestrel hawk spirit animal? Well, kestrels and hawks are similar but different birds. Kestrels are usually smaller in size. To talk about the small size, it reminded me of the mosquito hawks. They are little insects, often confused with hawks as birds. A mosquito hawk improves your creativity. However, different characteristics of hawks make them unique and better than most other spirit animals.

Hawk spirit animal personality and traits

Hawks have outstanding eyesight. To be precise, they have eight times more acute vision compared to humans. Such acute vision makes them excellent hunters. Whether it’s an open space or a forest, prey seldom gets out of their sight.

“The hawk was everything I wanted to be: solitary, self-possessed, free from grief, and numb to the hurts of human life.”

Helen Macdonald

Hawks kill their prey with talons. They are mainly active during the day. Usually, hawks mate for life but find a new partner if one dies.

Hawk spirit animal symbolism

Hawk spirit animals represent some unique and rich symbolism across cultures. Clear vision is the most common symbol of the hawk. A white hawk often symbolizes leadership and the ability to do unexpected things, while a black hawk symbolizes courage, wisdom, and strength. On the other hand, a sparrow hawk symbolizes the warrior of the light. It knows where to invest energy and passion for winning any fight. A red hawk symbolizes the cleansing of the spiritual self. Many cultures revere them as the bringer of the message from the spiritual world.

I have covered more hawk symbolisms below:

Dead hawk symbolism

As you already know, hawks have sharp eyesight. A dead hawk symbolizes that there is something important that you are missing. You need to use the acute vision of a hawk spirit to find what it is.

Celtic hawk symbolism

A hawk is one of the Celtic zodiac signs. The Celtic hawk symbolizes vision on different levels, including philosophical, intuition, idealism, and exploration. You can use this vision to achieve goals both in your personal and professional life.

What does a hawk symbolize in native American culture?

A hawk symbolizes the guardian and protector of mother earth and its children(humans) in the Native American cultures. The belief is that the hawk is always involved in fighting the negative spirits in the air to protect us. Additionally, many Native American tribes use the feather of a red-tailed hawk in different religious ceremonial activities.

Native American hawk legends

There are many legends available about hawks in Native American. One of the legends is:

Once a beautiful girl named Sapana was collecting firewood with other girls. Suddenly she saw a porcupine sitting on a tree branch. In an attempt to catch the porcupine, Sapna climbed the tree to the top and suddenly found her above the sky. She saw the porcupine turn into an ugly older man. The older man made Sapana her servant. One day Sapana dug a hole and saw the earth. Then a buzzard rescued her from there and asked a hawk to carry Sapana to the earth. The hawk helped, and the girl finally reached home safely. After that, the tribe used to leave food for the buzzards and the hawk whenever they went hunting.

This is one of the many legends that led to the belief that hawks protect humans from the negative energies in the air.

What does it mean when a hawk hangs around your house?

Hawks hanging around your house is a sign that you need to change your perspective. You need to see every situation from a larger viewpoint like a hawk does from up above the sky.

Hawk spirit animal visit: what does it mean when a hawk visits you?

Is a hawk visiting you frequently? Then there must be something important. When a hawk is your spirit animal, he will often visit you and try to communicate with you. If you ask me what you should do now, I would say that try to go on a Shamanic Journey. You also can do meditation if journeying is not possible for you.

Hawks circling overhead

Hawks often circle to save energy for traveling. When hawks are circling overhead, it often symbolizes the answer to the problem you’re facing. If you are going through trouble and looking for answers, such incidents are a sign that you will soon find your answer.

Hawk sitting on ground

You may often see these birds sitting on the ground instead of flying. They are not afraid to be between us. It symbolizes their courage to face different situations in life.

Biblical meaning of seeing a hawk

“Is it by your understanding that the hawk soars and spreads his wings toward the south?”

Job 39:26

The above bible verse symbolizes the leadership ability of a hawk. However, when you see a hawk in your dreams, it can have several meanings.

Seeing a white hawk represents the prophetic sight. On the other hand, if you have seen a black hawk, it means the awakening of your spiritual self. Seeing a red hawk means you need to drive your attention to the root of the chakra and survival energy. The sight of a cooper’s hawk represents the capability of adapting to the new perspective or situation in life.

What do hawks represent spiritually?

Spiritually a hawk represents the ability to make decisions on time, get a larger view of any situation, and have determination.

What does it mean when you see a hawk, spiritually?

When you see a hawk, spiritually it means that you need to take the lead and plan for the future. If necessary, follow your intuition. When a hawk sees its prey, he never thinks twice and hunts the prey down. Such intuitive decisions lead hawks to success.

Red tailed hawk spiritual meaning

The red-tailed hawk is believed to have connections with the spiritual world. Spiritually a red-tailed hawk means that you need to clear your mind. It will help you to sharpen your vision.

How do you know if a hawk is your spirit animal?

There are multiple methods to ensure a hawk is your spirit animal or not. I went on a Shamanic Journey to find my spirit animal and its message. You can do the same, or you also can do deep meditation with proper guidance to know if a hawk is your spirit animal.

What does it mean if your spirit animal is a hawk?

After following any of the methods, if you find that a hawk is your spirit animal, what does it mean? Well, when a spirit animal hawk appears to you, it usually means that you have an excellent vision which you can use to change your viewpoint. Before, you may have seen everything from a smaller picture, but it’s time to see the bigger one.

Hawk spirit animals may also mean to raise the leadership ability in you. A spirit animal hawk makes the journey of life easier. Hawks travel a lot and have excellent wisdom. With his wisdom and acute vision, you can achieve any goal in life.

Hawk spirit animal messages

Many believe that hawks bring messages from the spiritual world. So, if your spirit animal is a hawk, you may also receive divine messages that can be resourceful.

Besides, your hawk spirit animal can carry many unique messages to help your spirit. These messages vary from person to person. So, communicate with your spirit animal to learn about his unique message.

Hawk spirit animal powers

If you feel like you are missing something important, you can use the hawk spirit animal power to find it. A spirit animal hawk possesses the power of acute eyesight, making future plans, and protecting from negative forces.

Spirit animal hawk deck

You can have the following spirit animal decks to build a deeper connection with the hawk:

Animal spirit cards hawk

These spirit animal cards include some excellent messages. Find the hawks’ message and broaden your sight.

Wild unknown animal spirit deck hawk

Besides, the wild unknown animal deck is very popular and can add great value to your deck collection.

Spirit animal oracle hawk

You also can get the valuable spirit animal oracle deck.


Be aware of this powerful relationship with your spirit animal! Your spirit animal’s medicine is also yours. Trust your intuition and enjoy the journey!

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