What Does a Monkey Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a monkey spirit animal mean and symbolise

Monkey spirit animals are the symbols of living in harmony, problem-solving, intelligence, and ingenuity. But the real question is: What Does a Monkey Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize For You?

Monkey also represents language skills, being curious, and being able to relate to the spirits of the forest. It has the power to balance between compassion and anger, darkness and light.

Monkey spirit animals are incredible guides to light your path. You are the one who can understand the messages of your guide which is full of symbolism.

In this article, I collected information from different cultures to help you with the monkey spirit animal’s symbolism and spiritual meaning. Let’s start. Shall we?

What is a spirit animal monkey?

It is a spiritual guide in life. It can share its wisdom with you and assist you in leading a happy life. I said happily because monkeys are very fun-loving and playful animals.

“People go to the zoo and they like the lion because it’s scary. And the bear because it’s intense, but the monkey makes people laugh.”

Lorne Michaels

What does spirit animal monkey mean?

So what does this spirit animal mean? Does this fun-loving animal have anything to offer? Well, we have a lot to learn from monkeys. Different monkey spirit animals can help you in different ways.

Among monkey species, the male proboscis is very good at attracting female proboscis monkeys. You may not believe it, but it is their large noses that cause this attraction. A proboscis monkey can be a helpful guide to find an ideal partner in life. Then the spider monkeys are very popular due to their long-jumping abilities. Their prehensile tails help them to hang on trees. With such unique abilities, spirit animal spider monkeys can help bring balance in life. Besides, their friendly nature is also a message to be social with others.

Like the spider monkey, blue monkeys are also very social. Moreover, the leader is very protective of his troops. Hence a blue monkey can offer protection from potential dangers. They also have a unique pouch in their cheeks to carry food. It indicates their ability to work for the future. However, all monkeys are entertaining and humorous. Especially the baby monkey can be an excellent guide to a joyous life.

Howler monkeys are one of the largest monkeys today. They are popular for their loud howls, which can be heard from miles away. A howler monkey spirit animal can be a guide to raise a voice against unfair activities.

Though they teach us to have fun, monkeys are often associated with evil forces. A tiger monkey spirit animal is known for its trickster characteristics. Besides, some West African people perform juju, a magical activity, mostly to harm others. A head of a monkey is the most common tool for such performance. Talking about cultures, monkeys also appear in the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese spirit animal monkey refers to brilliance, independence, and honesty. 

Chimpanzee, gorilla, and gibbon spirit animals are also often linked to monkey spirit animals. In fact, they are considered cousins to monkeys. Chimpanzee spirit animals can be an excellent guide for communication and understanding. A gorilla spirit animal assists in finding the leader in oneself. And the gibbon spirit animal guides one to follow one’s instincts. 

Monkey power animal characteristics and personality

“Calm is the monkey

Sharing the same genes with man

Nature made it so.

Though beyond knowledge

Man`s intellect is pronounced

which makes us unique.”

PRIMATES (Haiku and Senryu poetry)

Monkeys share a lot of characteristics with humans. The below explanations will help you understand better the monkey spirit animal qualities and traits.

Monkey spirit animal qualities and traits

The monkey is the 9th of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. People born in the Monkey year are said to possess the personality traits of being intelligent, clever, and curious. They are also highly humorous. 

A spirit animal monkey is of playful nature. It likes to enjoy life while living with others in groups. You may not take them seriously because of their fun nature, but they are very cautious about their future. When there is a lack of food, female monkeys will not mate. Because they do not want to give birth in such adverse situations. 

Monkeys are the planet’s most successful tool-makers. They know how to make good use of the resources around them in order to do something they want. They are homeopaths who eat fruits with poisonous seeds without chewing the seeds, and who know how to heal themselves with medicinal plants.

Can my spirit animal be a monkey?

If you have forgotten to play in life or stay away from people around you, a monkey can be your spirit animal to help. Now if you ask me, if there is a way to know if a monkey is your spirit animal, I will suggest that you read this article. It explains how you can find your spirit animal in detail.

Power animal monkey symbolism

The monkey symbolizes different meanings across cultures. They are also very popular in mythologies and literature. The Hindu God Hanuman has the head of a monkey and the body of a human. Hanuman symbolizes strength, courage, and self-discipline. He also possesses great wisdom. 

Gods like monkeys appear in the Mayan civilization too. In the Classic Mayas, Howler Monkey is a deity or God of arts, including music. Monkeys have many more symbols. I have tried to cover most of them below:

What does the monkey symbolize?

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” is the principle of the three wise monkeys in Japanese cultures. Mizaru covers his eyes to see no evil, Kikazaru hears no evil by covering his ears, and Iwazaru covers his mouth to speak of no evil. Different people see the proverb differently. The most common one is to not dwell with any evil thoughts or activities. Hence, monkeys often symbolize the opposite of evil.

Monkey spirit animal totem meaning

Monkey spirit animal totem refers to being a trickster in a fun way. It gives you the desire to explore the world of smiles and motivates others to join. With a monkey spirit totem, you can pull out practical jokes comfortably.

Native American spirit monkey

Spirit animal monkey also appears in Native American cultures. It mainly symbolizes a trickster figure, popular for his intelligence. Iwarrika is a South American mythological figure blamed for accidentally flooding the earth. 

Then there’s the signifying monkey in the African-American folklore. He used to transfer messages between gods and men with trickery. 

What does a monkey represent biblically?

In Christianity, monkeys represent lust, greed, and malice. He also can appear in the shape of a devil. However, there is no such strong mention of the evil side of the monkeys in the bible.

What does a monkey mean and represent spiritually?

A monkey can be a great spiritual guide. When your spirit needs help to find joy, a monkey can help. Monkey spirit also shares great wisdom. These animals travel through the jungle, gathering food and knowledge. Spiritually a monkey refers to joyful life while living with others and motivates them to laugh. 

When you are in doubt by immersing yourself in the details of modern life when you are in a mood of not knowing what to do, choices that will simplify your life are possible. Because we are the creators of our lives, it is the power animal that comes to show us ways to simplify matters in solutions, to encourage us to use that same creativity in resolving complexities.

The monkey’s high intelligence and broad emotional characteristics remind us of our place in the universe. It teaches those who believe that man is the supreme being of the living world to comprehend the principle of equality of existence. Being less self-centered, recognizing and appreciating the special abilities of every being on the planet without seeing ourselves in the giant mirror are the values of being human.

If what will solve the confusion in our lives is to live in harmony with the feeling that we are one of the wonderful parts of the whole, instead of focusing on our privileges, it will come as a power animal.

What if my power animal is a monkey?

Spirit animal monkey guides people to recognize their own dark sides and to meet their shadow identity.

The monkey, which is the closest species to man in the evolutionary stages, has come to remind us of the simple methods that will be enough to be happy when he embarks on a shaman journey.

It will awaken our ability to express ourselves and being playful, which is hidden in our souls.

It will develop the skills necessary to be active and enjoy life both in society and in natural environments

Monkeys have as wide a range of emotions as humans and are very creative.

What does it mean if your spirit animal is a monkey?

When your spirit animal is a monkey, maybe it is a message that you need to find joy in life. Play like a baby monkey and always be cheerful. A monkey spirit animal may also mean that you need to be more social with people around you. The blue monkey spirit animal is a message that it is not always about you. He will teach you how to care for and protect others.

If a howler monkey appears to you as a spirit animal, maybe it is a message to break the silence. It is a time to be courageous like the Hindu God Hanuman. In short, if your spirit animal is a monkey, it probably means you need to be joyful while helping others and also speak up against evil. 

Why is my power animal a monkey?

If at some point in life creativity has become important, if some ancient knowledge is to come in handy, the monkey will give the necessary inspiration, increase the imagination, direct it to use the resources of our own deep wisdom.

Spirit animal medicine monkey

This playful nature of spirit animal monkey can also act as medicine. It can heal your heart when there is nothing to be happy about. The spirit animal medicine monkey can help you enjoy your life with others.

Monkey, chimpanzee, and gorilla are similarly powered spirit animals, but the gorilla represents heightened intuitiveness due to its sensitivity to low vibrations.

It also comes to increase the leadership qualities of passive-behaved people, to make their own values visible, and to encourage them to show examples of responsibility that will provide respect.

Gorilla medicine has the symbolism of co-hosting strength with compassion. Knowing when to be passive and calm, when to be active and even aggressive, and being able to balance calm and justified interventionism are included in the symbolism of the gorilla.

Those who oscillate between being overprotective and indifferent need his guidance. The power animal that enters the shamanic journey is the gorilla when communication problems in the family become serious and social relations become life-threatening.

Monkey spirit animal message

Monkey spirit animals can convey a lot of messages. I have already explained most of them. It may tell you to be happy or be more friendly with others. Or it may also be a message to plan for the future. Depending on who you are and what is happening in your life, the message from monkey spirit animals will differ. Hence it is best to communicate with your spirit animal monkey through a Shamanic Journey or a deep meditation to get its unique message.

Spirit animal monkey deck

Do you want to connect to your monkey spirit animal more closely? Use these oracle deck cards to get the message from your monkey spirit animal. It also includes the guide to call in the wisdom of several other spirit animals that may appear to you.


So now you are ready to continue your journey with your spirit animal monkey. Create a relationship with it, get the symbols and understand the messages behind these symbols, trust your intuition and create your life.

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