What Does a Rabbit Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

what do a spirit animal mean and symbolise

If you are here, it is maybe because you are thinking that rabbits are your spiritual guides. If so, take this intuition quite seriously. Rabbits are great spiritual guides in our life journeys. With their personality and characters, and with different stories full of wisdom from different mythologies around the world, rabbits will light your way on this life path. Then you will ask What Does a Rabbit Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize?

Rabbit spirit animals symbolize creativity, intuition, contradiction, and fear. I have prepared you a comprehensive guide about the meaning and symbolization of the rabbit spirit animal. You will find all the answers that you are looking for. Let’s start.

What does the rabbit spirit animal mean?

Rabbits are small mammals the size nearly of a cat. However, their characteristics are quite different. Usually, rabbits live in large social groups known as colonies. They mostly hunt for food at dawn and dusk.

A spirit animal rabbit means different things in different cultures. The meaning of rabbit spirit is related to fear and fertility. It also indicates life and death. People with rabbits as their spirit animals are usually creative in nature.

Continue to read the article till the end to know everything about spirit animal rabbits. I have tried to explain all the details here.

What is a spirit animal rabbit?

We all do have our spirit animal. A spirit animal rabbit means the spirit of the rabbit will guide the person who holds it. Every animal has some unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. As spirit animals, they help and guide people through different situations, and the same thing applies to rabbits.

Spirit animal rabbit personality and characteristics

“Rabbits (says Mr. Lockley) are like human beings in many ways. One of these is certainly their staunch ability to withstand disaster and to let the stream of their life carry them along, past reaches of terror and loss. They have a certain quality which it would not be accurate to describe as callousness or indifference. It is, rather, a blessedly circumscribed imagination and an intuitive feeling that Life is Now.”

Watership Down by Richard Adams

Rabbits live their lives in fear with so many predators behind their tails. That’s why they usually look for food in the dark. It enables them to hide from the sight of their predators. Due to such characteristics, a spirit animal rabbit also possesses a nervous and fearful personality.

However, they’re social creatures, living with other rabbits together. It makes their spirit friendly and benevolent. I have explained personality traits for few specific types of rabbits below:

Bunny spirit animal traits

People refer to young rabbits as bunnies. They have very curious and playful personalities. Bunnies like to roam around to explore new things and toss objects here and there. Hence, bunny spirit animals will make you a creative person with their curiosity and playfulness.

Cottontail rabbit spirit animal

Cottontail rabbits are very social creatures. They even can get used to living with humans. Therefore, a cottontail rabbit spirit animal also has an amiable personality.

Spirit animal white rabbit

Spirit animal white rabbits are docile and friendly. Besides, they like to stay relaxed most of the time.

In Alice in Wonderland, little Alice goes after a strangely dressed white rabbit. The rabbit is running around as it is late. She jumps into a hole after the rabbit and finds herself on an extraordinary adventure. The rabbit is a guide who holds the lantern to her subconscious. When a rabbit spirit animal appears on a shamanic journey, it will open the way for us to mature.

Angora rabbit spirit animal

Angora rabbits are one of the oldest domestic rabbits. They like to live as house animals. Therefore, angora rabbit spirit animals find it easy to cooperate with others.

Is a rabbit my spirit animal? Can my spirit animal be a rabbit?

With the spirit animal rabbit, you can lead an incredibly positive life. But can a rabbit be your spirit animal? Of course, it can. However, you need to go through some certain process to find if it’s actually your spirit animal. You can read my post on how to find your spirit animal for a better idea. In short, going on a Shamanic Journey is the best way.

Spirit animal rabbit symbolism

The rabbit represents the moon in Chinese astrology and is interpreted as good fortune, and those born under the sign of the rabbit are believed to be extremely sensitive people with strong artistic spirits.

Generally, rabbits emerge at dawn and dusk. There is an air of mystery when the sun rises on one horizon and sets on the other. These two times of the day are special times when the invisible becomes visible and nature spirits become recognizable.

The fact that the Rabbit is active at the same time as the nature spirits, has easily associated it with magic and fairy tales.

Rabbits in Greek mythology; associated with ghosts, witchcraft, herbalism, and Hecate (the mysterious goddess associated with the night).

Let’s look more in detail at the symbolism of rabbits from different cultures.

What is the symbolic meaning of a rabbit?

A rabbit always symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and fertility. In most European cultures, rabbits are springtime animals, which gives them the symbolic meaning of fruitfulness and renewal. The same reference was also found in Japanese cultures.

Rabbits are associated with the moon in most mythologies. You can take Egyptian myth as an example, where rabbits were associated with the cycles of the moon. It was viewed as masculine when waxing and feminine when waning. Hence, rabbits were believed to be androgynous, which shifts gender. Same stories were also found in European folklore before the 18th century.

What is the symbolism of a white rabbit?

Particularly white rabbits are symbols of love, inner strength, and tenderness. The color white refers to innocence, purity, and positivity. Hence, the white rabbit also refers to similar symbolism.

Besides, a white rabbit is also found in Chinese moon festivals, where it symbolizes fertility, longevity, and sacred feminine power. In early Chinese myths, a rabbit alongside a toad is continuously producing herbs for the immortals, giving them the symbolic meaning of longevity.

What does see a white rabbit symbolize?

Though all rabbits refer to good luck, seeing a white rabbit is specifically believed to bring good luck. If you see a white rabbit in dreams, it may be possible you’ll have a good turn in your life in the near future.

What does a black bunny symbolize?

In contrast, black rabbits symbolize depression, helplessness, and fear. If you see a black rabbit or a black bunny in dreams, you may face family problems soon. It also can mean you need to be very cautious to avoid future dangers.

However, there’s an interesting story of a hare in pan-African culture. The moon sends her divine messenger, a hare, to earth with the gift of immortality to humans. She said, “tell them that just as the moon dies and rises again, so shall you.” But in contrast, the trickster hare conveys the wrong message and brings death to the earth. The moon was so angry with the hare and beat him with a stick causing his nose to split, which remains the same today. Now, it’s Hare’s responsibility to bring the dead to the afterlife as penance for his mistake.

The story tells us that rabbits are not always associated with positive things in life.

What does it mean when a rabbit crosses your path?

If a rabbit crosses your path, it means you may need to bring some changes in your life to lead a better life. Most people consider it a positive omen. However, it may also mean he is your spirit animal, and you need to communicate with it. Going on a shamanic journey or doing deep meditation can help you to communicate.

What does a rabbit symbolize in Native American culture?

In Native American culture, a rabbit represents a trickster animal. The symbolism originated from the story of the Great Hare. Nanabozho was a shapeshifter spirit, often taking the shape of a rabbit. The name of his rabbit form was Mishaabooz (A great rabbit). He is believed to be the co-creator of earth, and one of his first tasks was naming all the plants and animals.

A rabbit also symbolizes fear in the culture, believing it focuses more on dangers and brings fear in life.

North American peoples call the rabbit; fearful. It is believed that because a rabbit shows its fear so much, it completely attracts those who will hunt it.

It is believed that the energy vibrations carried by the feeling of fear attract the feared thing by reaching its target. The rabbit as the spirit animal will give guidance in this regard. If we are constantly afraid of something, rabbit spirit animal comes to teach us that we can attract those fears to ourselves and even create the ones that are feared.

Native American culture also emphasizes that thoughts full of fear and anxiety will increase rapidly, just as in the nature of rabbits.

Is seeing a rabbit good luck? Is seeing a black rabbit good luck?

In many cultures, people believe seeing a rabbit brings good luck. Even in some European cultures, people believe reiterating rabbit at the beginning of the month will bring good fortune. In contrast, the popular belief is that seeing a black rabbit means something bad is going to happen soon. The color black has always caused fear in people’s minds.

What does a rabbit represent spiritually?

A spirit animal rabbit represents abundance, fertility, and fear. The spirit of the rabbit will guide you through the difficult journey of your life. It will tell you to look before you leap.

Besides, it will encourage your spirit to look within yourself and find your strengths. Then work on them, and you can have good fortune. Rabbits also give birth three to four times a year. Hence, it can help you a great deal with fertility.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a rabbit?

Have you seen rabbits recently? Do you see those cute bunnies frequently? If that’s true, there’s definitely something’s up. Read the following points to understand the meanings better:

What does a rabbit symbolize spiritually and what is the spiritual significance of a rabbit?

A rabbit symbolizes creativity. They create their own home by digging up the ground in a very creative manner. Besides, they also symbolize cleverness as they almost always find a way to stay safe from their predators.

A spirit animal rabbit holds a great deal of significance in life. They can teach you to be aware of the danger around you. Also, they will teach you how to be playful and be happy in life.

If you shut yourself up when faced with an unfamiliar or alarming event and lock yourself in a stereotyped area that you think is safe, the rabbit will teach you to love yourself and face what is feared. The rabbit teaches that unnatural fears, other than well-founded fears, need not paralyze us.

It is to teach that we are the creators of our lives and that we are individuals who create with our thoughts and feelings. If some events in your life surprise you by constantly swirling around in their own circles, and if you need to be more planned or re-examine some plans, the rabbit’s guidance is needed.

What does a white rabbit mean spiritually?

A white rabbit spirit brings positivity into your life. Its white color has always been associated with good things. Hence, they also are seen as spiritually positive.

Alice in the book Alice in Wonderland embarks on a dizzying journey to enlightenment by representing the human being who is suddenly without armor and a floor. In the famous dialogue that exemplifies the Alice metaphor, Morpheus says to Neo in the movie The Matrix:

‘This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.’


When your spirit animal is a rabbit?

Those who need rabbit guidance are the ones who attract such events into their lives as they fear tragedies, diseases, losses, failures, and similar problems.

Rather than living in constant fear that the eagle will hunt it, the rabbit is a highly survivable animal that knows that it needs to be smarter than the Eagle and learn agile moves.

It guides how to best solve the worry-provoking issues, and how to deal with the problem. With its messages loaded with metaphors, it contributes to the discovery of what needs to be done to help get rid of fears.

Affirmations and focusing on the desired things in life are methods of spiritual development to create positive results. It is stated that the energy vibrations of affirmations coming from the heart are the currents that will help the wishes come true.

If we act from the same example and realize that we will attract the things we focus on with fear into our lives, we realize that the priority is to discover and confront fears. Rabbit is the guide that holds the lantern to the shadows in the subconscious, that is, to the deep fears.

What does it mean if a rabbit is your spirit animal?

Because rabbits are fast, agile, and intelligent. They have strong reflexes that allow them to jump into safe areas quickly, thanks to their keen observation skills and high sensitivity. They can disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye.

Rabbit spirit animals teach how to develop the ability to think quickly and act quickly in situations that require an immediate decision. They are master guides when and in which direction to go. When the rabbit comes on a shamanic journey, you will learn to recognize and seize opportunities immediately.

Sometimes we realize that we have cornered ourselves and wonder how we did it. It may also draw attention to this situation.

We cannot live life randomly. If we are too fast or too slow, an imbalance occurs. Evolvement slows down, even stops. Growth, development, should be compatible with the current life events. When synchronicity and co-awareness are needed, the rabbit spirit animal will come.

It will teach you to go through the tunnels of fear, to strengthen the intuition, to activate the intelligence to think quickly, to always be ready for contradictions in life.

Its guidance is to always be on the alert, to be aware of the environment and self, to be the creator of our lives with the powerful energies of our feelings and thoughts.

It is an excellent guide to positively channeling energies, not getting caught up in negative emotions, and deviate from dreams.

What does it mean if your spirit animal is a bunny?

By the time baby rabbits turn young or, say, bunnies, they become independent. The mother takes care of them for almost three months after their birth. And then the bunnies live on their own and become self-dependent.

So, if a bunny is your spirit animal, it means you don’t need to depend on others to lead a good life. You can do that on your own. Besides, a spirit animal bunny will also make you curious about your surroundings as it’s in their nature.

Another positive aspect is that it has the power to attract love, abundance, health, and home peace. Beyond that, the rabbit is a vegetarian animal that is always on alert while it eats. They eat both the inner membranes of fresh grass and branches, as well as the leaves and fruits as if pointing to the balance of nature. When you come as the nagual, it may be telling you to watch what you eat, or it may indicate that a vegetarian diet is fortifying and healing for a while.

Spirit animal rabbit deck

You can get rabbit decks if your spirit animal is a rabbit. They can be a good way to find the meaning of your spirit animal rabbit.


Rabbits spirit animals are incredible guides are that are lighting our path with different messages. You will be the one who will decode the symbolic language of the rabbit spirit animal and get its medicine. I hope these stories about the symbolization and the meaning helps you to start or develop your relationship with the rabbit spirit animal.

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