What Does a Peacock Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what does a peacock spirit animal mean and symbolise

The Peacock spirit animal is the symbol of beauty, honor, attention, and immortality. In the power of the peacock, there is the ability to understand the past, present, and future correctly, to be reborn from the ashes, and self-confidence. But What Does a Peacock Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize For You?

We all have a unique relationship with our spirit animals. Their messages and symbolic revelation are unique for each of us.

The path to understanding this unique message is creating a relationship with them in your dreams, shamanic journeys, meditations, etc.- whatever your vehicle is. Moreover gaining information about their symbolic and spiritual meaning can also help you.

That is why I have created this comprehensive article about the symbolic and spiritual meanings of the peacock spirit animal. I hope it will serve you!

What is a spirit animal peacock?

People admire peacocks for their beauty. When they spread their tail feathers, it is so pleasing to the eyes. And if a spirit animal peacock appears in your life, it can mean something significant. A peacock spirit animal is a spiritual messenger who can guide you in life. If you want to understand a peacock spirit better, you need to learn what different peacocks mean, what their symbolic interpretations are, and what message they can bring to you. I have tried to cover almost everything in this article. So, continue reading till the end to explore the meaning and symbolism of the peacock spirit animal.

What does a peacock spirit animal mean?

The beauty of peacocks that we admire is of male species. Hence, a peacock spirit animal can connect you to the sacred masculine energy. Besides, different peacock spirits may carry different significance. They come in different colors and different meanings.

White peacock spirit animal refers to purity, innocence, and spiritual light. The color white has always been associated with purity and sacredness. Hence, a white peacock spirit can also be a guide from Jesus Christ. Similar to the white peacock, Albino peacocks also have white tail feathers. Thus both of these peacock spirits represent the same meanings. An albino peacock spirit animal can help you to stay safe from negative energies.

Blue peacocks are the most common peacocks we see. A blue peacock spirit animal finds beauty even in the simplest thing. As its outlook is fascinating, it enables this spirit to have superior self-confidence. The fantasy bird red peacock may also appear to many. A spirit animal red peacock means to have passion for something.

Overall, a spirit animal peacock’s meanings are associated with beauty, self-confidence, masculine energy, and passion. 

Peacock spirit animal characteristics

“What’s riches to him

That has made a great peacock

With the pride of his eye?

The wind-beaten, stone-grey,

And desolate Three Rock

Would nourish his whim.”

The Peacock, William Butler Yeats.

Peacock spirit animals are usually gentle. People with a peacock spirit animal do not always show off their talents, as these birds do not always spread their colorful feathers. Though peacocks usually do not get to stay with others much, they are indeed very social. Someone with a peacock spirit animal will not be selfish and will have concerns for others too. That’s because when peacocks see dangers, they make a shrieking sound to alert others.

What does the peacock symbolize?

Peacocks have a wide range of symbolism. Different cultures see them differently. Numerous mythology explains them in unique ways. Its magnificent feathers appear in many mythological stories.

For example, in Greek mythology, the eye shapes adorning the peacock feathers are said to be the work of the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus.

Because Zeus turned his lover Io into a white cattle to protect him from Hera’s jealousy, and Hera sent Argos, who had hundreds of eyes and could keep some of them open even while sleeping, as a guard so that Zeus could not approach him. When Zeus, enraged by this, had Argos killed, Hera transferred the eyes of her faithful guardian to the feathers of peacocks so that they could live on forever and adorn the universe.

In Babylonian and Persian legends, the peacock is engraved on king thrones as the faithful guardian of palaces.

Peacock is associated with Lakshmi, the god of compassion and good luck in Hinduism.

In Chinese mythology, it is told that the 5 basic colors in the peacock feathers express the 5 basic sounds in nature and the notes represented by these colors create a melody.

The peacock symbolized the Sun God Ra in ancient Egypt.

It is said that the magnificent tail of the peacock, which opens in a circle, represents heaven, and the eyes in its feathers represent the stars, in some folk tales.

What is the symbolic meaning of a peacock?

The colorful and well-designed feathers make peacocks one of the most beautiful birds in the world. It gives them a symbolic meaning of beauty and self-love. They know they are pretty, that’s why they love them, and their self-confidence is also quite high. 

What does a white peacock symbolize and represent?

Peacocks play a significant role in Hinduism. The Hindu goddess Lakshmi is often symbolized by a peacock. She is the goddess of good fortune, prosperity, and beauty. A peacock also symbolizes the conveyance of Vishnu – a Hindu God of Karma and protector of the good. He is also the consort to Lakshmi.

A legend from “Uttara Ramayana” in Hindu mythology states:

The Hindu King of Gods, Indra, when unable to defeat Ravana, took shelter under the wing of a peacock. Pleased with the peacock, later Indra rewarded the bird with a thousand eyes and fearlessness of serpent. Here a thousand eyes represent the unique design of the feathers.

Peacock symbolism Buddhism 

Besides Hinduism, the peacock represents a sacred being also in Buddhism. To the Buddhists, a peacock is a symbol of purity. Therefore they often use the feather of peacocks in different purification ceremonies.

Native American peacock spirit animal

Do Native Americans are familiar with the peacock spirit animal? Well, peacocks are mostly found in Asia, especially in India. Hence Native Americans haven’t had much interaction with this magnificent bird. Still, it symbolizes wellness to some accounts. The feather of peacocks is also used often in various healing rituals.

Peacock feathers are believed to have protective properties and are moved with gentle swings over the body of a wound or patient in healing rituals. Thus, it is aimed to erase the negative psychic imprints that have entered the energy field of that person.

Peacock spirit animal quotes

Canadian basketball player RJ Barrett quoted:

“Whenever I can put a fresh, clean suit on, I’m like a peacock. That’s my most confident moment.”

As I already told you, the peacock spirit animal is associated with self-confidence.

Then William Shakespeare said in “The Comedy of Errors”:

“Fly pride,” says the peacock. Mistress, that you know. Accusing us of cheating is like the proud peacock accusing someone else of pride.”

Is peacock a good sign?

With so many positive meanings and symbolisms of peacocks, there should not be any confusion that peacocks are indeed a good sign. It can have different meanings based on what is happening in your life. I have discussed this matter more in the following points.

What does it mean when a peacock visits you?

When a peacock visits you, he brings some important messages. It can be anything related to his symbolisms and your life. Maybe he is trying to tell you that regardless of who you are, you are beautiful, and you need to love yourself.

I also think a peacock brings such messages when he is your spirit animal. Hence, his sight may mean that he wants to communicate with you. If you ask me how I will suggest you either go on a Shamanic Journey or have a deep meditation.

Peacock coming to house meaning

When a peacock comes into your house, it may mean that you are taking your life too seriously. It is a sign that you need to enjoy your life with love and happiness. Start dancing like a peacock does when he knows it is going to rain soon.

Is peacock coming home good or bad? Is seeing a peacock good luck?

Though there is some old superstition that peacocks coming to the home is a bad omen, I do not agree with that. I mean, looking at those majestic birds, colorful birds with lots of positive symbolic meanings must bring good luck. So, if you see a peacock, believe that good news is coming to you.

What does it mean when a peacock crosses your path?

When a peacock crosses your path, it asks you to love yourself. If you are struggling to find a partner, a peacock spreading its feathers can be a good sign. That’s because peacocks often spread their feathers to attract peahens(female peafowls). 

What does a peacock represent spiritually?

The magnificent peacock represents the spiritual significance of self-love. If you think you are not perfect, look at a peacock. His voice may not sound good like other birds. Yet, he is loved by many for his charming look. 

In many fairy tales, the symbolism of the peacock is treated in such a way that beauty is not taken too seriously and that the main thing is the beauty of the heart.

The value of knowing the value of what we have, not neglecting the dreams that enable us to look at life with smiling eyes, and being able to create beauty in this way is emphasized.

In the stories of rebirth from the ashes, which are told in a peacock-like the Phoenix, there is a symbolism of continuing life with the beautiful aspects of the personality, leaving things of the past in the past like feathers whose time has come to shed. This is how self-confidence and self-worth will be gained.

People with power animals, peacocks, will be able to look at their past lives from their hearts and decipher the karmic meaning of their experiences.

What is the spiritual meaning of peacocks?

Peacock spiritual meaning is associated with healing. A peacock medicine can help your spirit heal if it is wounded. Similarly, a spirit animal peacock often refers to resurrection.

Those who have peacocks as their spirit animals are often sensitive and it is important to protect their energy fields.

Those who have this power are people who attract attention with their aura colors, whose talents are respected, and who have the potential to rise and become leaders in any field they choose.

The peacock, which makes you feel the value of nature with its magnificent stance and colors, arouses admiration for everyone who sees it.

What does it mean to have a peacock as a spirit animal?

Did a peacock appear to you as a spirit animal? What does it mean for you? Well, when such things happen, you need to see yourself and the world from different views.

May the world be more beautiful than you think. When you have a spirit animal peacock in life, it will elevate your self-confidence and self-love. It also can provide you with divine masculine energy plus great wisdom. Greeks consider these mighty birds the owner of great knowledge.

The guidance of the peacock is very valuable in the shamanic journeys of those who want to increase their self-confidence and energy.

Shamans evoke beautiful emotions with their magnificent stances on their journeys, and they immediately express that they have come to offer grace and self-confidence. Even though she has come for periodic guidance, not as a lifelong power animal, the peacock will give sensitive messages about realizing that beauty is a temporary blessing, whereas the joy of life is a permanent blessing. It will remind you that some roads will open easily when you approach life with a smile.

Why is my spirit animal a peacock?

But why is your spirit animal a peacock? You may have lost confidence in your ability. Maybe you are feeling inferior to others. That is why a spirit animal peacock appeared in your life. When you lack the right partner or good fortune, then also a peacock will come to you as your spirit animal. 

A peacock spirit animal comes in these situations to help you. He wants to convey some unique messages that other spirit animals can not. 

The peacock strengthens the honor and moral values ​​of those who enter his life. It guides the selection of people who have these virtues while creating their circle of friends. He gives support to those who follow the right path to not give up their beliefs. Those who receive this guidance learn that they can stay away from showing off and that they can find attention and love by presenting their beautiful colors as well.

They will always be the center of attention, all eyes will be on them, and they will move forward with an identity that is both reliable and self-confident.

Message from spirit animal peacock

So, what are the messages your spirit animal peacock is trying to convey? Well, they can be anything. He may try to tell you to love yourself and have faith in your ability.

The peacock spirit animal may also want to say that you should have some joy in life. You can often dance like a peacock. 

A peacock spirit animal is a message that your spirit consists of purity. Hence he, with his medicine, will save you from all the negative energies that may hurt you. As peacocks fight great against snakes, you will also have the power to fight against enemies.

However, I believe the message from the peacock spirit animal is unique to everyone. None can tell you for sure what the peacock spirit is trying to tell you. But you can easily find out the message. Sit on a deep meditation or go on a Shamanic Journey to communicate with your spirit animal peacock.

Spirit animal peacock deck

Do you want to know more about the message of your peacock spirit animal? The following peacock decks may help you:

Spirit animal oracle peacock

These cards are great to start with. You can extract the spiritual meaning of different animals.

Peacock animal spirit card

I love these spirit cards and hope you would like them too. They offer some excellent messages.

Wild unknown animal spirit peacock

The wild unknown animal spirit deck is very popular among all people. Whether you have a peacock spirit animal or something else, these cards can always be beneficial.


Are you ready to be reborn from your ashes and gain self-confidence? Shine dear, to show your magic to this world. We all come here to shine, shine like stars.

Let peacock help you on this shining journey. I hope this article would add a value even little, in this magical journey of yours!

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